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  / by Matt

Yes, if you’ve been reading other news sources, you’ll know this is a bit late, but better late than never! We’ve all been taking a breather and getting on with some other things in the meantime (including Ton organising an awesome ‘‘Open Source Pavilion’ booth for the SIGGRAPH tradeshow, which will feature Elephants Dream).

Anyway, we still need to do a nice big publicity/news roundup, but until then, there are a few new videos from the DVD set online for your viewing pleasure. The making of documentary is now available, along with the commentary tracks. Watching these may not only give you an insight into what went on during the project, but also give you a picture of what we thought is going on in the movie, straight from our own exhausted mouths :) These are available under the CC-Attribution 2.5 license. Thanks Joeri for putting these online!

Update 28 June: We now have downloadable versions of the making of available.
3gp, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV versions (Austria)
MPEG4, 100MB (Netherlands)
MPEG2, 550MB (Netherlands)

Making Of: 31MB Divx 5 (Germany)
Making Of, Part 1: Streaming (YouTube)
Making Of, Part 2: Streaming (YouTube)
Making Of, Part 3: Streaming (YouTube)
Making Of, Part 4: Streaming (YouTube)

And the commentary tracks:
Video & Commentary, Bassam and Andy, Streaming (YouTube)
Video & Commentary, Ton and Andy, Streaming (YouTube)
Video & Commentary, Jan, Streaming (YouTube)
Video & Commentary, Ton and Bassam, Streaming (YouTube)

There’s also the voice actor recording videos:
Voice Recording: 6MB Divx 5 (Germany)
Voice Recording: Streaming (YouTube)
Listen to the Sound of the Machine: 2MB Divx 5 (Germany)

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10 Responses to “Making Of, Commentary and more online”

  1. Alexandre Rangel said on 13 Jun, 2006:

    I love the movie and the making of. Is there any better quality file of the making of?

  2. Joeri said on 13 Jun, 2006:

    These videos are from the DVD. ( With a little Joeri enhancement, CC-Attribution 2.5 you know. )
    So get one from the e-shop or grab an iso from the web for glorious mpeg2 quality. :)

  3. Goyo de la Brisa said on 13 Jun, 2006:

    Elephants Dream is a beautifully animated short film.

    Is it true that it took about 6 very skillfull animators 6 months to create about 10 minutes? The quality is fantastic, I am very impressed by your work. It is a great achievement that you can be proud of.

    If it took 6 persons half a year for ten minutes that is about 18 person years of work for each hour of finished film.

    The God’s Companion feature film was created much faster by less skilled animators working to a much tighter time budget. That 60 minute feature film works out at something like 1 person year for each finished hour.

    Compare that to a major animated movie which typically has more than 300 persons working for 1 and a half years or more making about 200 person years per finished hour.

    The elephant’s dream team (a dream team) have created to the level of a high budget movie, whereas the God’s Companion team are highly productive by avoiding those high costs elements.

  4. Joeri said on 14 Jun, 2006:

    Also added the pre production meeting video:

  5. JABayne said on 14 Jun, 2006:

    Is there actually a way to download the YouTube files for viewing offline?

  6. joeri said on 15 Jun, 2006:

    The YouTube videos are streaming flash movies, so those are pretty hard to download. YouTube does not encourage downloads, as they try to be a TV broadcaster.
    But,… All these Elephants Dream movies are also available as regular downloads, hmmm except the commentary that is.
    I could put them somewhere as mp3, then we can listen to them on an ipod?

  7. Me said on 15 Jun, 2006:

    Hey, i just email Ton, there is something missing in this site.
    Please provide a link for paypal donations.

    I feel this could be a great steep forward to the Open Source Comunity, I encourage to everyone that have seen this movie to donate or buy the DVD (if is on sale).

    Could this be the first step for an Open Source Entertainment? I think the answer is our.

    I am not associate to this site or the movies producers, and leave the site owners the right to edit or delete this post if required. I just have seen a dream pass in front of my eyes with this site and this project.

  8. shirish said on 19 Jun, 2006:

    Tonight, would be downloading the Making of but would also like the commentary. Perhaps somebody can make a .torrent & pass it around. Maybe on mininova or any of the public trackers. It’s o.k. if its used to make money in the first go but at some point would like it to become public domain so others can use the assets as well as the commentary to make a better product. Kudos to u guys for making a marvellous effort.

  9. Marco Raaphorst said on 20 Jun, 2006:

    I am impressed by the quality of work. Also for the soundtrack. I am a pro composer livin’ in The Netherlands. This team has shown it really can create something new using open source and open content licenses. Fantastic, just fantastic!

  10. Diego said on 28 Jun, 2006:

    wow! just wow! I was following this project since it started, I knew it was going to be something great, you guys are really amazing! YOU GUYS ROCK! I’m really a big fan of all this team and I’m really glad and impressed of this work, you guys deserves all the greatness! Elephants Dream is amazing! I wish we can see another great movies like this on the future :) kudos to the Orange Team! :)