tiny production report

  / by Bassam

Hello all, sorry for the long silence- it’s been a busy few weeks.
We’re in deadline crunch mode now ( sometimes it feels like we’ve been that way the whole project) but the difference now is we have *hard* deadlines that we have to meet.
A little update:
All shots have character animations- including lipsync, though some will need tweaking ( 1 or 2 days of work ).
We have 2 scenes rendered! and 2 scenes scored. The intersection of these two sets is 1, though we are very close to making the numbers 3 and 3, with an intersection of 3.
The rendering / lighting / texturing team have been burning the midnight oil to get some really beautiful stuff out in record time. ( This means Matt and Andy ). They rule!
For the rest, we have some environment animation, and all the cloth/intersection ( aka damage control) to do for the animation side. Most modelling is complete, with a few tasks left. Basse has been filling in the missing environment animations in the last scenes, and they are cool beyond words. He rules!
We’ve got two hard deadlines we work for now:
1- siggraph submissions in the beginning of march- we will submit an excert consisting of the afforementioned 3 scenes.
2- the premier date. Ton is still working on this, we expect a location and time fix soon. It’ll be in the middle/latter half of March, most likely.
3- then theres getting things ready for the DVD distribution folks ( credits, menus, titles, and subtitles ( thanks translators! ) etc.

Your help in getting us reams of textures has been simply fantastic :)

I’d post some renders up, but I’m a tease, and well, I don’t want to steal the steam from a forthcoming post……

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20 Responses to “tiny production report”

  1. jazzroy said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    It looks like you’re in a real hurry now!

    Youi have all our support guys!

  2. Holger said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    First one!

    I’am following the Orange Project since it started. It’s a pleasure to see the progress of an Animated Movie from the beginning.

    Don’t care of the deadlines. They are alwasy there, no matter what you are doing. Sometimes you meet them, sometimes not.

    Thank you for brining blender forward!

  3. mohd_moustady said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    Hi ,
    yay I am the first

    keep up the good work

    cant wait for the next Post

  4. VirgilioVasconcelos said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    Well… seems that we had three first posts! =D

    Guys, you ALL are really great. This is something that will shake the CG world completely. We┬┤re looking forward to this great happening.


  5. 3Dz said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    I have to say that all of you in orange team rules! :) Im so addicted to hear your progress, its great to see and hear how things is going better and better and how much you put hard work in this project. DAMN you are working hard (ton and all of you in orange team). I have to raise my hat to you and open source community :D. I nearly cant wait to see your animation and of cource, blender v2.42 (whatever version that will be) :D

    I use to be: “Only way to get pro softwares is putting more money to it.” Linux and Blender has changed this, and me of cource :)

  6. spunkmaier said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    hi there

    good work guys and i’m looking forward for the release of the dvd and it will be exellent. I hope that you will have success at the siggraph meeting.
    hope to hear for more interesting post

  7. Gobs said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    Just had to post a Douglas Adams quote: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

    Keep up the good work. :-D

  8. Matt said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    Sleeep…. coffeee….. rendering…. heeeeellllpppppp

  9. DwarvenFury said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    Bassam, you and Ton are so cruel to your poor fans, referencing to how you could’ve posted renders…;-) :-P JK I think the Orange Team’s going to need a vacation after this one…Or maybe you guys’ll just need some sleep…;-)

  10. Thorben said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    i’d order a dvd, but i don’t like paypal.

  11. Satish Goda said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    Team Orange rocks beyond words.

  12. Bmud said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    Hmm. I think today is payday. Maybe I should pre-order a second or third DVD to give away as gifts to accompany a “Blender Obsession Starter Kit” data-DVD which has bunches of versions for every os, tutorials, demo files, links to lots of websites, blogs, RSS feeds, yata yata yata…

    But I’m sure that the Orange DVD will kick my dvd’s little butt!

  13. madman said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    Vacation’s for orange team??

    NO WAY!!

    They need work on the sequel, after this…

    joke ;-)

    Render’s plis! :'(
    I need one for wallpaper lol

  14. Rui Campos said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    I agree with madman on this, we need a Wallpaper of Elephants Dream :) .

    Better yet, I want a Orange Wallpaper to use at the Libre Graphics Meeting when I will be talking about Blender :) .

    — Rui —

  15. Gordon Thales said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    But seriously, about the contents of the DVD… Will it include a copy of blender, and the other open sourced tools used to create the movie? Because if it does, I am buying many more copies as gifts.

    It is definitely the best introduction to open source software that I have heard of!!!

  16. Bassam said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    patience render aficionados, something cool is coming soon :)

  17. Kernon said on 24 Feb, 2006:

    Definitely a tease…

  18. Omar said on 25 Feb, 2006:

    haha, you are funny, we know already your updates are done in the end of the week.
    Don’t worry, think just about your movie.


  19. jack said on 20 Apr, 2006:

    Orange project is making progress like fire spreads. Its always great to see their work. I m waiting for the next DVD. Hope to see some excellent work as ever. Don’t disappoint me.
    All the best for your future!!!!!!!