Original lossless video and audio available

  / by Matt

We have given the folks at Xiph, the developers and custodians of the various Ogg video and audio compression codecs, a lossless copy of the Elephants Dream audio and video, as FLAC files and a PNG sequence, and they are hosting BitTorrent downloads of them on their server.

This will be of great value to people interested in developing, testing or benchmarking video/audio compression software. Unlike a DVD movie, which many video compression benchmarks are based on, the PNG files are losslessly compressed, identical to the pristine original output, in full 1920×1080 HD resolution. It would be great to see Elephants Dream become the new standard source footage for video and audio compression testing!

The files are many, and very large (around 20GB total), so this is not something that you can play back and watch – this won’t really be of interest to most people who just want to see the video. If this describes you, it would be polite to have mercy on Xiph’s servers if you don’t really need the files :) Having said that, it can be fun to have a poke around and see a few of the original HD frames, but you don’t need the entire sequence for that. The files are, like the other versions of the movie, are available for download under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. Thanks to Ralph Giles for helping to set this up.

Note: The BitTorrent version 4 client is required!

640×360 PNG image sequence (BitTorrent)
1920×1080 PNG image sequence (BitTorrent)

Audio tracks (5.1 and stereo) and raw PNG files

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21 Responses to “Original lossless video and audio available”

  1. rillian said on 17 Jun, 2006:

    I should probably note that there’s a bug in the free (v3.x) bittorrent clients included with most linux distros. You’ll need to get the latest 4.x or later client from bittorrent.com for these to work.

    The 3.x client tries to open all the files in the transfer simultaneously, and since there are 15691 frames it quickly into process file limits.

  2. Matt said on 17 Jun, 2006:

    rillian: Thanks for the clarification, I edited it into the original post. Cheers

  3. Shish said on 17 Jun, 2006:

    Wow, a .torrent file so big that it’d be efficient to torrent it :O

    The xiph.org link is missing the http:// BTW~

  4. Timothy said on 18 Jun, 2006:

    Wow, a .torrent file so big that it’d be efficient to torrent it :O

    The xiph.org link is missing the http:// BTW~

  5. Bill (William Reynish) said on 18 Jun, 2006:

    I’d love to see a few of the original high res frames, but I don’t care for the whole thing. Could we get a peek – how about just a few full res frames?


  6. Matt said on 18 Jun, 2006:

    Bill: Sure, you can see them at the link above: Audio tracks (5.1 and stereo) and raw PNG files

    fixed the xiph link too..

  7. Arun Kumar said on 20 Jun, 2006:


    Sorry for this comment on “Elephant Dreams” Movie. If U think it is ignorable, please ignore it, Dont get hurted dear “Elephant Dreams team” please dont take it to heart.

    I downloaded the movie from the torrent site, While downloading I was very eager to whach the movie. It almost took 4 nights for me to download (realy a long time) because i have a dial-up connection.(149MB file)

    First let me tell U what was good in the movie. Really U(compleate team) did a greate job. Those graphics were realy realy perfect :). those Models, charecters, everything.

    Main problem comes here,
    1) There was nothing related to the title (Elephants Dream),
    what I mean to say is, There is nothing related to
    2) And the other is who are these people, what is that place,
    what are they doing there(at that place), how they came
    here,and who built it is that old man built it, if so why
    is he afride of it, at first what is he afride off. Some
    times he say “It’s safe here”(in the begining), some
    times “its not”(with-in seconds after those cables rush),
    at the last scene he says “why dont U see the beauty of
    this place, the way it works. . .”, here in this scene he
    is intrested in that palace, and he is talking as if he
    is the creator of that mechanical place. Lots of
    3) The other is, the movie starts someware and Ends someware.
    4) The LAST ONE is this movie is just of 10 minutes.

    Please sorry for these comments, these are the
    questions rised in my mind after watching the movie for
    10 times(because I was very confused so I watched it that
    many times, to understand the story)

    At last I want to say This was my idea to make a open movie
    which should be available for free or atleast at a very low cost.
    Iam happy and also a bit surprised because

    “In this world somany think in the same way, Just one leads all others and becomes the first to do that.”

    If U dont agree with the above, I think U remember those two scientists, whome we studied in our school days, who leave in defferent places but did research in the same way and surprised the world.

    Thank You for reading this boring loooong comment,with patients.


  8. Arun Kumar said on 22 Jun, 2006:

    Hai Matt,

    I think U did’nt Hurted for that comment.

    Thanks for Ur reply, please do a small favour. Since my net connection is very slow (Dial-up) Give me a direct link of the right commentry video in english Please. Because, I will download those videos but if it is not what Iam seeing for then It is Unnecessary Phone Bills(is’nt it :) . sorry to Ask Like This)(Still in our town we dont have faster net at acceptable costs,Iam from INDIA), because I download any thing or Use Internet only on nights, Because it cost less for me.

    Once again sorry to Ask Like this (Only if U Dont mind).

  9. Arun Kumar said on 22 Jun, 2006:

    Its me once again.

    I forgot some thing to say,

    If You say to download all I will. please mention the size of Each File.

  10. kakapo said on 22 Jun, 2006:

    but cg footage and video footage aren’t the same (for various reasons). is cg footage really suited to optimize video codecs?

  11. LOGAN said on 23 Jun, 2006:

    Thanks for the files, greatly appriciated. Although I can play the sound files via VLC both audio editing tools I tried did not supported the format.

    I’m unsure how to import these files…

    Thanks anyway and cheers!

  12. abeb said on 23 Jun, 2006:

    hi, firstly, i would like to say that u all create a good job,
    you guy should put a duration time span in download pages, because i really desperated to download 815Mbyte version, but it turned out to run only for 10 minutes :( , please dont make people with low connection felt like what i felt otherwise this ‘open source’ movie become ‘open comments’ movie..

  13. LOGAN said on 23 Jun, 2006:

    @abeb: the duration was no suprise as it was posted various times. The 800+ file gets you the best possible quality, something ED definitally deserves.

    Instead you have the best quality movie ever downloaded from the internet.

  14. Marabalos said on 24 Jun, 2006:

    Hi! I’m looking for spanish subtitles to use with the avi version… are they avaible for download??
    thank you!

  15. Scorps said on 24 Jun, 2006:

    You may find subtitles here:
    PostProduction Files

  16. Phil said on 25 Jun, 2006:

    The stereo mix FLAC (at least; I haven’t listened to any of the 5.1 tracks) is a mix with the voice-acting. Are there plans on releasing a lossless version of the unvoiced mix? It’d make for a nice 10 minute track in my music collection … :)

  17. joeri said on 26 Jun, 2006:

    You can also find subtitle files here:

  18. Bmud said on 26 Jun, 2006:

    I’m still curious why the production files for the audio havn’t been released. You know, Jan, even though you didn’t use open source software to write the music, there are some of us out there that have Reason too. I really want to play with that node setup that did the sound effects for the wire room.

    Secondly, if we don’t have the original sound samples, and music track source files, wont it be difficult for one to “add their own scenes”. Not to say I don’t know how to bang on a metal chair with a microphone, but matching the “look and feel” of the sound would be hard. Thanks for reading.

  19. kaboom said on 29 Jun, 2006:

    Are there also frames available in RGB 12Bit? Would be interesting for some cinema projector testing. Could be a good alternative to the gradients and checkers. Thanks for all your affords with the movie.

  20. Timothy said on 8 Jul, 2006:

    Is this the end of the blog?

  21. LordWolfy said on 17 Jul, 2006:

    1) Sorry I didn’t see the film (wait for a French Version (sound))

    2) I don’t know if the films rocks but I know the concept rocks
    so I said myself that I would by the DVD
    but 35 Euros is a bit to much for me to support the concept

    Would it be possible to make a single DVD (not collector, without TShirt) for max 15 euros
    Or just a donation page