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Orange Open Movie Team


Ton Roosendaal

Ton is the producer of Elephants Dream, responsible for planning, overall coordination and “big picture” decisions. He is the original creator of Blender and the chairman of the Blender Foundation. Ton was also the lead software developer for the project. (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Bassam Kurdali

As the director, Bassam handled the overall scene breakdowns and editing decisions, while also being responsible for overseeing the animation and acting performances. He worked as a character animator on many of the shots, as well as character modeller, and also did the entire rigging and setup for both Proog and Emo. (Syria/US)

Art Director

Andreas Goralczyk

As the art director, Andy guided the general visual look, feel and colour of the movie. While he spent most of his time on concept design, sets, texture painting, lighting and compositing, he also animated most of the typewriter dance, among other shots. (Germany)

Lead Artist

Matt Ebb

Matt’s work was focused on the visual aspects of the movie, working mostly on concept design, sets, texture painting, lighting and compositing, as well as a number of animation shots. Matt was also responsible for creating the title sequence, credits and other 2D design tasks. (Sydney, Australia)

Lead Artist

Bastian Salmela

Basse’s work mainly involved both concept design, sets, and animation. As well as substantial character animation, he also did all the environment animation in the final scenes. Basse’s unique design sense was also responsible for the design and modelling of all the ‘duck’ characters. (Helsinki, Finland)

Lead Artist

Lee Salvemini

Specialising in animation, and lots of it, Lee animated a large proportion of the character animation shots in the movie. He was responsible for most of the ‘physical’ animation, such as manual cloth work and the destruction of the machine, and also some modelling in the switchboard set. (Adelaide, Australia)

Technical Director

Toni Alatalo

Toni handled all technical aspects of the production, from equipment in the studio, to networking and file storage, and writing scripts to manage jobs on the render farm. As well as systems administration, he used Python scripting within Blender for procedurally animating the many hundreds of wires in the switchboard scene, as well as other useful tools. (Oulu, Finland)

Music/Sound Designer

Jan Morgenstern

Jan’s studio Wavemage was founded in 2003 in Lüneburg (Northern Germany), after doing freelance music and sound design for some years. Collaborating from Germany, Jan was responsible for all audio in the movie, from sound effects and foley recording, to post-production, score composition and music production. The audio was produced in 5.1 surround, and the soundtrack is available for download here. (Lüneburg, Germany)

Movie Credits

As above, also with…


Cas Jansen


Tygo Gernandt

Cas and Tygo are both experienced professional actors in the Dutch film industry. They spent a day in the studio recording both characters’ voices, footage of which is available on the DVD.


Pepijn Zwanenburg

Pepijn took our original rough concept and developed a script and dialogue, that we later broke down into individual shots and animation.

Original Concept & Scenario

Andreas Goralczyk

Bassam Kurdali

Ton Roosendaal

Additional Artwork and Animation

Enrico Valenza

D. Roland Hess

Robert Ives

Joeri Kassenaar

Enrico Valenza (Italy) spent two weeks in the studio in Amsterdam, helping out with last minute texturing and modelling. Roland Hess (USA) worked online full time for a week on texturing many set elements. Robert Ives (Sweden based) animated one of the shots (the first after the switchboard), and Joeri Kassenaar (Netherlands) helped with texture groundwork for the elevator shaft.

Texture Photography

Andrea Weikert


Campbell Barton

Kernon Dillon

Charles Wardlaw


D. Roland Hess

Matthijs Zwinderman

Dan LeFebvre

Noah Wiswell

Daniel Freeman

Stephen Chan

Fintan Boyle

The people credited here contributed photos that were used and derived in textures in the movie. We had a huge response to our call for textures with many freely released under a Creative Commons license.

Software Development

Andrea Weikert

Johnny Matthews

Brecht van Lommel

Kent Mein

Chris Want

Nathan Letwory

D. Roland Hess

Peter Schlaile

Jiří Hnídek

Toni Alatalo

Joe Eagar

Ton Roosendaal

And the entire development team

The people credited here made a direct contribution to the success of the project through online Blender development. Many were eagar to help us, volunteering coding work and realising our requests. Of course all the other people who have contributed to Blender over the years, were vital in giving us much of the functionality we depended on.

3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Compositing Software


Blender was the main application used and developed throughout the project. An enormous amount of improvements in the software were a direct consequence of the movie project taking place.

Special Thanks to Open Source Projects




Ubuntu Linux









We used a lot of open source software throughout the project, but these were the open source projects that helped us most, either through their applications, source code sharing, or advice.

Rendering Services Provided by

Bowie State University Xseed

Dr. Calvin W. Lowe, President

Prof. Mark Alan Matties, Director

For rendering the movie, Bowie State University in the USA generously donated access to their Xseed supercomputer cluster. Prof. Matties volunteered for us, providing local technical assistance. At the peak of our rendering load, we were using 160 of the 224 dual G5 Xserve nodes.

Hardware Sponsored By

Sun Microsystems

Sun donated a 64-bit workstation that Toni used in the studio throughout the project.


Marina Wijn, Kemna Casting

Sound FX, Foley, Dialogue Editing, Audio Mix and Post

Jan Morgenstern

at Wavemage Media Production

Voice Recording

Earforce, Amsterdam

HDCam Conversion

BBP Digital Intermediate, Amsterdam

BBP performed the conversion from .dpx image files and audio to digital HDCam SR tape, used for projection at the premiere at Cinema Ketelhuis, Amsterdam. BBP helped us very generously, sponsoring us time in their studio on multiple occasions to proof-check colours and oversee the conversion process on their Quantel IQ HD/2K system. They also saved us from last-minute disaster, coming out to the cinema on premiere day to help troubleshoot audio problems.

Netherlands Media Art Institute Staff


Annet Dekker


Gaby Weijers


Lidy klein Gunnewiek

Production Assistance

Barbara de Preter


Marieke Istha

Technical Staff

Wiel Seuskens


Robert de Geus

The Netherlands Media Art Institute (Montevideo/Time Based Arts) provided financial backing for the project and a great studio space in their building for us to work in, close to the heart of Amsterdam. We conducted a series of Blender training workshops in their presentation theatre, where we also ran an open exhibition of Elephants Dream with talks by the team members over the premiere weekend.

Blender Foundation Staff

Production Assistance

Angela Plohman


Anja Vugts-Verstappen

Technical Support

Bart Veldhuizen


Marco Walraven


Timothy Kanters


Stefan Arentz

The Blender Foundation adminstration staff helped the project get off the ground and managed all the e-shop sales that made it possible. The technical volunteers kept our web services running, which was our primary mode of communication with our supporters and collaborators.

Many Thanks to our Donation and DVD sponsors

Campbell Barton • Chris Want • Jonathan Merritt • Kent Mein • Matt Ebb

The above people were mentors for Blender developers participating in Google’s Summer of Code programme, and donated each of their USD$500 mentoring fees to our project.

Aaron Mitchell • Aaron Paetznick • Adam Josephson • Adrian Giddings • Akio Koyama • Alan Taylor • Albano Bermejo • Albrecht Jacobs • Alejandro Aguilar Sierra • Alessandro Riva • Alex Buck • Alex Ruano • Alexander Clausen • Alexander Ehrath • Alexander Ewering • Alexander Speigner • Allan Middleton • Anaël Verrier • Anders Dys • Andrea Weikert • Andrea Barolo • Andrea Franceschini • Andreas ‘anti’ Neukoetter • Andreas Erhart • Andreas Klust • Andres Meyer • Andrew Vogel • Andrew Cavanagh • Andrew Sinclair • Andy Kopra • Antoine Vanoutryve • Anton Wedemeier • Anton Gregorn • Aristide Lai

Bahram Shahnazi • Basso Marco • Bastian Angermann • Bastian Schneck • Ben Watt • Benjamin Moore • Benjamin Freundorfer • benoit foucque • Benoit Nadeau • Bjorn Wijers • Björn Windshügel • Bob Bayens • Bob Begine • Bo_ Johansen • Bram Vogelaar • Brendan Carroll • Brian Clark • Brian Springstead • Burton B Bicksler

Camille Moulin • Carl Witty • Carlos Folch • Carlos López • Carsten Tigges • Cesar Gomez • Charles Pax • Charles Sinkovic • Christian Struck • Christian Wahlgren • Christian Le Bars • Christian Sommerer • Christophe Jurzynski • Christov Badenhorst • Chrupalla Dominique • Chuang Pin • Codon Antonio • Colin Litster • Cornell Göksu • Courty Didier • Craig Robinson

Dale Tacy • Damien Plisson • Damijan Andrejka • Daniel Boyle • Daniel Coik • Daniel Flaum • Daniel Collado • Daniel Torres • Daniel Fournier • Daniel Faulkner • Daniel Lipinski • Daniel Klaue • Daniel Cox • Daniel Genrich • Danny Cools • Pim van Heuven • Dario Spagnolo • Dario Trombino • David Sicart • David Darrell • David Dederscheck • David Bourguignon • David Janssens • David Feeney • david gellhardt • David Quinn • David Prieto • Demian Salvador • Denis Moreaux • Denis Crucifix • Detlef Mueller • Di Florio Corrado • Dietrich Bollmann • Dominique Dutoit • Douglas Fellows • Dwayne Schnell

Ed Quick • Edmund Chan • Eduardo Llaguno • Eduardo Guzman Marti • Eduardo Teixeira • Edward Kosinski • Eelko Gielis • Emilie and Chris Burt • Emilio José Molina Cazorla • Eric Boivin • Eric Forsythe • Etienne Lauvergnier • Ewout Fernhout

Fabien Nguyen • Fabio Comuni • Fabrizio Remiddi • Farrell Farahbod • Felipe Fontova Reguant • Felix Esser • Fernando Buelna Sánchez • Flavio Curti • Florian Findeiss • Florian Zwerina • Francois Thibault • Frank Homann • Frank Rutten • Frans Marks • Frédérick Morelle • Furio Azzolini

Gabriel Beloin • Gal Buki • George Burdo • German Garcia • Germán Alonso Tamayo • Giacomo Sottocasa • Gianluigi Belli • Gianluigi Berrone • Gideon Vaala • Giovanni Derks • Gonçalo Azevedo • Govert Combée • Graeme Andrews • Guido Adolphi • Guido de Gregorio • Guillaume Ponsard • Guillaume Randon • Guillermo S. Romero • Guin Philippe • Gunnar Stahl • Gunnar Grape • Guy Demesmaeker

Hans Ruedisueli • Hans-Peter Bock • Harald Aufreiter • Hatim Khan • Hauke Wintjen • Helge Doose • Henk Vostermans • Henk van den Toorn • Henning Wackernagel • Herman Vereycken • Hervé Cauwelier • Herwig Stuetz • Hiawatha C. Demby, Jr. • Hideki Saito • Hiroyuki Wakimoto • Hubart Hubart • Ian Wakeham • Ian Ball • Igor Bertolucci • Igor Krizanovskij • Ioulian Stoitchkov • Israel Salcedo • Iván Román (chewuaka)

Jacco van Beek • Jack Reinieren • Jack Harris • Jacques Beaurain • James Groves • James Campanella • Jameson Simmons • Jamie McLaughlin • Janus Kristensen • Jaron Blackburn • Jason Knox • Jean Montambeault • Jef Jansen • Jeff Harper • Jeff Silva • Jeffrey Smith • Jeffrey Mikaelian • Jeroen Mank • Jerry Ma • Jerry Williams • Jim Theriault • Joal Heagney • Joaquin de Prada • Joey Plukaard • Johannes Wolter • Johannes Deetman • John King • John Aughey • John DiLauro • John Dorfman • Jonas Uppenberg • Jonathon Love • Joost Horward • Jorge Bernal Martinez • Jose Neto • Jose J. Bronze • Josef Sieß • Joseph Jolton • Josh Franell • Joshua Leach • Joshua Seaver • Juan Carlos Rodrigo Garcia • Juergen Dabel • Julie Haworth • Jörg Reinhard • Juno Kim

Karel De Bruijn • Karo Launonen • Karsten Dambekalns • Kasper Mortensen • Kasper Holst • Kay Thust • Keith Harris • Ken Lowther • Ken Hursh c/o IKON Graphics Services • Kent Mein • Kerry Torchia • Kevin Dyke • Kiernan Holland • Kirk Brisacher • Konrad Naumann • Kristopher Kearns • Kyle Hoyt • Larry Fultz • Laurens Keek • Lee Stark • Leonard Mosescu • Leonardo Della Pietra • Luca Baroncini • Luigi Monaco • Luke Titley • Luke Burt • Lyndon Hodge

M.R. Elshof • Malcolm Tredinnick • Malcolm Musgrave • Manuel Dye • Marc Brueckner • Marc Knapton • Marc Fersing • Marcel de Lange • Marcelo Alves • Marco Meijer • Marco Pieper • Marcos Perez Gonzalez • Mark Heywood • Mark Hannessen • Mark Lewis • Marko Dimiskovski • Markus Schlatzer • Martin Trnka • Daniel Halfar • Martin Koller • Martin Florent • Martin Middleton • Martin Humphreys • Mathieu Martin-Borret • Mathijs Blok • Mats Holmberg • Matthew Carter • Matthias Grimsel • Matthias Grandis • Mattias Campe • Maurizio Sibaud • Mauro Palatucci • Mauro Congia • Mauro Bonecchi • Max Lovius • Michael Tiemann • Michael Schardt • Michael Dowman • Michael Edwards • Michael Villaroel • Michael Beaver • Michael Dowman • Michael Winckler • Michael Thao • Michel Vilain • Mika Saari • Mikael Wedlin • Mike Smick • Mitchell Hughes • Mosaic Graphics

Nathan Hampson • Nathan Letwory • Nathaniel Shaw • Nicholas Londey • Nicola Jelmorini • Nicolas Morenas Chinchilla • Nicolas Ralph • Niels Philipsen • Nils Thuerey • Nobutoshi Shigemori • Odermatt Reto • Ola Jeppsson • Olaf Arnold • Oliver Göpferich • Olivier Schiavo • Omar Mussa • Ossi Saukko • Owe Börjesson • Owen Swerkstrom

Pablo González de Aledo • Pascal Marchal • Patrick Bürckstümmer • Patrik Noomé • Paul Lunneberg • Paul Fishwick • Paul Venezio • Paul Austin • Paul de Ruijter • Pavel Koutny • Peter Verrall • Peter den Bak • Peter Lang • Peter Carrero • Peter Wessel • Peter Kovari • Philip Harrison • Philip Wild • Philip Ludington • Philip M. White • Philippe Roubal • Philippe Saadé • Philippe Dailly • Piergiorgio Traversin • Pierre Bonnain • Pierre Di Pol • Pieter Koenen • Pinux-Pinucset

Quentin Nerden • Rachel and Charles Andersen • Ralf Tepler • Ralf Lehmann • Ralph E. Warnick Jr. • Randall Rickert • Raymond Montgomery • Raymond Obdam • Reinhard Blischke • René Genz • Reno Maenhout • Renzo Lauper • Reuben Dias • Richard Willard • Richard Walmsley • Richard Hatherall • Rik van der Stoel • Ritchie Turner • Rob Frawley • Rob Myers • Robert Sarnoski • Robert van Straten • Robert Stehwien • Robert Zimmermann • Robert Noack • Robert Ives • Robert F. Beeger • Roger Wickes • Roland Doerffer • Ronald Krijgsheld • Rony Schell • Ross Hunter • Rosset Jerome • Rui Campos • Ryan Crow

Samuel Flahaut • Scott Robinson • Scott Shawcroft • Scott Coursey • Sebastien Tricoire • Seiichirou Babasaki • Sergio Martín • Shane Sheppard • Shaul Kedem • Silvio Zanola • Simon Stafford • Simon Haegler • Skyler Parr • Sonja Hawranke • Stanislas Nanchen • Stanley Svensson • Stefan Trzeciak • Stefano Selleri • Stefano Rigon • Stéphan Rodriguez • Stephan Mühlstrasser • Stephan Kassemeyer • Steve Newton • Steve Carter • Steve Sharman • Steve Clark • Steven Ourada • Stuart Tett • Sylvain Obegi

Terrance Bockhol • Theo Lagendijk • Thibaud Sertier • Thomas Brown • Thomas Oppl • Thomas Freiler • Thorsten Schlüter • Tim Humphrey • Tim Blokdijk • Timo Munnukka • Timothy Schroeder • Timothy Graupmann • Timothy Horton • Tino Meinen • Tiziana Loni • Tobias Regenbrecht • Tomislav Cvetic • Tommy Helgevold • Tony Chandler • Trevor Noble • Tuukka Lehtonen • Twan van der Heijden

Vicente Carro Fernandez • Visionaria International Video Festival • Vladimir Marek • Volker Mische • Wesley Baker • William Hernández • William Wensley • William DeVore • Wim Claes • Winfried Dobbe • Wolfram Kraus • Wybren van Keulen • Yann Landrot • Yannick Kermabon • Yellow • Yves Dionne • Yves Carof • Zero Valintine

The above people pre-ordered the DVD on our website before September 1st, and were rewarded for their sponsorship with their names in the credits. Thanks very much for helping to make this possible!

Elephants Dream has been realised with financial support from

The Netherlands Film Fund

Mondriaan Foundation


Uni-Verse / EU Sixth Framework Programme

These organisations provided important financial subsidies and funding for the project.

Produced By

Ton Roosendaal

© Copyright 2006

Netherlands Media Art Institute / Montevideo

Blender Foundation

This movie is published under a Cretive Commons License. For details see

DVD Credits

DVD Authoring

Joeri Kassenaar

Joeri generously handled the production of the DVD master in order to be sent off for reproduction. This includes encoding the video and audio files, compiling the DVD menus, editing and assembling the subtitle tracks and copying the production files across the two DVDs.

Menu music and sound

Jan Morgenstern

Jan created the ambient background and transition sounds for the DVD menus.

Menu and sleeve design

Andreas Goralcyzk

Matt Ebb

Andy and Matt both worked on the animation and rendering of the DVD menu from the opening title sequence. Andy created the DVD sleeve illustration and Matt did the design, text and layout.

Subtitle translations

Norwegian: Endre Bakka

English: Tino Meinen

Estonian: Janno Stern

Arabic: Redha Lechheb

Malayalam: Vimal Kurup

Romanian: Alex Şincai and Bogdan Oancea

Hungarian: George Markovits

Czech: Jan Burianek, Karolina Buriankova,
Radek Dvorak

Dutch: Tino Meinen

Afrikaans: Nicho Bouma

Maltese: Fabrizio Cali

German: Roy Schulz

Japanese: Satoshi Yamasaki

Catalan: Guifré Torruella i Cortés

Danish: William Reynish

Breton: Ronan Loup and Ronan Al Leannec

Bangla: Mridul Khan

Ukrainian: Alexander Zinchen

French: Ronan Loup and Christian Le Bars

Swedish: Richard Olsson, Gustav Göransson,
Markus Kothe

Portuguese: Rui Campos

Spanish: Paloma Moreno

Chinese: Jin Kai

Slovak: Lukas Tvrdy

Spanish (US): James Morris

Russian: Yuriy Klyuch

Greek: Dimitris Lampridis

Polish: Małgorzata Napiontek, Andrezj Giniewicz

Slovenian: Tomaž Kranjec

Bulgarian: Yavor Nachev

Portuguese (Brazilian): Jônatas Kerr de Oliveira

Hebrew: Shmuel Shoshtari

Finnish: Juho Vepsäläinen

Italian: Alessandro Proglio

The above people answered our call for subtitle translators and contributed translations in their native languages as volunteers.


Design and Graphics

Matt Ebb

Technical Assistance

Bart Veldhuizen

Some icons used from the Tango Desktop Project

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