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Got no other words really now…. apart from a big THANK YOU! to everyone who has been there on the premiere and party, to everyone who helped out making it happen, and to everyone who’s still working on the last project details. :)

More detailed reports on last friday will be here too – and probably pictures and stories are popping up on other websites already. Last friday it was of course way too late, and we all had to be in Montevideo the morning after to prepare the weekend show (imagine zombies!). Because yesterday was also the last day the team was complete, we did the ‘commentary video’ for the DVD together, and had a very *lekker* dinner in our favorite Indian restaurant around the corner.

Basse will leave today. Matt goes monday morning. Toni leaves wednesday, Lee and Bassam thursday and Andy on friday the 31st. And then it’s back to normal again…. oh, how much I will miss this, and how much I’ll miss you guys. We’ve become a real family the past 7 months!

No time for tears… back to Montevideo now, we still got a DVD to complete and then an interesting backlog of website/admin/documenting/coding/bugfixing job is awaiting for me.



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223 Responses to “Whoa!”

  1. Big Fan said on 8 Apr, 2006:


  2. When? said on 8 Apr, 2006:

    I’m with half the commenters in that

    I Want To Know When I Can Download it

    If anyone on the team could comment on this it would be great

  3. caperaven said on 8 Apr, 2006:

    Yes I agree.
    Not all of use can purchase the DVD due to logistical issues such as living at the ass of whe world where no one supports the method of paiments required to pay for the DVD.

    Would be realy nice if someone can just set out a date and say well chaps, you can expect to see the download at the: Date?

  4. Morris said on 8 Apr, 2006:

    Hey Ton et al, have you guys gotten any responses from the different places/events that you submitted ED to?

  5. LetterRip said on 8 Apr, 2006:

    [QUOTE]Would be realy nice if someone can just set out a date and say well chaps, you can expect to see the download at the: Date?[/QUOTE]

    Sure – you will see the download by January 2007 ;) But probably sooner :)


  6. Rouven said on 8 Apr, 2006:

    Hey guys,

    calm down, really good things take alot of time to accomplish.
    The better that DVD and all around gets the more you can learn from.

    For me it will even be a great pleasure to hold that silver disc in hand if it ship in 2007.

  7. Sympodius said on 8 Apr, 2006:

    I don’t really mind when it ships, but I’m very excited about it. So excited, in fact, that I check this site about 10 times a day for information. :) I’m neglecting food and exercise. For my own health and sanity: An estimate… please!!!

    Just kidding. Take your time folks. We’d all rather see the project an amazing success than a rush. Make a DVD to show up the Hollywood studios. All the best.

  8. Joeri said on 9 Apr, 2006:

    I see the text in the eshop has changed.

    The Blender E-shop states untill when the content will not be released and when to expect the dvd to be shipped.

    For some reason the dvd production time is as big as a star.

    But, also,… The final renders should have stopped 2 weeks before that star. See, if that had been the case, then the composer could have been ready where his square ends, Orange could have been making animated menu’s etc. etc. I’m not sure Orange took this planning serious and it might be nice if some Orange member makes a drawing on how that the production fases really went.

  9. Davide said on 9 Apr, 2006:

    ya, the real evolution of the production would be nice, we can learn a lot just from it;

    about taking the plane serioulsy, I believe that the team take it very seriously; but a plane is nothing static, it is made based in previtions, and sometimes things don’t go as expected and the plane as to be reviewed to fit the new reality.

    in this project in think that what happen is simply thats things gone pretty well so they have allocated another month to improve even more the “product”.

  10. Reda said on 9 Apr, 2006:

    A suggestion :

    This thread is being just awfully long to download. Why not start a new one ? call it Whoa!_2 ;)

  11. sciboy said on 9 Apr, 2006:

    Don’t split it! We’re trying to set a record here. =P
    I am so psyched to recieve my DVD is what i’m guessing will be a few more weeks. =D

  12. nada said on 9 Apr, 2006:

    Hey, they are good at party, but cant
    keep the promise, so dont expect they
    can finish the product!

  13. rogper said on 9 Apr, 2006:

    I’m really just wondering one thing:
    What they gona do with all the hardware!? Humm!!! That nice computers and the “no crying eyes” Big monitors…
    Colecting dust until Oranje project 2 !!? ^_~

  14. Henkie said on 9 Apr, 2006:

    Let me help you guys to expand this thread into something awfully big…..

  15. DwarvenFury said on 9 Apr, 2006:

    It’s been kind of a long time since the last blog update…If some of the Orange team members aren’t too busy, maybe they could post their impressions of the premiere?…..

  16. Big Fan said on 10 Apr, 2006:

    yes please Orangers….
    There are also a few technical questions people have asked that have gone unanswered.

  17. sciboy said on 10 Apr, 2006:

    Guys, usually the silence is a good thing, more time spent actually cranking out the dvd for us.

  18. sciboy said on 10 Apr, 2006:

    Sing-a-long people.

    A little less conversation, a little more action please
    All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me
    A little more bite and a little less bark
    A little less fight and a little more spark
    Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
    Satisfy me baby

  19. LetterRip said on 10 Apr, 2006:


    [QUOTE]I’m really just wondering one thing:
    What they gona do with all the hardware!? Humm!!! That nice computers and the “no crying eyes” Big monitors…
    Colecting dust until Oranje project 2 !!? ^_~[/QUOTE]

    Nope not collecting dust, they have been/will be sold to Blender.org partners and artists according to a discussion at the last meeting.


  20. methinks said on 10 Apr, 2006:

    Distribution was mentioned before… Any plans for trying to get it into public libraries/institutions? That would be great exposure, as it would show not only what the software is capable of, but also provide an all-in-one learning tool.

  21. Joeri said on 10 Apr, 2006:

    Dvd update:
    menu images are rendered. -> need to be mpeg and implemented.
    ntsc audio is remixed. -> pal is being made.
    subtitles are getting assigned. -> Still some weird character issues.
    file structure document is getting written.
    dvd rom content page for dvd video to be made.
    dvd credits to be made.

  22. matthew said on 10 Apr, 2006:

    yea something like that would be cool – and also some more media….

    why not make a trailer? or is there one that i am missing somewhere?

  23. Morris said on 17 Apr, 2006:

    Oh I just can’t wait. It is going to be awesome to get the DVDs. Thanks Joeri and Orange team. Even my mom and friends say “Hey, James, have you gotten that ‘Blender’ movie.” :)

    I like the library idea. Our library at PCC (my college) has the Blender Book, so maybe I can convince them that they need the DVD too.

    If the community can get a good tutorial system together soon, I think we could see thousands of new users this year.

    Viva Orange, Viva Blender!

    Hasta la vista