Donation Campaign Started

  / by Ton

You can help us realizing this project by purchasing the DVD of the movie in advance. The DVDs will include the movie in high quality widescreen, making-of documentaries and all production files. And even better, all orders before September 1 will get their name mentioned in the credits of the movie!

Vist the Blender e-shop or check the real time Campaign Status meter.

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2 Responses to “Donation Campaign Started”

  1. Alejandro Pinzón said on 14 Sep, 2005:

    the period was not until 15 of September, for buy Extended DVD Edition and mentioned in credits
    Bogotá D.C – Colombia

  2. Alejandro Pinzón said on 14 Sep, 2005:

    what data mentioned in the creditos, of the people who bought dvd?

    the date is 13 september