Creative Commons Remix

  / by Matt

Some re-edited versions of Elephants Dream have started to emerge around the web, taking advantage of the Creative Commons license, which is great to see.

Ilia writes:

My name is Ilia Bis. I am a composer and musician, raised in Moscow and currently based in New York, recording and performing under the name “Tonearm”. You can find my instrumental music at and my songs at and

I have been collaborating with filmmakers and visual artists for a while, and, like many people, having been quite impressed with Blender and Elephant’s Dream, wanted to try and juxtapose the visuals from the film with my music. I have written a track for it (about 3 minutes long) and did a rough edit of the film together with a professional film editor, and I think the result is pretty interesting and tasteful, even though it may be different from the original.

‘roschler’ writes:

I made another animated music video using footage remixed from the astonishing Elephants Dream project. This time it’s a parody on “Ma Ya Hi” which is the English version of “Numa Ye”; the song that has been lip synched and parodied so many times before. It’s called “My PC (is on fire)”.

In this parody, Emo’s computer is broken and wants Proog, who is his computer repair man, to fix it. Proog refuses to fix it until Emo pays his last bill. But, Emo won’t pay the last bill until Proog fixes his computer!

It’s called My PC and you can download it here:

Elsewhere, Elephants Dream also appears in screenshots from a video conversion and encoding program: VisualHub.

All these uses and more are perfectly legal, and encouraged! We’d love to see more of what people get up to with the movie and/or production files, so if you know of any other appearances, let us know here, or get to work making something yourself! :)

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18 Responses to “Creative Commons Remix”

  1. buergi said on 28 Jun, 2006:

    Lol, i can’t await the first parodies of ED, so whole length, same video material but new soundtrack and so new story of course. Just like “Sinnlos im Weltraum” oder “Lord of the Weeds” from a group of Germans who made this parodies of Lord of the Rings and ST TNG.

  2. Robert Oschler said on 29 Jun, 2006:

    Hey Blender/Elephants Dream people! I’m so glad you liked my little homage to your work! I also made a Net Neutrality video with a different remix of your AWESOME footage:

    Forum thread on it:

    This time it’s a parody of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Our Land” song.

    BTW, I’m doing everything I can to get YouTubers aware of your brilliant work. “My PC” has had over 20,000 views and I’m constantly telling people to go to (it’s in the credits too of course). I cringe when I think that they are seeing your masterpiece in YouTube super low res format. I tell them to come here for the high def version because I know they will be stunned at the quality.

    NOTE: if you have any other footage, perhaps footage you discarded or edited out of the final version of Elephants Dream, I’d love to get my hands on it for more remix fun and to drive more YouTubers to your site. Even test footage of non Elephants Dream characters would be great.

    Finally, I think it’s important to point out that the score, sound FX, and voice acting in Elephants Dream are also fantastic.


  3. Robert Oschler said on 29 Jun, 2006:

    I almost forgot to give you the YouTube URL:

    Here are some user comments from the page:

    Waltismyhero: “Wow…I give it a ten for the animation!! IT was awesome!”

    MynameisJohnP: “Whoever did this animation, I worship you.”

    I of course tell them that it’s your work and send them over here to get the high def version.


  4. joeri said on 29 Jun, 2006:

    ” or get to work making something yourself! ”
    Alright, i will! :)

    I already sort-of did btw. The ED clips in the ED documentary on youTube are re-created. Not only to fit to the screen, but also to try little tricks. My holyday is comming up, so you can expect at least one new version from me. Fun stuff!

  5. ROUBAL said on 29 Jun, 2006:

    Hi! Very good mix of the original shots… and original story and music for this funny clip !

    Well done! I enjoyed it !


  6. said on 4 Jul, 2006:

    How do you get it to work!… It didn’t come up after trying several of the links.

  7. joeri said on 6 Jul, 2006:

    What do you mean?

  8. Prasanna said on 6 Jul, 2006:

    Sorry if this is very OT.

    I noticed that you’ve been trying to use SVN for your data. Could you let me know how it was? We’re trying to setup SVN for a client who stores large media files ~1GB max, and I was wondering if you had any problems with files that large.


  9. Tonearm said on 6 Jul, 2006:


    you can view a streaming excerpt from the mix on, and there’s a download link under it to a better quality quicktime file. Enjoy!

  10. Robert Oschler said on 6 Jul, 2006:


    You’ve got a comma at the end of your link.


  11. stefan said on 7 Jul, 2006:

    Fantastique work, i was dancing and laughing all the way, thanx for a good time in these dark time.
    cheerrs and continue please…

  12. Alex said on 7 Jul, 2006:

    Hello everybody.
    Elephants Dream is one of the greatest project of this year. That’s why my team and we wanted to contribute to this one.

    We had a lot of work to make a french version of the movie. We tried to recreate the atmosphere and the caracteristics of the characters at the best.

    If you understand french and want to discover our work, please visit the following website :


    I hope you’ll like it. Please leave me your comments.


  13. spark451 said on 16 Jul, 2006:

    Im having troubles with the audio… i cant hear anything.
    My audio works fine for other stuff though.
    Im trying to view the 1920 HD AVI, MPEG4 / AC3 5.1 Surround.
    Im on OS X 10.3.9.
    I tried:
    Quicktime 7.1.2
    VLC 0.8.5
    MPlayer OSX 1.0pre8

    heres the VLC error: auhal: audio-device var does not exist. device probe failed.
    It looks great but Im no good at reading lips..
    Any ideas?

  14. Robert Oschler said on 17 Jul, 2006:

    Here’s my latest Elephants Dream remix. It’s an entry into the Cold Stone Creamery dance contest which is being hosted on YouTube. I wrote an original song to back up the remix which you can find here:

    Thanks again, Blender folk. Is there a new project in the works any time soon? Perhaps a sequel?


  15. Robert Oschler said on 26 Jul, 2006:

    Hello all,

    I’m so happy! There’s a new video social bookmarking service named Dabble that helps people organize, share, and manage their videos across almost all of the major video services. They are one of the new Web 2.0 “rising stars” and even though they just launched they are already ranked in the top 5000 web sites in the world by Alexa. So guess who is on the front page of their web site today? EMO! They liked my Elephants Dream video remix “My PC Is On Fire” so they put Emo’s picture on their home page with a link to the video!:

    It’s also on the Dabble blog:

    This ought to get a bunch more people to the Elephants Dream web site and to learn about Blender! If you are reading this post in the future when it’s no longer on the front page, here’s a screenshot of it on Flickr.

    Or it should be in the Video Of The Day archives by then:

    NOTE: Dabble is free, I’m not an affiliate, I don’t work there, I didn’t make any money off this, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH …

  16. Kafyeke Owen said on 27 Jul, 2006:

    i like to put a comment about ElephantDream. you’v working on it very well. it’s a great animation. very nice thank.

    pst( i don’t speek very well english , so excuse me if a meke a fault)

  17. Robert Oschler said on 27 Jul, 2006:

    UPDATE: The Elephants Dream video remix I made, “My PC Is On Fire”, is on Dabble’s front page with a thumbnail of Emo linking to the video! Dabble is a popular video social bookmarking and sharing site that is hot in the press. Boing boing, one of the most popular blogs in the world, just featured Dabble while they have Emo on their front page!:

    I’m smiling ear to ear right now. This is certain to raise people’s awareness about the fabulous Elephants Dream project.