DVD print design

  / by Ton

And more previews; here’s a mockup of how the DVD sleeve and disks will look like, without some of the logos and text that we’ll add of course. Great design by Andy!

(Just click for the larger image)


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57 Responses to “DVD print design”

  1. Joeri said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    Big NTSC bug out of the way, compiling 2 ISO’s to be send to Amsterdam tomorrow.

  2. ChrisRx said on 19 Apr, 2006:

    Oooooh great to see this is pretty much finally coming close to being released.

    Any chance that the downloadable version will be available anytime soon or are you going to keep us all in suspense until the dvd release

  3. joeri said on 19 Apr, 2006:

    This blog needs a search button :P
    The idea is that the sponsors get a first view of the movie…
    But I recon since the dvd production is right on schedule ( 3 weeks after soundlock), but the soundlock was 5 weeks behind schedule because the script was 5 weeks behind schedule… But once the first sponsor gets his dvd the whole of it is CC 2.5 so can be freely released.

  4. danny said on 29 Apr, 2006:

    Its brilliant! Another great work from Orange team.But tell us when DVD will be out in the market. I want my own copy. These images r amazing and realistic too.

  5. Pierre said on 2 May, 2006:

    Great work !
    One comment for the DVD art :
    > the title is “lost”, floating alone in the cover : maybe fonts are too narrow, or small, or maybe it’s their white color… The title don’t “match” visually with the picture (personal p.o.v.)
    Nice job anyway !

  6. Red Pellets said on 19 May, 2006:

    Beautifully done!! Really opens one’s eyes to the possibilities of Blender.

    This’d make a great drinking game. Take a shot every time you hear the name “Emo”.


  7. Emperor15 said on 3 Jun, 2006:

    Hello Guys !
    Firstly , I apologize for my english, secondly I have one question: what software you used at creating DVD?