Complete score available for download

  / by Jan

Score coverWell, the official web release of our movie is now just a few millifortnights away, and hopefully, all pre-orderers will have their DVDs in hand by now. So, depending on whether you’ve seen it already or you’re waiting for our encoder mill to finally get finished, this might be either a dessert or an appetizer ;-)

This is the complete score in MP3 format, freely available under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Creative Commons license (details about this license can be found here).

Complete score in one ZIP archive (13 MB): (US mirror)

Separate track downloads:

  1. The Wires (US mirror)
  2. Typewriter Dance (US mirror)
  3. The Safest Place (US mirror)
  4. Emo Creates (US mirror)
  5. End Title (US mirror)
  6. Teaser Music (US mirror)
  7. Ambience (US mirror)

Album cover (thanks Matt + Andy for the layout and the graphics!): cover.jpg (US mirror)

Well… I hope you’ll like it! :)

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63 Responses to “Complete score available for download”

  1. baldosoft said on 17 May, 2006:

    I’m waiting for the dvd :) i wanna listen this amazing music with the film ^_^ it must be beautiful. great work…

  2. Colin Levy said on 17 May, 2006:

    Amazing score!!

  3. Jason Ekstrand said on 17 May, 2006:

    I downloaded it and played the whole thing yesturday, and it sounds GREAT!

  4. Javier Ariz said on 18 May, 2006:

    Hey! thanks for public the music !!!

    Thanks to and all team of Elephants Dream.

    I hope Blender’s World follow forwarding!!!!!! :D

    I love this project !

  5. Sean said on 18 May, 2006:

    Elephants Dream has made the front pages of, with an article about the subsequents release of the film. Link to article here…

    I expect more sites to cover it when the film is officially released.

  6. Kev said on 18 May, 2006:

    Quite frankly I think you should be ashamed for publishing the music in a different license than the rest of the content. It would’ve been better if you didn’t publish it at all in this manor. What if the other ED content is used in “negative ways”? What if money is made off of it? Do you think the work of the graphics artists and software devs is not as important as yours?? Very selfish IMHO…

  7. deathblood said on 18 May, 2006:

    Cool´╝îI got it,very like it!

  8. Matt said on 18 May, 2006:

    Kev, releasing the work on here for everyone to freely download is very *un*selfish of Jan, and it’s disappointing that you feel that way. The work he did for the movie, the audio track of the film, is available under the same license as the graphics content. All of us in the team are very grateful for Jan’s work and we are pleased with and fully support him sharing this extra gift with us, above and beyond his obligations to the production.

  9. Antoine said on 18 May, 2006:

    Interesting music. I can’t stand waiting this movie to be downloadable.

    Hum… who can tell me what software(s) have been used for music and sound FX in Elephants Dream?

  10. incon said on 18 May, 2006:

    Nice work I got my dvd :) Australia (WA)

  11. joeri said on 18 May, 2006:

    There is another detail that makes his decision total fair in my view. You can read that here:

  12. ROUBAL said on 18 May, 2006:


    Jan, your music is great. It gives to the movie a real strength.

    Listened apart from the movie, It has an other dimension and I enjoyed it even more.

    A huge thank you for giving us this extra gift.

    While listening to the Typewriter Dance, I had the goose bumps, and it remembered me some great ambiance that I enjoyed several years ago while playing with Lara Croft Game for the first time.