Feel the music!

  / by Lee

Team listening to theme medlyOur first listen to the music as it came in this evening, unfortunately Basse could still only hear the voices in his head.

Last week the team were lucky enough to have Jan Morgenstern here in the studio to talk over music and sound for the movie. We were of course very excited to hear what would be conjured up in the coming week…. (and then) Today we were shocked to see a whole medly theme in our mails! Heh, and we thought it was going to be a normal work day. Expect to see Jan’s spectacular skills heard in the teaser being released next week!

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28 Responses to “Feel the music!”

  1. Auteuro said on 7 Oct, 2005:

    Whoa…trailer next week? :O Awesome! Thanks for the update, Matt!

  2. Auteuro said on 7 Oct, 2005:

    Sorry, I mean, Lee… :(

  3. wu said on 7 Oct, 2005:

    so you are going to make it easy for me huh, haha.

    are you still planning to update the media gallery this week? if it is more stuff like this i will be very happy!!

  4. Goofster said on 8 Oct, 2005:

    Man, that image is just wu-material. it doesnt’t even need an animation :)

  5. theeth said on 8 Oct, 2005:

    Why does it always look like Lee just killed someone! :P

    And what’s up with Andy?! The power is off! ;)

  6. thoro said on 8 Oct, 2005:

    Hehe, yeah – that’s definitely wu-terial :-). LohnC is getting orders from the alien brain eaters…

  7. lukep said on 8 Oct, 2005:

    theeth, normal the headset hide the evil sideburns !

  8. JD-Multi said on 8 Oct, 2005:

    Hahaha, you guys are really funny. Awesome photo :P
    Anyways I can’t wait for that trailer on BConf’05, and I won’t miss it at the conference because I’m there this year.

  9. joeri said on 8 Oct, 2005:

    Teaser right? not trailer…

  10. wu said on 9 Oct, 2005:

    theeth, haha, yes it looks as though the power is off, haha.

    if you guys are taking requests for photos, people talking on the phone is good, people dancing is good, photos of music composer lady, i could see a ton romance, and all i have left to say is vroom jacket, vroom jacket, vroom jacket, you could not possibly post enough photos of the vroom jacket!!!!!!!

    ton is like superman and the vroom jacket is his cape.

  11. Matt said on 9 Oct, 2005:

    For your information, Jan (pronounced ‘yarn’) is a guy :)

  12. wu said on 9 Oct, 2005:

    get the hell out of here………
    Yarn is a man………….
    still would make for a interesting Ton romance……..

    were the hell are the women?

  13. wu said on 9 Oct, 2005:

    ok iam sorry for that mistake,

    but their is only one photo of him, long hair, no facial hair, and a ring. honest mistake, really sorry.

    and the name i thought would be pronouced like Jan, or Jane.

    and the Ton remark above is not funny.
    Ton is a ladies man and dont forget it.

    Vive Le Vroom!!

  14. jan said on 9 Oct, 2005:

    There’s a photo of me with long hair and a ring?! I must have been _really_ drunk when they took that…

    And yes, I’d actually like a Ton of romance, but for some reason the director thinks that there’s no place for that in a documentary about sleep research on pachyderms.

  15. wu said on 9 Oct, 2005:

    again i appologize jan

    i thought this was you here http://orange.blender.org/wp-content/themes/orange/images/blog/media/26444760_4edee4a3bb_o.jpg

    the person on the left on the laptop?

    sorry for the mix up, haha, look forward to hearing your work on the teaser, not trailer as joeri pointed out, dam guys get it right, haha!

  16. Rui Campos said on 9 Oct, 2005:

    LOL, that’s Angela

  17. Auteuro said on 9 Oct, 2005:

    Did “trailer” turn to “teaser”, or am I just going nuts? Oh well, I can’t keep up with you guys anymore…I need to slow down! :)

  18. Roel Spruit said on 10 Oct, 2005:

    Wu, Don’t you dare make fun of Angela

    sigh….I *heart* Angela

  19. JoOngle said on 10 Oct, 2005:


    Don’t you just love females with iBook’s :o)

  20. levon said on 10 Oct, 2005:

    theeth: “Why does it always look like Lee just killed someone! :P”

    of course he does…. hes from adelaide… go check out the movie wolf creek ;)

  21. Hos said on 10 Oct, 2005:

    Theeth: maybe Lee did kill somebody … I
    don’t see Bassam in that pic!!!!


  22. Lee said on 10 Oct, 2005:

    Eat Bassam? nahh ;)

    Well this week has been all about preparing things for the Blender Conference (I think we’re about to top 16 hour work days!), I have a feeling most things shown will also be put on the net too next week so stay tuned! =D

  23. Rui Campos said on 11 Oct, 2005:

    4 days to go and counting down !!!

    Damn, looks like yesterday that I’ve been at Blender Conference 2004 and now it is all coming back, GREAT !!!

  24. joeri said on 12 Oct, 2005:

    Making a trailer of a movie that is due in 4months on a 6 month project seems like a mission impossible to me. But I’m looking forward to the teaser. I think that will tease alot of us during the long wait.

  25. JoOngle said on 13 Oct, 2005:

    Is it just me or do we all miss the “before” regular blogs?
    It’s like weeks in between each blog these days whereas we
    had one almost every day earlier.

    I guess that’s a positive sign (people working – instead of writing blogs …he he) ;)

  26. Zupermonkey said on 13 Oct, 2005:

    JoOngle, no you’re definitely not the only one feeling like that.

    I really miss them as well.

  27. Tom Musgrove said on 13 Oct, 2005:

    JoOngle – they have the teaser that needs doing for Blender Conference and the Blender Conference to do – so wait about a week, and probably we will start to see more regular blog posts,


  28. JoOngle said on 14 Oct, 2005:

    Tom – of course :)
    I’m just “missing” them – that’s all.
    Sometimes it’s good to “know” that you’re wanted and missed.