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  / by Ton

The movie “Elephants Dream” and all data on the DVDs and almost all of the contents on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. In short, this means you can freely reuse and distribute this content, also commercially, for as long you provide a proper attribution.

The attribution is either one of the following cases

1) For the website and files on the DVD ROMs:
Blender Foundation |

2) If you screen or broadcast the entire movie and/or documentary:
Include the entire credits roll in ending.

3) If you re-use (or screen, broadcast) parts of the movie or documentary itself, or duplicate the DVDs:
(c) copyright 2006, Blender Foundation / Netherlands Media Art Institute /

4) Some of the texture files on the DVDs have an own Creative Commons attribution, these are indicated clearly.

5) The additional soundtrack audio files on this website are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 license. See the original announcement for details.

This is the first time such a large collection of files get launched under ‘the commons’, and therefore still a bit complex to grasp what to credit when exactly. The guidelines above are just meant to ensure that attribution happens in a reasonable way. If in doubt, use the third choice above.

Excluded from the Creative Commons is:

– all logos on this website (including Blender logo, Orange logo, Creative Commons logo) and associated trademarks
– the DVD cover (inlay) and DVD disc print


You are free to duplicate the DVDs and distribute or sell them, but in that case you have to make your own cover art and DVD prints for it, with of course the proper attribution as mentioned above in 3).

You are free to broadcast the movie and documentary on your local TV station, just include the entire credits roll too.

You can re-edit parts of the movie into a video clip for your band, just include the attribution as mentioned above in 3).

You can use textures and .blend files (or models, rigs, etc) from the data collection on the DVDs, also in commercial projects. Just make sure we get our short credit as mentioned above in 1).

You can organize a screening in a cinema, and charge an entrance fee for it. Just include the movie credits in the screening.

You can submit the movie to festivals even! Festivals can also screen the movie without our permission. It would be nice though to get a notification for it, especially when we win prizes! :)

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70 Responses to “Creative Commons license”

  1. Sean said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Since the DVD Cover and Disc Art is not going to be part of the Commons, can we have a contest run, where users can submit their own DVD Cover and Disc Art and we are allowed to use that instead? In case we want to make copies and supply them as gifts to friends per se.

  2. Big Fan said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Morris you forget there are more than a thousand dvds to get into the post….lot of work for Anja (I presume)… In my case I am on the other side of the world so considering delivery time etc.I would expect the end of May to be more realistic.
    Hey and no one is allowed to talk about the story line until I get my copy :o)

  3. Aldo said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Well Done,

    we want to broadcast it do you have a text to introduce you grat work and explain you ophilosophy ?

    bst regards.

  4. Joeri said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    O brother. Hilarious… Now what if…
    What if Orange made a little spoof on morris, and put that on the dvd as easteregg…. Wouldn’t that be ubercool? I guess they did not have time for that, or did they?

  5. Shawn Fumo said on 25 Apr, 2006:

    Just to break up the parodies for a minute.. ;) I think the CC license will be very interesting in the end. For instance, look at all the various free video hosting sites out there now? What happens when Elephant’s Dream is on Google Video and people pass around the link to each other in the same way as recent videos like Incredible Machines and Art of Motion?

    I say that what will happen is quite a lot of free exposure for Blender! People making VCDs perhaps and copying it for friends. What about projects like TheOpenCD? They include documentation and examples for the various programs they showcase. They could include a low-res version of the entire EDream as an example of what it can do. A book on Blender could include the program and the movie. It’ll be on bittorrent like BBS Documentary was, etc. The possibilities are really endless..

    I do have one question. What about logos within the DVDs themselves? Like I’d guess that the menus include the Project Orange and Blender logos somewhere. It might also be in other places like snapshot of the blog. Would those have to be stripped out somehow by anyone who copies the DVDs?


  6. DwarvenFury said on 26 Apr, 2006:

    [quote Shawn Fumo]”Would those have to be stripped out somehow by anyone who copies the DVDs?”[quote]

    Based on the first example, I don’t think that those would have to be removed. I think what Ton was saying about the logos and such is that someone cannot take them and use them for their own company or the like.

    “You are free to duplicate the DVDs and distribute or sell them, but in that case you have to make your own cover art and DVD prints for it, with of course the proper attribution as mentioned above in 3).” (Example #1 from above post.)

  7. Joeri said on 26 Apr, 2006:

    By accident or on purpose (I don’t know) there are no logo’s on the video-dvd. No station-call or production leader. So that’s not an issue. Anyway, the point is that you can tell people that it’s made by the blender foundation, but you cannot claim to be the blender foundation. So yes you can use the blender logo as: Look made with this 3d app. And the BF logo as in: made by these chaps. Not: I’m these chaps.
    This is not so much an issue when you make a 1 on 1 copy, but very much one when you start changing things.

  8. cicaro said on 30 Apr, 2006:

    how much this movie will cost?

  9. DwarvenFury said on 1 May, 2006:

    cicaro: The DVD will cost $ 41.65 USD or € 35.00.

    DVD Link:

  10. Marcus3d said on 26 May, 2006:

    I love the fact that you guys used free software and are using the Creative Commons License. And that you’re shipping the DVD with source art and models! I think this will really open people’s minds in our industry. You’re blowing my mind right now. Thank you for being so forward thinking and making it legal for others to learn.

  11. poupon said on 30 May, 2006:

    Super le site mais à mon grand regret je ne lis pas l’anglais !
    Il y a t-il une version Francaise ? ca serai super !!!
    Bonne journée !
    (no english ! yes french ?)

  12. MazeSloup said on 3 Jun, 2006:

    If you need another mirror in France, there is this link

    Great movie…

  13. Misc said on 5 Jun, 2006:

    Would have been great if the was a 713MB Version of the HD edition to burn it on a normal CDR, not on a DVDR. Bitrate is high enough anyway.

  14. TheSnoop said on 5 Jun, 2006:

    Hey guyy,

    That’s one of the greatest Project’s I’ve
    ever seen. You show the whole world that not
    only thousands of Dollar companies with
    thousand Dollar software can make very goot
    3D films.
    An the best of this project is that you have made
    alle the things with open source software.

    with kind regards

  15. Jay said on 20 Jun, 2006:

    Hey guys, I must say that I’m very appreciative of what you guys are doing here, what with releasing the movie for free download/distribution.

    I do have two questions though (forgive me if you’ve already answered these questions in a previous post, but I didn’t see it asked before, and I was curious)

    1.) If I want to distribute the DVD, even just selling burned DVD-Rs, or giving it the works (Inlay, cuustom DVD art, etc.) can I distribute it under my trademarked company’s name (selling via; eBay, Amazon, Local store, etc.)?

    I would still give the proper credit to you guys (you definitley deserve it), but I wasn’t sure if it would vioate Copyright to actually distribute under a different company.

    I won’t actually say my company name, because I havent got my name Copyrighted/Trademarked yet, but I will distribute CDs/Movies with it.

    2.) From what I understood of the CC License, I could throw in a free, custom made CD-R/LightScribe CD-R of the Original Film Score in with the DVD as a free bonus gift, as long as I don’t actually sell the CD, right?

    Oh, and one more quick question: I can just sell burned DVD-Rs and/or LightScribe DVD-Rs right? Because I don’t currently have the equipment to actually manufacture DVDs yet.

    Thank You, and I’ll look forward to whatever you can come up with next!

    Best Regards,
    — Jay

  16. Patricia Uma Rawal said on 23 Jun, 2006:

    I want to use some of the models in my projects. Suppose if I make 10 minuts short movie which will be available for commercial puprose. ( if they like ) On the last page when the movie finishes on the running up frames what should i write?

    Crdits: Blender3D
    Credit: Orange Blender

    KK Rawal

  17. Patricia Uma Rawal said on 23 Jun, 2006:

    I have alredy purchased DVD

  18. Dirk Höpfner said on 9 Jul, 2006:

    Hi there,
    you should apply to the Fantasy Film Fest for category:
    Get Shorty (Kurzfilm).
    (I think you can apply for next year, but try for this year)

    Cheers Dirk

  19. Arnold said on 29 Jul, 2006:

    Hey…great movie!

    I’ve just made a swedish sub for the downloadable version, but I just cant figure out what you mean with the word “head-snarlers”.
    I’ve poked around a bit and found that “snarler” either means “one who growls”, “one who entangles something”, “one who confuses or complicates” or is the name of a certain tool. However, in the swedish script you’ve put out the translation is “huvudkapare”, which basically means “decapitators”…so could you help me out here? Could you define the word snarlers in the context that you are using it in?