Masters ready, reproduction started

  / by Ton

Phew, what a load of work this movie making business. :)
The DVD masters and the print design has been delivered last thursday to the reproduction company. I’ve also sent an NTSC master to Bassam in the USA, so he can verify for 100% sure NTSC works.

The actual day we get the DVDs is in still unkown, they’re still scheduling… will be either end of this week, or early next week. So… be patient dudes!

Lots of thanks and a big hug for Joeri Kassenaar for all his devotion to make the DVD masters!


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25 Responses to “Masters ready, reproduction started”

  1. Andy said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    first post! :P

    indeed, awesome job joeri. thanks for your hard work but also for kicking our asses when we didnt do our job :)


  2. ben said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    second post
    wow can’t wait for mine

  3. jackuss said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Jay second post…. I sure hopes the DVD will be delivered to my home too, so I can take a look at the movie and the files… I’m know for sure that I will learn a lot from those files…

    Thanks for sharing all the files with us….

  4. BjornW said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Can’t wait for my DVD and show my friends what I saw at the premiere!

  5. Roger Wickes said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Fifth post, but who’s counting? It is one thing to explore the world that God created, but it will be quite something else to explore the world created by you guys! And to see how it all comes together, I’m sure it will be overwhelming and little slices of it will be the topic of so many Noob->Pro workshops to come. For example, just the use of cloth and its animation could be a topic, and facial animation, and lighting, and let’s not forget music design, and foley, and compositing, and of course, all the lessons learned these past few weeks in “How To” produce a movie, such as Subtitling… Any chance anyone kept track of the tasks that everyone did these past few weeks? Did you keep status reports or weekly progress team meeting minutes? If so, I would volunteer to distill it down to a list of tasks that need to happen (with man-hour estimates) for future reference as we start up Projekt Kiwi.

    I think we all need to appreciate the work put in by all those people that roll by on credit after we get through the “stars”.

  6. BrianH said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Nice. I keep checking my mailbox with anticipation that it’ll show up one of these days. I’m looking forward to watching this awesome project on my own big screen. :) And of course checking out all the great source files and learning from the best of the best, naturally. Great work.

  7. DwarvenFury said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Thanks Joeri! *Runs up and hugs Joeri* :-P ;-)

    /Wonders whether this disc duplication company puts shinkwrap and those impossible to remove security seals on the DVD cases…

  8. RouvenM said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    after a troubled week stuffed with bad personal messages,
    this is a reason to smile again.


  9. Rickyx said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Nice! Finally for us and for you…

    How many copy are been ordered?

  10. John L said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Thank you.

  11. Bmud said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Congratulations, and thankyou for the great news. I’m excited yet again. YET AGAIN! If you guys don’t stop making me EXCITED then I’m going to pop a large artery.

    How many copies were ordered?
    Did my photographs of dead fish actually get used?
    Where on earth is my lunch!?

    I’m hungry. Catch you dogs, cats, and iguanans LATER!

  12. JoOngle said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Exciting….Can’t wait to receive mine.

  13. Achilles said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    I can’t wait to see the movie. Is your team planning another movie or sequel? Wow!!! Congrats!!!!

  14. Bassam said on 24 Apr, 2006:

    Indeed, big thanks to Joeri! I’m awaiting the NTSC copy still… hopefully all goes well.

  15. Samo said on 25 Apr, 2006:

    So, did you check for viruses? :o)

  16. joeri said on 25 Apr, 2006:

    I did not have any virusses on my golddisk of the gamekit, so it must have been added somewhere after the backrupcy. And I don’t have Sanne on my network anymore, so should be okay now.

    But ofcourse there is no way to be sure, other then that my running antivirus software did not detect any virusses or malware while I was working on this project. I did not check the py scripts Orange created. ;)

  17. Igor said on 25 Apr, 2006:

    Ton & Co. Thank You!!! I’m so happy that is this project so successful and I hope that we’ll see next, even bigger Orange project soon! Wish You all the best!

  18. Rui Campos said on 26 Apr, 2006:

    I just got my Elephants Dream T-Shirt today, hehehe…


    — Rui —

  19. Bowlcut said on 28 Apr, 2006:

    I feel like a little kid waiting for christmas, but even more excited than that. Ton and Blender associates, you guys are so awsome. I can’t wait to see yet another master piece created from the top guys of CG in the WORLD. Thanks for your hard work.

  20. ME said on 28 Apr, 2006:



  21. Jef said on 2 May, 2006:

    A question ??

    Will de DVD’s be sent this week or next week? We at cc2000 computerclub in Turnhout Belgium planned a projection
    and invited people interested in Blender. We planned also introduction sessions (basics).


    The orange project was fascinating to follow.

  22. Chris said on 2 May, 2006:

    Yes, that would be some very helpful information. My Tech Connect club @ school has planned a projection as well.

  23. joeri said on 3 May, 2006:

    What country are you in that does not deliver dvd’s?

  24. ME AGAIN said on 4 May, 2006:

    Is that true what i ve heard?

    The DVD will be shipped?HURRAYYYYYYY