Elephants Dream on German TV (now!)

  / by Matt

This is extremely late notice (better late than never), but I just found about about this chatting online. Elephants Dream will be shown on the German TV channel 3sat, apparently right about now, 13 August 2006. Here’s some info about it: http://www.3sat.de/neues.html .

Happy watching!

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6 Responses to “Elephants Dream on German TV (now!)”

  1. sciboy said on 13 Aug, 2006:

    Now that’s good TV!

  2. . said on 14 Aug, 2006:

    the live stream of the TV-show in which (some scenes of) Elephants Dream was shown:


  3. elubie said on 17 Aug, 2006:


    I saw it last weekend, but I think the content was a bit dissapointing, I think Blender wasn’t even mentioned. (Just talked about ‘an open source 3D program’).

    Still *very* nice to see that your movie is getting that kind of exposure, congrats!

    — Andrea

  4. jp said on 18 Aug, 2006:

    hi there
    a friend told me about watching that show and i remembered hearing about the elephants dream somewhere else.
    i got the HD AVI version via bittorrent (still seeding) but windows media player didnt play it. i got VLC and VirtualDub to open it. i checked what the four letter codec thingy said in the avi file. it sais nothin’! i ran the clip through virtualdub (direct stream copy, 2min job, no reencode) and now windows media player plays the file like a charm….
    you might wanna fix that….

    now away from the tech stuff….
    great job folx!
    its a tad bit insane but thats fine with me…
    nice detail in the HD version…
    gonna burn the dvd and spread the love….


  5. LOGAN said on 22 Aug, 2006:

    Great to see (parts) of ED on (German) TV!

    @jp: use the correct version that matches your screen resolution for the perfect watch. For example, if your screenres is 1024 choose that one to view. There’s a 1280 version around. But the HD is 1920 wide that means your monitor should be set at sush a resolution, else it gets resized :) (And I assume you got the DVD ISO (with all extra’s?))