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robodockHello! Yes, yes, I am here also, believe it or not.. I just have been slacking on these blog entry writings. Not exactly my cup of coffee, but hopefully I get more into it later on. Maybe not, ok. but. had to write something, so here it comes: THE ROBODOCK REPORT!

There is a annual festival in Amsterdam called Robodock. It’s a mixture of circus, music, art, movies, robotics and everything that goes BOOOM!.. it looks and feels like straight from Mad Max. Naturally, we had to be there.

RocketfishThe Rocketfish. It’s a shaky looking fish, put together from scrap metal. It’s attached on a stick, and on the other end of the stick there is a rocket engine. You sit on it, they start the rockets, and it goes round and round and round. and makes horrible noise. after couple of rounds the engine is burning red hot, and whole thing looks like it’s going to either explode, or shoot off to the sky. Bassam actually wanted to try it, but instead we went inside, to a small dark room to sit in a mud and look northern lights.

dante orgel

Dante Orgel. 10 huge flame throwers in two rows, and some sort of boom device. All synced to a techno music, shooting huge pillars of fire in to the air. Even though it was already getting chilly outside, these guys kept us warm nicely. And, in the end of the show, they kept them all firing simultaneously, until audience started to flee from the heat :) A real field trip for us pyromaniacs, and sort of made up the loss of not having sauna here…
Oh, and check the video clip.

Stelarc. He has been building electronic devices and mechanical extensions for human body for ages.. and I was quite happy to notice that he did a little demo at Robodock this year the first time. It was spider-like exoskeleton, that he was strapped onto and drove around the place, eyes closed, dancing to the rhythm.. Sometimes it looked like the machine is in control, and the he was just enjoying the ride… Freaky, yet schweet.

Dead Chicken was installation ugly puppets in a cabinet, that twitched around.. next to it was a of robotic monster heads that sang something completely incomprehensible when you pushed the buttons. But they all looked hilarious. Outside there was a guy driving around in strange car that shot fire from the ceiling. and a small container filled with musical instruments controlled by machines, that played random noise at you. Lovely. And of course lot of fire breathing and juggling.

Anyway, there was simply too much of things for here to mention all of them, something was happening constantly, and we probably missed a lot.. Check out their website for more information. We had a great time, saw lot of weird installations and exhibitions, and of course, took lot of pictures for reference. After all, we are not on holiday here, but working, right.. right? :)

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5 Responses to “ROBODOCK!!!”

  1. joeri said on 27 Sep, 2005:

    I’m gonna be checking on you on friday. :)

  2. Brian said on 28 Sep, 2005:

    Interesting stuff. Post more pictures if you can and have them.

  3. Reno said on 28 Sep, 2005:

    Great you let this know now:(

    Ashame I did not know about this, looks realy crezzzie!
    But one thing is for sure,if you go to that kind of stuf for reference,its going alricht I supose.

    Ps/ Is it again next year???? (ROBODOCK)

  4. jan said on 28 Sep, 2005:

    Right! …so there’ll be robots? *gathers frying pans*

  5. Game Mogul said on 2 Oct, 2005:

    Nice :D. This thing sounds awesome. To bad it’s half a world away :(. Maybe I’ll be able to see it in a few years when I have ti- wait HAHAHAHA there is no such thing as time when you go to school.



    P.S. Only the most animated animations make it into The Animation Show of animations!