Elephants Dream Released!

  / by Ton

Now almost all of our donation sponsors have received their DVDs, it’s about time to finalize the Orange Open Movie Project with the much anticipated online release of the movie and the studio production files.

We are all incredibly proud to present to you the world’s first true Open Movie:

Elephants Dream download page

The movie and all of its production files are licensed as Creative Commons, only requiring a proper crediting for public screening, re-using and distribution.

Note that the Elephants Dream DVD set remains for sale via the blender.org e-shop as a support product for future Open Movie projects. The Blender Foundation is committed to start working on similar projects soon.

Stay tuned, have fun, and surprise us with great follow-ups!

Studio Orange

Ton Roosendaal
Bassam Kurdali
Andreas Goralczyk
Matt Ebb
Bastian Salmela
Lee Salvemini

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119 Responses to “Elephants Dream Released!”

  1. ROUBAL said on 1 Jun, 2006:

    Well, for my own, feelings were present! Maybe because I’m used to study the dream world for many years from the inside, being often lucid in my dreams.

    The situation appeared obvious for me the first time I watched the movie, and I had the same feelings that I felt in many dreams.

    I agree that there are not many camera effects, but it is the same in a dream, or at least in my dreams.

    Maybe it is only the fact of chance, but this movie seems to be custom-tailored for me !o)


  2. LOGAN said on 1 Jun, 2006:

    Hmm good interertation. You forgot to mention that lucid dreams appear more clear and realistic than ‘normal’ dreams, explaining the not so dreamy camera lens and the dreamy effect comes when Proog looses controll over his own dream-reality. The holes are the beginning as proog tries to correct the image, thus perhaps loosing more controll by focussing on individual holes. Then when he notices he gets emotional. Without focus the lucid state will be lost. Perhaps Proog’s anger makes his loose controll completely and regains control at the end. But all he has dreamed up so far has been lost and the surroundings are ‘dead’.

    Now Proog has to start all over again and he will… because he is convinced it is there, the big mysterious machine… It’s in all of us… the possibility to dream, and the possibility to (maybe unwillingly) to destroy them. (But perhaps without taking a change, the dream will not come in existance in the first place)

    Perhaps you could write a (big big detailed) article / book: Elephants Licid Dreams and let us all be able to read it :) Also a philosophers and lusic dream expert audio commentary track would be great.

  3. ROUBAL said on 2 Jun, 2006:

    Thank you for your comment LOGAN! And welcome to the lucid dreamers club!

    For the book, I already have written one about lucid dreams, in french, and nobody read it, so I have no urge to write an other one in english !o)

    For the audio track, I fear that my frenchie accent would make everyone laugh…

    So, I will keep my few free time for blending and dreaming!


  4. DLr said on 2 Jun, 2006:

    I’ve got the 815MB 1920HD from BT links and it won’t play on any player, not even those recommended, it looks awfully choppy and has no audible sound. Do I need extra codec?

  5. LOGAN said on 3 Jun, 2006:

    @ROUBAL: I wish I could read your book, I have about 3 books about Lucid Dreaming. (Lucid Dreaming (S.Laberge), Creative Dreaming (P. Garfield) and “De kunst van het Lucide Dromen” (The Art Of Lucid Dreaming (C.M.Den Blanken))

    Movies containing lucid dreaming: Vanilla Sky and some other dream movies) and even an episode of Startrek Voyager had a story about being lucid in a dream, false awakening, etc.

    Hmm maybe we also need some Dutch funny voices and others to do a commentary track. (or just in French then english subtitles :)

    Keek on dreaming and blendering!

    @DLr the HD version also plays choppy on my PC. I guess mainly because my monitor resolution is not 1920x and secondary due to the speed of my PC. I watched the 1024 version and it played very well. Now I found the 1280 avi on the DVD so I now have the perfect one for my PC. (I run my desktop in 1280×960)

    No audio? with videolan rightclick and in the menu there you can select different audio streams.

    Play your movie on a screen resolution that is equal to the avi you want to play for the best possible quality without resizing.

    Watching the HD version on a 1024 screen resolution requires your pc to downscale the movie in realtime thus making it more choppy than need be.

    Hope this info helps :)

  6. testap said on 7 Jun, 2006:

    Amazing movie! We need more! :-D

  7. Will said on 8 Jun, 2006:

    Technically, visually, acoustically, conceptually this film is stunning. However you may have denied yourselves of making a wider impact by neglecting the plot. Just a little humour, a little focused direction would have made this much more enjoyable to watch as well as being a masterpiece of production. This is why Pixar is where it is today – because they knew that the beauty of 3DCG and cinema in general is its ability to depict something interesting, then increase its impact through the production values.

    I hope the next one will take this more into consideration.

  8. Bruno Schneider said on 9 Jun, 2006:

    Excellent! However, it would be nice if you would post MD5 and/or SHA1 sums of the files on elephantsdream.org. I know its best to use bittorrent, but I can’t use it here.

  9. mauro said on 12 Jun, 2006:

    Another place to get a version for Ipod video: Elephants Dream for ipod.

  10. alexa999 said on 16 Jun, 2006:

    This is an amazing work of art. When I first watched this I felt many different emotions such as sadness, curiosity, and anger. I was furious that Proog hit Emo like that and the world that was portrayed in this film is very visually stunning. After watching it once I felt inclined to watch it again! I couldn’t get enough of the visuals and music. Thank you so very much for making this film. Great job everyone!!!

  11. emtilt said on 20 Jun, 2006:

    As a long time Blender user, I’m thrilled to see that you guys managed to get this made. I did have a few comments and crits though, so if you’re interested, you can read them at http://emtilt.googlepages.com/theblenderorangeproject%3Aelephantsdream

  12. Philippe Mironov said on 21 Jun, 2006:

    Hi !

    I’m providing a 100mbit/s french mirror.
    It contains barely everything except the raw 20+ Go material.
    (So yes it does include the HD video)

    here’s the link :

    The bandwidth is way too underused. Have fun.

    Philippe Mironov

  13. Jeroen den Dunnen said on 22 Jun, 2006:

    Hello Everyone,

    I think this project really rocks! It’s great, it really is.
    Bud when I want to download the dvd .iso it gives an error for the file: “Video_only_pal.part1.rar”

    Yes, I downloaded al the parts before I attempted to extract the .iso image, bud every time it gives an error for part1, I used 3 different software tools and I downloaded the part1 file several times, bud nothing help’s, can someone
    The way it is now, no one can do something with it!

  14. Jeroen den Dunnen said on 22 Jun, 2006:

    Hello Again,I fixed the problem by downloading the files agian from Philippe Mironov.
    He posted his link to the files a few posts above.
    Thanks Philippe!

  15. psp converter to movie software said on 24 Jun, 2006:

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  16. Opcom said on 28 Jun, 2006:

    I don’t know what to say. You have captured the substance of my night visions, and shown its likeness to me in a mirror.

  17. Ink said on 1 Jul, 2006:

    Please, I donwnloaded the 800 meg AVI and can’t get it to play. Is it AC3 Audio? Virtualdub will load the file but it can’t figure out the audio compression used? I have 2 AC3 decoders installed, FFDshows internal and AC3filter from sf.net but none seem to be able to decode them.

    Seriously, can someone help me? And no, using Videolan player is not a valid solution, it *should* be playable in any player (I use zoomplayer) and I will not install some software just for this one movie when I can play everything else jsut fine in Zoomplayer. You also need to consider people using HTPCs, they can’t just swith over to zoomplayer for some odd file.

    So again, if someone can help me that would be great.

  18. Cedders said on 24 Jul, 2006:

    My problem was different from Ink’s, I think. All I was getting in Mplayer on Windows, gxine and VLC on Linux, was a grey background. The audio, however, was fine. The mplayer codecs needed are I think liba52/AC3 for audio and ffodivx in ffmpeg (ordinary MPEG-4). Needless to saw, the QuickTime versions will probably only play under Windows XP or Mac.

    My PC is fast enough (500Mhz) to play DVDs and XviDs, but it wasn’t until I downscaled it to 400×225 using mencoder that I could watch it properly – and it still looks fine played full-screen. Maybe a smaller download (mine is 76M) could be made available for those with slower PCs or slower connections?

    As for the film itself, it remided me a bit of Svankmajer or the Brothers Quai. I got the impression of a giant brain in the first scenes, but no idea of whose it was. IMHO any lack of vividness is secondary to the lack of clear storyline.