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…our main characters.

Emo and Proog
Say hello to Emo (left) and Proog (right)!

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  1. Johan said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    If anyone is interested in materials- check out (CG Education) section. I thought his insights into shader theory (rubber, satin, leather etc) were very informative.

  2. Auteuro said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    Given the time constraints and the tools given–not to mention the fact that your are developing your main tool along the way (which has its own release deadline soon!!!)–you guys are doing an ABSOLUTELY STELLAR JOB!!!!! And not just for the yourselves, but for the ENTIRE BLENDER COMMUNITY. You guys just give, and give, and give, and don’t think we don’t appreciate it. I hope to someday be able to put out the quality of work you guys can with Blender in such a short timeframe and to return as much to others as you have.


  3. Auteuro said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    About the criticism: I have many opinions on the teasers we’ve seen, but I’m not saying a word. The reason is that with all the Blender improvements that have come as a result of the Orange project, I feel that there is nothing stopping me or anyone else from showing that we can do it better. All that is needed is the will…and the Orange team has lots of it. Besides, these guys are good…I haven’t a shadow of a doubt they are doing everything humanly possible given the relatively tiny amount of time and resources. I’m sure no one wants to see this succeed more than they do!

  4. womball said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    Wow, great progress so far! I was wondering why you didn’t show the face of the guy with the hair before. ;-) He finally made his appearance? I am going to have to get a copy of the DVD. Support you guys, If blender keeps developing at this pace, I might not need to learn another cg software for my senior piece, yay!

  5. Juan Javier Martínez said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    Congratulations, Orangeteam!!!

    Wonderful characters…keep up the good work going…will purchase the DVD as soon as I can.

    Madrid, Spain.

  6. Juan Javier Martínez said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    Forgot to mention: I completely subscribe vision of post 104. from Auteuro.

    Thought it was important to state.

    Great team you are!!!

    And the blender community rejoices of everything you do!!!

    Madrid, Spain.

  7. DudeMan said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    It looks good, not perfect, but good. And that is what matters.

    For those with “negative” critism, just remember that not everything is as easy as it seems! That doesn’t mean you can’t criticise, but just do it with thought and kindness.

    I know what it is to feel that you’re being demanded of…. People who CONSTANTLY want, demand, whin, complain, bitch, all the time — are just pieces of feces. That is not to be mean, but they should just SHUT UP for a little while, and keep one thing in mind….

    …. And that is, “don’t expect more than you give.” These type of people are simply SELFISH!

    So, I say to you Orange and Blender guys, keep up the good work. Blender is a remarkable piece of work, and what you do took guts and sweat. Good job Ton, and I mean this sincerely.

    Project Orange, don’t let your spirits falter. Remember, Shrek was HORRIBLE, very plasticy and unnatural. Chicken Little is Chicken Crap, a lame attempt to “milk” money without focusing on doing a decent job.

    That is to say, what you guys have shown us so far, excells MANY of “Hollybird’s” Animation. I’ve seen so many ANIME that kicks ass!

    So in the spirit of constructive criticism, is to self-reflect, and work harder. I’m learning along the way. There has been some up and downs to producing a GREAT movie — so, I understand deeply the feeling and emotions you guys go through. And there has been some very unpleasant events (and situations/people) that have happened (and happening). So that is making things more difficult.

    My point is: “Keep in mind the ‘humanistic’ aspect of every piece of work!”

  8. venomgfx said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    Great! I really like the aspect and style! technically perfect!

    But, just one thing.. i don’t know if it’s just that image, maybe it is.. but i think that with that “extreme proportions” that the character’s style have, it would be cool that the characters also have some extreme expressions.. maybe is just that image, but it seems like the characters aren’t doing anything, just standing there.. Emo looks like frozen (face, eyes).

    Is just a though, don’t take it too serious, just an opinion.

    However, GREAT work guys! i’m gonna buy the DVD for sure! I don’t know when but i’m gonna buy it! i can’t lose this! :)
    keep it up!

  9. 20to30 said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    “Shrek is horrible and Chicken Little is Chicken Crap” is a classic example of negative comments against big corporations and cost nothing but few bytes of internet traffic. I think people should express their emotional reaction to what they see on the pictures and in short movies here. Critics and “peons against megacorporations” wars are useless and just spam the blog. I would recommend to start working themselves. Orange team seems to work and this is everything they need now.

  10. Bassam said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    hey venomgfx ! yeah, facial expressions are not done yet for the characters.. I hope I can pull off extremes… but it can be difficult. I’m making shapes, but I might try adding some bone or lattice “helpers” to push some of the shapes further. Right now I’m actually doing shapes for Emo, to do animation for one of the shots that lacks facials at the moment.

  11. Toon Scheur said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    About the facial expression? How are you guys going to tackle that? Have you guys look into the F.A.C.S. system?

  12. maccam912 said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    I don’t know if someone has already said this, because I was too lazy to read all 112 responses, but…

    on elYsiun people would congradulate this still, as it is better quality than most works there. Now here you are making a movie with them. It would be like pulling teeth to get someone to get such a great model and make a 10 second animation with their model. Elephants Dream is definately bringing inspiration and new ideas to Blender! Thanks!

  13. Alexander said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    Those dudes are very impressive!
    Keep it up!

  14. yfkar said on 7 Dec, 2005:

    Great characters! As for crits: emo’s right hand seems a bit odd, especially the fingers look stiff and plasticy.

    Keep it up!

  15. carlinhos said on 8 Dec, 2005:

    Simply great!

  16. chris said on 8 Dec, 2005:

    WOW!, looks GREAT!!!, keep up the good work

  17. Jonathan said on 8 Dec, 2005:

    Awesome work guys. The last few posts convinced me to buy the DVD! Yay!

  18. smartAss said on 8 Dec, 2005:

    hello to Emo (left) and Proog (right)!

  19. rubbleman said on 9 Dec, 2005:

    OK Orangers, the nice old rubbleman has been inspired by your genius to try out a mini animation of his very own making use of the various video tut’s and clues he can find and it is going ‘well’… however now he has a difficulty because he wants to make pretty pictures with his multi material/texture settings and he finds what looks good in one frame doesn’t look it’s best in another a while later when the lighting and camera is slightly different.So he wonders if there will be any facility coming that allows Blenderheads to sample an animation at nominated frames to easily compare the overall effect? What rubbleman is thinking is he would like is to pick a bunch on places in the timeline and have have them rendered to a folder with one button press. Then two could be viewed beside each other as pop-ups by clicking on the appropriate sample markers or maybe as aslide show…could only need be say 25%size OSA5 or an initial render pass?
    Maybe this is a good idea, maybe not, rubbleman is not very experienced with animation and he wonders what you guys will do to make sure it is all turning out as you expect in each frame without doing them all?
    BTW the rubbleman has been spying -yes I know-on the commit logs and he can see lots of neato stuff on the way by Ton and others. This is all excellent and I think we all will give you all 4 cheers at the end. Maybe everyone involved will make an autographed group photo for sale and then you will be not only famous but not so poor after all ;o)

  20. ztonzy said on 10 Dec, 2005:

    Hey Orangeguys!

    I just have to say the work you are displaying is just stunning work! The new shaderlaying system also seems very nice, how can we try it out? :)

    I hope the coffee and the caviar helped you a bit in your everyday work *lol*

    just keep it coming!

    good luck :)

  21. rubbleman said on 10 Dec, 2005:

    to play with cool new stuff from big papa Ton you can download an Orange branch version by rcas from the Test Builds at

  22. Bassam said on 10 Dec, 2005:

    ztonzy, yeah! you reminded me of that caviar it was awesome.. really helped (coffee was nice and strong, too)

  23. rogper said on 10 Dec, 2005:

    That’s a crispy detailed character work my friends! Really awesome work!!!
    One Day! … One day I will be a super character designer and I will beat you guys, but… by the moment I bow my head to the masters. ^_^

  24. rogper said on 10 Dec, 2005:

    To Rui Campos, relative to the Desks of the rich and famous post:
    Well, then copying pasting the wise words of a regular follower of the orange project blog:
    “Damn, I would just love to be there.”
    Lets show to the world that we (portuguese dudes) cant do it!
    Sorry this nothing to do whit the subject thing everyone @_^

    Blender Power!!!

  25. SysAdm said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    You guys should be proud!!! Not only are you working with the most creative 3D application on the planet, but you get to work with the most creative team too! Your creativity and passion will be broadcasted to the world with this film and it already shows in these characters.

    I’m sure this film will be a “stepping stone” for your team and another knotch on Ton’s belt for ‘Blender’s Success’!!

    I envy you guys and wish I could be rubbing shoulders with you.


  26. Mfawa Alfred said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    Those are greatt characters and good modelling. Nice Job guys!!!!

  27. buergi said on 17 Dec, 2005:

    Wow, that is great, i couldn’t expect to get the DVD in march. Excellent work!!

  28. Internaute @nonyme said on 18 Dec, 2005:

    It’s fantastic ! I’ve used this pic for my wallpaper !

  29. ivan peña said on 30 Dec, 2005:

    From/ Cali – Colombia
    Beautyfull work! Thank´s for share it!