Production photos

Premiere Screening, March 24, 2006

Andy and Toni inspecting the poster prints Andy and Lee remark on just how huge the posters are Annet and Barbara helping prepare for the exhibition
Walking to one of our last dinners together as a team Ton and Basse unlocking their bikes to ride to the cinema Waiting outside Cinema Ketelhuis for the show to begin Taking a tongue-in-cheek limo ride through Amsterdam to the after party

Working, October 27 – November 6, 2005

Bassam and Ton Basse, working Tools for concept design Basse, working on the animatic

Blender training workshop with Netherlands Film Institute, November 2, 2005

Students computers Andy, modelling Students Matt, in arm-flailing description mode

Blender Conference, October 14-16, 2005

The Waag Basse at the computer table The amazing Belgian movie guys Ton demonstrating his compositing plans The Italians

Martin raises an important finger Illumnated Andy and Wybren Ton wrapping up the event

Pre-production, September 2005

Bassam burning the midnight oil Concept desk Lee and Bassam ponder

Studio Orange Version 2.0 Studio Orange2 Weekly2 Andy's PC

Pre-project workshop, 4 – 8 July 2005

Basse Lee, Andy, Bassam Toni, Lee, Andy, Basse, Bassam, Matt

Andy, Basse, Bassam Basse, Andy Basse, Ton, Bassam

Short video documentary produced by Joeri Kassenaar: 32MB MPEG | 32MB DivX