DVD print design

  / by Ton

And more previews; here’s a mockup of how the DVD sleeve and disks will look like, without some of the logos and text that we’ll add of course. Great design by Andy!

(Just click for the larger image)


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57 Responses to “DVD print design”

  1. kaeru said on 12 Apr, 2006:

    Hi ,

    Mmmmmm that looks great :P .

    Once more great job …and thanks .

  2. DwarvenFury said on 12 Apr, 2006:

    I love it!!! It looks Excellent. :-)

  3. Big Fan said on 12 Apr, 2006:

    There you go people. You have to get the dvd now.
    Just the art of the cover makes it a certain collectors item ;o)
    Hey if ol’ rubbleman can over come the technology divide and his wheelchair to buy one you surely can!

  4. Vassilios Boucer said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Looks Great!
    Once more great job from Orange Team!

    Thanks also for Update the blog!
    …. because waiting for DVD is realy a pain! …so Blog Updates are Medizine for us…Thanks!

    this could be also a Amazing Adventure Game for PC,Xbox,Playstation……with Title “Proogs Adventures”

    “Orange Game Project”


  5. sciboy said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Nice! Gotta love the slicks.
    One thing though it may just be me and the angle of the image, Emo’s pose on the case cover looks a little odd especially in contrast to Proogs dynamic action.
    If you wouldn’t mind a little critique, could you email me a copy of the image?

  6. MrE said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    I have a few of these kind of computer animated short films in my collection, but they don’t have artwork that look as good as this.
    So 1 – 0 on that department. If the film looks as good and the script is as good as the artwork looks, the game is won by this movie.
    If only it is as well accepted on the several festivals. I hope it gets some positive attention on the idea behind it all.

  7. LuthiAir said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Come on guys you’re just making me drool.
    I’ve been waiting for forever to see the finished product.
    Everything i’ve seen and heard so far makes me believe you’ve far surpassed my expectations.

    The teasers were excellent and the published art work so far has been great. The Audio that I heard also sounds awesome.

    Oh, well I guess I’ll just have to wait.

  8. Vassilios Boucer said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    I have all Products from Blender Shop!
    – and i must say very Good Quality and Design!
    I love the old Official Blender 2.0 Guide Book (NAN) and Blenders Texture Disc Design and also the other Products!
    Blender 2.0 Guide Book is one of the Best Books i ever see and Read …best Quality and Design very Clear and easy to understand!
    The 2.3 Blender Guide also…many Pages!much to learn!
    This DVD Looks also Amazing!

  9. Chris Gilbert said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Looks Great!!!

    Good Job Orange Team!!!

  10. madman said on 13 Apr, 2006:



  11. FuzzMaster said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    WAAAAUGH! That looks good. Release it lest I suffer from lack of Blenderful excellence.

  12. Myster_EE said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Does this movie have anything to do with Elephants at all?
    (I’m assuming dream is some kind of metaphor….)


    Great work guys, I wish you all good luck in the future! (Having this on your resumè can’t be a bad thing….

  13. Deathguppie said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Looks great, can’t wait to see it in my mailbox =)

    You guys rock.. best purchase I ever made…

  14. Richard said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Very nice! I had expected the cover to be the one in the Blender store. This is much better. Good job.

  15. Gianmichele said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    This is really a great piece of work. Hope this kind of projects will be more present in the future.

  16. Rouven said on 13 Apr, 2006:


    look more like a picture-book cover rather than a dvd-cover but looks great even without the writings on it.
    A long has passed since i anticipated so much for something, maybe for my first pc.

  17. Rakhi said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Only one word – BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hai said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Exactly. Amazing as always!

  19. stan said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Hi guys.
    I’m a real fan of Blender and of the Orange Project. And I’m really thankful that there are people like you who make it real.
    Still I’d like to express some critics, since there are so few of them on these pages.
    What I dislike about the images is the neck of this slim character, Emo. The musscles start and end in really odd places. I don’t know whether it’s supposed to be so for some reason(since I haven’t seen the film), but it’s not what you generally see in the anathomy for artists books.
    Still I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie. I’m sure it’s great.

  20. Ortiz said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Orange team: once again iam worried about your mental state. Please stop working. Take a rest and send me the DVD at Cristhma’s. In fact, forget about my 35 bucks…take this money and go to Hawai.I don’t wanna see this movie anymore. I prefer to see you all alive! :))

    Talking serious… again this work looks AWESOME. I forget the fact that will be 2 discs inside of it… thats great!

  21. Silverframe said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    YEEEE! So great man! You guys rule? :D And I MOST agree with
    Vassilios Boucer. Keep posting, it is medicin for os! Once again THANK YOU Orange Team! :)

  22. Silverframe said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    You guys are the new Pixar animation studio :D
    Just alot better!!

  23. Silverframe said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    by the way. I did’t mean “you guys rule?” But “you guys rule!!)


  24. Sean said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    The cover and cds look great. I’m looking forward to seeing this film. Thanks.

  25. Ninjabuddy said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Cool Movie!

  26. Ninjabuddy said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    I agree with Ortiz. I prefer to see them all alive then to see the movie. They are working to hard. They should send out the movie at Christmas or later and go to Hawaii or three weeks. But anyway I like the cover of the movie. And I bet the move will be so cool. :)

  27. Joeri said on 14 Apr, 2006:

    Some languages just don’t want to go on the disk…


    Copy and pasting 77 lines one by one is rather time consuming, but I’ll do it anyway. PAL version is nearly done… Still some IBBPBB to set manualy so I can create m2v’s where I can jump to chapters at exactly 4 seconds…
    Menu’s seem to work.
    Don’t look here if you don’t want *spoilers*:

    O, and Ton mailed me a 1024×576 version. Very nice. And must be playable on almost all machines. Pixel perfect.

  28. ROUBAL said on 14 Apr, 2006:

    Take some good oranges… Squash them during 7 months… you will get the best orange juice ever made!o)

    Great job!

    I think that my postman will desserve some rest in a close future, because I shake him every day, saying: Give me the Elephant dream!

    I don’t know who of him or me will become mad the first!


  29. harkyman said on 14 Apr, 2006:

    Ooooo… I was hoping and hoping that something I contributed to would be on the case, and now I see… the hand!

  30. Neo2002 said on 14 Apr, 2006:

    How can we get the DVD ? Or how can we get the downloadable version ?

  31. buergi said on 14 Apr, 2006:

    Wow i love this cover, great design. I can’t wait to get the DVD i ordered a half year ago.
    And just a little question: Is there a list in which cinemas the movie will be shown?


  32. Bigzpanda said on 14 Apr, 2006:

    Can I know the software that is on this image ?
    I search a dvd authoring software…

  33. Omar said on 15 Apr, 2006:

    Don’t abuse with label and infos on the package

    The worse example :


  34. Jim said on 15 Apr, 2006:

    Great work. I hope I’m not misinterpreting the intent, but these appear to have a Burton-esque-ish quality to them (perhaps even the movie does as well). The execution is quite awesome.

  35. Roger Wickes said on 17 Apr, 2006:

    I bet it’s called Elephant’s Dream because Elephants never forget…btw, did you know they bury their young? Tantalizing post by someone suggests that you have to watch the movie several times as it contains messages and points on many levels…

  36. Roger Wickes said on 17 Apr, 2006:


    You create value by obtaining financing for Orange Studio and making it happen. Ever thought about forming a real company and going into business for profit? Could give Hollywood a run for their money, or you could even sub to them in beginning to get work…?

  37. Brian said on 17 Apr, 2006:

    Will the changes that have been made to Blender from the Orange project be made available.

  38. Silverframe said on 17 Apr, 2006:

    wha… what!!?? Are those pos that we are making in this blog, willl they be in the final movie dvd????

  39. LetterRip said on 17 Apr, 2006:


    the changes are already available as testing builds, we will have a official release with the changes in it (probably some time after mid-may).


  40. Joeri said on 17 Apr, 2006:

    I’ve “frozen” the blog at “Whoa!”.

    PAL version is ready, now do the tweaks on the NTSC.
    I’ve got a “Compile Successful” on the PAL version, only 76 warnings, nothing to worry about, just some missing buttons.
    Still have to check if it actualy works on a player and not only on a computer.

    The 16x9menus gave me a setback. Turns out they can only handle 18 buttons, so I had to redo all the menu animations… :(

    Looks like the data can be nicely split over the 2 dvd’s…

    5.32 Gb for production files
    1.43 Gb for HD, blog, binairies etc.
    3.24 Gb for PAL

    Looks like it’s actualy going to fit on 2 dvds…

  41. Bmud said on 17 Apr, 2006:

    Joeri, I know what you’re going through. Making DVDs is very tough! If I was familiar with the software you are using, I could be of more help, but it seems that in any package its a real lot of work.

    Take your time, it will come together. You’re doing a great job so far! :D

  42. Morris said on 17 Apr, 2006:

    Yes Joeri, take your time, just as long as you finish by the end of the week :)

    Maybe you could ask your boss if you can do it on your work time. Tell him that the whole world is waiting and it will make him a hero if he allows you to do it at work :)

  43. Vassilios Boucer said on 17 Apr, 2006:

    Joeri…Great Job again!!

    Thanks for Updated Infos about DVD !!

  44. Orange said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    Hey this is my first time visiting the site, everything looks fantabulous!

    Where can I get this ‘Elephants Dream’?


  45. Big Fan said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    welcome Mr. Orange.
    ED has had a premiere in Amsterdam but the community is still waiting to see it.It is to be available on dvd soon and later for download.
    Here is a link to order the dvd at the Blender shop.

  46. sciboy said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    Orange: You can preorder the DVD being discussed from http://www.blender3d.org/e-shop/product_info.php?products_id=84

  47. Big Fan said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    why not order 2 while you are at it ;o)

  48. JABayne said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    I did not read all 58 previous posts so forgive me if I am reposting…

    Shouldn’t the name of the DVD be “Elephant’s Dream.” An apostrophy after the “s” in Elephants or is there a reason for this?


  49. Luis Fco. Chavez Hita Romero said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    I’m amused by all the work that will be included on the DVD, but, come on!!! give a date, when will be ready??!!! I want my DVD!!! please!! those images are realy amazing! too realistic and to much art.

  50. Joeri said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    The PAL version seems to work in my regular machine.
    The NTSC however does not want to mux. So, I’m going to recode the mpeg to see if that is the showstopper.

    JaBayne: Seems there are more elephants that dream.

  51. Joeri said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    Big NTSC bug out of the way, compiling 2 ISO’s to be send to Amsterdam tomorrow.

  52. ChrisRx said on 19 Apr, 2006:

    Oooooh great to see this is pretty much finally coming close to being released.

    Any chance that the downloadable version will be available anytime soon or are you going to keep us all in suspense until the dvd release

  53. joeri said on 19 Apr, 2006:

    This blog needs a search button :P
    The idea is that the sponsors get a first view of the movie…
    But I recon since the dvd production is right on schedule ( 3 weeks after soundlock), but the soundlock was 5 weeks behind schedule because the script was 5 weeks behind schedule… But once the first sponsor gets his dvd the whole of it is CC 2.5 so can be freely released.

  54. danny said on 29 Apr, 2006:

    Its brilliant! Another great work from Orange team.But tell us when DVD will be out in the market. I want my own copy. These images r amazing and realistic too.

  55. Pierre said on 2 May, 2006:

    Great work !
    One comment for the DVD art :
    > the title is “lost”, floating alone in the cover : maybe fonts are too narrow, or small, or maybe it’s their white color… The title don’t “match” visually with the picture (personal p.o.v.)
    Nice job anyway !

  56. Red Pellets said on 19 May, 2006:

    Beautifully done!! Really opens one’s eyes to the possibilities of Blender.

    This’d make a great drinking game. Take a shot every time you hear the name “Emo”.


  57. Emperor15 said on 3 Jun, 2006:

    Hello Guys !
    Firstly , I apologize for my english, secondly I have one question: what software you used at creating DVD?