Premiere + after party: SOLD OUT!

  / by Ton

Everyone who has ordered via our e-shop can still get in. If you didn’t pay yet you can do that in the theatre or the restaurant too.
In order to get the whole logistics arranged OK, we also will have to ask (most) people who attend the first screening to leave the theatre before 18:40. At 19:00 the Blender restaurant is open for you!

Note; for the 2nd screening at 18:45 there’s still space.

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75 Responses to “Premiere + after party: SOLD OUT!”

  1. Big Fan said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    Wu, I think the reason there are no updates here is because the Orange team have been mobbed by wild ladies. May be even they just had to take a number and wait in line. Could be on Monday we will finally get to hear about the screening – possibly we will never hear about after party….
    The Blender e-store MUST sell genuine Ton vrooom jackets and Bassam plastic bags to the community – the t-shirt and cap just aren’t enough to impress loose chicks today :o)

  2. Goofster said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    Hi guys!

    I just came back from the premiere and the Q&A Day and it
    was awesome as always. expect a nice review on

  3. thoro said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    Here are my photos:

  4. Richard said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    Thanks for the photos, thoro. Interesting for all of those who couldn’t make it.

  5. Rui Campos said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    Congratulations Orange Team, you did it. I couldn’t really be at the Premier but am counting on hooking up with you guys at the Blender Conference.

    Thanks Thoro for the photos, seems like I missed alot of fun :( .

    — Rui —

  6. wu said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    yeah thanks for the photos thoro!! i hope basse got a chance to make it. but i dont see him there??

    and i knew you guys would have hot chicks at this thing!!

    BigFan wrote
    “The Blender e-store MUST sell genuine Ton vrooom jackets and Bassam plastic bags to the community.”
    hahahaha!! send me one of each!!!

    (Note from Ton: on the picture you see Anja and Anne, two of my very best friends, who have helped the Blender Foundation in many many ways. Anja is the Foundation’s bookkeeper and e-shop manager, and both help with the Blender conferences to make sure everything is perfectly organized. Also for the premiere they helped out with tickets and tee sales. A reaction as above can only come from an immature adolescent, and as such can be happily ignored!)

  7. Big Fan said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    Wu, I need to re-educate you…
    No wonder you are struggling to impress the ladies.
    Close inspection of this photo reveals a more likely bit of talent in attendance worthy of your he-man status.
    This is why you should carry a Bassam plastic bag in your wallet and cooly work the crowd doing body building poses that show the Ton vrooom patches to full advantage.
    Even the the most boring over hyped movie premiers can have surprising opportunities for the sharp movers.

  8. User said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    I don’t wish to turn this in a flame war or anything, but I have to agree with Big Fan. Wu, please don’t insult the people behind this project or the people at the premiere. These are the people who created and supported this project. If the project didn’t have the support, there’s a good chance that it wouldn’t exist.

    I found your flash cartoons to be bad taste too. Mainly because you where insulting the talent behind this film.

  9. Big Fan said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    ?? If you re-read my post you will see I was joining in the good natured but riske fun with Wu…
    Any offence taken by anyone is regretted and I apologise to those individuals and the community.

  10. Silverframe said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    I wish that I was old enoungh to come and see the film…. But I am only 13 and live in Denmark:(

  11. kakapo said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    thanks for the photos! :)

  12. jazzroy said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    thanks for sharing the photos!

    congratulations to everybody!!!

  13. EnV said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    Hei, thanks a lot for the photos.

  14. Katmaï said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    There was someone who took a picture of me too! Where is it? =P
    I was that 15 yr. old kid with the black coat. Guess it wasn’t Thoro ;)

  15. thoro said on 26 Mar, 2006:

    Haha – no, I’m the guy on the last photo :-)

  16. note to Ton said on 27 Mar, 2006:

    Ton I see you have tacked on a comment to Wu’s post.
    Whilst Wu may have accidently caused offense in making a bit of laddish humour I don’t see that necessitates breaking into his post to make your opinion known.
    I don’t know Wu at all but he seems like a likeable young fellow. It’s just his raw style of nervous observational humour. No comment on the worth of your friends was actually intended. Perhaps they can see a funny side too?
    Possibly everyone could do with a good holiday after 7mths of 16hr days…

    Note from another Oranger:
    i dont think so! mhuahahahaha :P

  17. Big Fan said on 28 Mar, 2006:

    good grief…well hopefully you get over it sometime…I am sure worse things could have done if it was malicious…

  18. Wu said on 28 Mar, 2006:

    ohhhhhh great……..ton i’m sorry man…..

    BigFan told me do it…..

    please go back and delete that link/comment…..but leave the part about the vrooom jackets and body bags…….

    sorry again…damn!!

  19. Ton said on 28 Mar, 2006:

    Wu; unless there’s an intentional harm meant in a posting, I never do censorship in forums. I know you didn’t mean it that bad. The sorry is accepted, so let’s move on!

    I’ve also really had fun watching your crazy goofing clips, made us feel like real public celebrities. :)

  20. Big Fan said on 28 Mar, 2006:

    Now wait on there pal.
    That is an outright lie that I told you to do it.
    I have never had any communication with you at all and you know it.
    Don’t stoop to blaming others for your own wrongs.
    Now you can apologise to me as well in front of the community.
    Big character test here Wu.I wouldn’t mess up again if I were you.

  21. Wu said on 28 Mar, 2006:

    thanks ton!

    bigfan, only joking man, haha!

  22. Big Fan said on 29 Mar, 2006:

    Wu you have narrowly escaped being forever known in the universe as low life.
    As it is this blog will appear on each and every Orange dvd set and several thousand people will be looking at this wondering if Wu actually deserved to have his hands broken….
    Living dangerously my man….

  23. Wu said on 29 Mar, 2006:

    BigFan, of all people here i would have thought you would be the first to know i was joking, haha. seeing as how you got all my other jokes, and posted a few of your own, that i laughed at!

    anyway, i have nothing but respect for ton, @ndy, lee, basse, bassam, matt, toni and jan. you guys rock, and thanks for letting me and everyone else participate in the orange project fun. it has been great.

    now lets move on and get back on topic!

    by the way, of course i desreve to have my hands broken, you have seen the goofing on project orange animations right?

  24. Big Fan said on 29 Mar, 2006:

    Wu,only joking man, haha!