Blender Conference streaming video

  / by Matt

After a very long week of very long late nights, we’re here at the 2005 Blender Conference. We’ve finally finished putting our teaser together over the last week, which will be shown tonight at the Art Festival. Hopefully we can get a nice compressed version online as soon as possible after that!

For now, you can watch a live video stream from the presentation room at De Waag, and check out the Conference schedule.

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24 Responses to “Blender Conference streaming video”

  1. Virgilio said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    You guys are just THE BEST!!!
    Can´t wait to see it.
    Blender 2.4 alpha ROCKS!!!!

  2. wu said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    really looking forward to seeing the online teaser video,
    it will be exciting to see the characters and some plot after weeks of hearing about it.

    good luck tonight at the conference iam sure all the hard work will pay off!

    good luck dudes!

  3. jan said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    FYI, The stream can be watched with mplayer if it has been compiled with RTSP support – instructions on how to do this can be found at I also had to supply the -rtsp-stream-over-tcp option to mplayer in order to get the stream working, but that might be a problem with UDP transport on my line.

  4. levon said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    also you can view it in VLC by using this url rtsp://

    realy looking forward to seeing the teaser clip online, i cant be bothered staying up to 4am to watch it. i missed the start of the verse presentation, but got the last 20 mins. and the achitecture stuff, now augmented reality… so much good stuff on.

    i think ill be watching it all tomorrow and sunday

  5. PolygoneUK said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    Just finished watching the augmented reality section. I have a question though.

    I’m in the UK and I’m looking at the schedule times. What are those times? I don’t think they are GMT, so I need to know how many hours behind or ahead I am so that I don’t miss the Orange teaser!!!

  6. Kernon said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    Just saw the “Elephant’s Dream” trailer! The look and atmosphere is awesome. Wish there was more but, I guess that’s why they call it a teaser. Keep up the incredible work!!

  7. acrim said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    UK is one hour behind Amsterdam PolyGone, i’m in the uk too.

    How much of the conference will we be able to download or buy on vcd/dvd? I’m totally sick i had to miss it because of work.

  8. yfkar said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    Wow. Looks really cool, despite the technical probmems. ;)

  9. Kernon said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    Blender is really maturing. Glad to see that! Thanks to all involved.

  10. Kernon said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    I’m guessing that all of the Conference videos will be made available at, just like last year’s Conference.

  11. Steven said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    Yeah, but the thing is, they made last year’s conference videos available through Bittorrent. One year later, I’ve tried downloading them, and guess what? No seeds.

    Which means that no one was online from whom I could download.

  12. Kernon said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    They are no longer bitTorrent. Check the mirror links.

  13. Kernon said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    I’m seeing a PowerPoint-type presentation but, I have no audio. Is something wrong?

  14. Kernon said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    FYI, I’m using the VLC Media Player, a 4000k broadband connection, and Windows XP. Yesterday I had no issues with audio.

  15. Philip said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    I have the same problem. It’s not very interesting to look at without the sound.

  16. Kernon said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    AUDIO!!!! Thanks.

  17. peter said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    i would love to see some of the people participating that are there! more faces pleace!

  18. PolygoneUK said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    I watched the stream on my 1mb/s line and had no problems. Other than the stream not playing through quicktime.

    I can only assume it was streamed from a video camera no less.

    Blurry, pixelated video and poor audio quality does make enjoying the conference difficult.

    I was watching the old 2004 stuff as well, about NLA and character animation and it was really hard going.

    Could it have been possible for another computer to screen-grab the presentation screen and audio for creating good quality download files for after the conference?

    Gripes aside, the Orange teaser looks interesting, of what I saw :D

  19. STORM! said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    Will the orange team post the teaser in best quality for download on the web-page here?

    That would be great!

  20. peter said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    no streaming video at the suzanne awards, what a bummer
    …only sound…

  21. Juan Javier Martinez said on 15 Oct, 2005:

    Kernon, Philip: right. And now Juan from Spain. Audio, what’s up w/it? Check it out core team; too many people complaining?

    Video: Stunning. Beautiful. Great. Fantastic. It seems you guys were born for 3D. This-is-really-great. Elephant’s dream is going to rock really hard. Blender lives thanks to you all.

    I will purchase the DVD in a few days time.

    “Machina 2….The Dream Returns”….When?

    Cheers, team.
    A lovely huge,
    Madrid, Spain.
    Blender user and Orange fan.

  22. Tom Musgrove said on 15 Oct, 2005:


    [QUOTE]“Machina 2….The Dream Returns”….When?[/QUOTE]

    Ton said he’d like to sell 2000 Orange DVDs and that would allow them to start a second animation project immediately.


  23. Timothy said on 18 Oct, 2005:

    One dAy And You

    Spam :>

  24. Dave said on 19 Oct, 2005:

    What codec do we need to watch the teaser?