Progress Update

  / by Matt

Well, we haven’t updated in quite some time, so I thought I’d let you know where we are and what’s going on in post-premiere Orange. Yes, there have been delays, and we’re working as hard as we can to get the DVD finalised and sent out. We have suffered from the setbacks and want to get this DVD out to the world as least as much as you do :)

We’ve now been back in our home countries for at least a week now, depending on the person. At least for myself it took a while to shake off the jetlag from flying halfway around the world, and emerge from the sleep-deprived coma I fell into, recharging after our final crunch. It’s also been very difficult collaborating between the team across time zones, but we’re doing our best.

I hope we can do a nice big post about scheduling and what happened when, where we spent the time, etc. when things are less busy. But suffice to say, Murphy was laying down the law, disasters were unfolding around us and we were working at full steam into the early morning hours right up until the day of the premiere. In fact, we were doing re-renders to fix errors the day before the event. One might think that if we’d spent one week less on the movie and given it a little less polish then we wouldn’t be running a bit behind now, but it didn’t work that way. Actually if we’d stopped one week early, our final scene would have been lit and rendered in OpenGL (although taking that option may have caused less detriment to our own health and sanity!)

So. Since the premiere we have:

  • Collected the timed translations (we have 34 in total, thankyou volunteer translators!) Also retimed them to fit the DVD (24fps -> 25fps and 30fps)
  • Created an MPEG4 version of the movie in HD 1920×1080 to go on the data section of the disk, with mixed down audio
  • All production files, .blend files, textures cleaned up and put in a disc structure
  • Collated, prepared and compressed the DVD extras to both PAL and NTSC MPEG, including a special thankyou surprise, four commentary tracks, the 30+ minute making-of documentary and two videos of our voice actors from the recording session
  • DVD structure laid out and menu animations almost finished rendering
  • Converted the 16:9 NTSC and PAL anamorphic png sequences of the movie to 25 & 30 fps Mpeg2.
  • Movie audio compressed (sound space) to fit home cinema systems.
  • CC is written, png, mpg

What we have left to go:

  • Final audio mixes for PAL 25fps version. NTSC version is already done. Jan has been fighting problems for the last few days now, but hopefully the end is in sight.
  • A few final tweaks to the menu animations, then converting to MPEG and implemented
  • Some final subtitle assignment (character set issues)
  • Finish off writing the production file structure documentation
  • DVD-rom content page for DVD video to be made.
  • DVD credits to be made
  • Placing the almost-done DVD cover illustration into the sleeve layout

Joeri is working hard on the DVD and says that when we have finished the above tasks (excluding the cover of course!) it will take him only a few days to get it together and ready as a DVD master for duplication. So it’s not done, but it’s very very close.

Anyway, as a thankyou for your patience as we continue plugging away, here’s a couple of teaser images! They’re still frames from the movie, untouched and in full HD resolution, probably suitable for wallpaper :) Cheers!


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61 Responses to “Progress Update”

  1. Zerg said on 13 Apr, 2006:


  2. pipi said on 13 Apr, 2006:

    Joeri: Thanks for all your effort! Don’t give up!

    One question, do you have any experience with creating multi-angle DVDs? For me, multi angle Elephants Dream sounds interesting in the future to see.

  3. Mike Stramba said on 14 Apr, 2006:

    Hi joeri,

    Thanks very much for your time and effort on this !

    “Sorry guys, It will still take a few more days to create the master… I expect at least till this weekend. Bringing production time to 3 weeks.”

    Does that mean it will be ~3 weeks after the master is created until you have copies to ship?


  4. Oskar Lissheim-Boethius said on 16 Apr, 2006:

    Looks great. Ordered the DVD over a month ago. So looking forward to it. Put the money to good use!

    PS. Could you please make an h.264-version of the HD movie since this new codec is simply THAT much higher quality than MP4? Just have look at Apple’s HD trailer-site and you’ll get the idea.

  5. snovak said on 17 Apr, 2006:

    HOLY MONKEY!! I’m really looking forward to the HD content!!!!

  6. cablop said on 18 Apr, 2006:

    Hello anybody

    i was looking at this project by months

    but now i know it’s released, and i want to know when the Creative Commons licenced version will be available to download, or where is it.

    I’m in southamerica, so i’m really far away of Netherlands, so i couldn’t see the premier

    but i’m really interested!!

  7. Joeri said on 20 Apr, 2006:

    The disks are in the mail to the replication factory.
    Ton has mailed the NTSC to the US with special speed delivery.
    So Bassam can check the NTSC on a real US player with the real master. This will take probably all weekend due to customs (pretty stupid because a download is border free, o well).

  8. DwarvenFury said on 21 Apr, 2006:

    [Quote: Joeri]”The disks are in the mail to the replication factory…..”[Quote]

    W00t!!! Here’s hoping all is well with the NTSC version.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. tony said on 26 Apr, 2006:

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  10. Olòrin said on 30 May, 2006:

    Thankx for this great and beautifull movie. It’s a wonderfull poem. The quality is high. One word, this is a unique masterpiece.
    Bravo !!!!
    Olòrin from France