Actors Cas Jansen and Tygo Gernandt sign up

  / by Ton

Two of the finest actors in the Netherlands today officially confirmed to do the voice acting for our main characters.

Cas and Tygo are both experienced movie actors, with leading roles in the succesful and award winning Dutch movies like “Lek” and “Van God Los”. At this moment they are both touring with the acclaimed play “Tape”, so they’re well tuned together to give an excellent performance!

End of this week we’ll do the recording in studio Earforce in Amsterdam. The audio material then will go straight to composer Jan Morgenstern, to make us a first edit so we can start doing the lipsyncs next week.

Special thanks to Casting Agent Marina Wijn – Kemna Casting – who helped us getting the actors, and to studio Earforce for the very friendly quote to get a day in their excellent studio. This is all – especially for the Dutchies – great news!


(Cas Jansen and Tygo Gernandt. Click for full “Tape” poster)

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42 Responses to “Actors Cas Jansen and Tygo Gernandt sign up”

  1. wrbcreations said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    That is excellent news to hear that you have been able to aquire the talents of some professional actors. I am really looking forward to seeing the final movie.
    You must have done the bulk of the work by now,, so when should it be released?
    Big things are happening now for blender.

  2. oto said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    They’re quite frightening…I’m sure that they’ll be excelent :)

  3. mifune said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    Wow. that is amazing news. i hope it will give you guys some media coverage. i hope that they will sound as good as they act.

  4. Dittohead said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    Just out of curiosity will this movie’s voice acting be in English or Dutch? (Or Esperanto?)

  5. JoOngle said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    Is it just me – or are there similarities with the characters in real life ;) J/K.

    Anyway – great, the more qualified additions the better. Congratulations. As Dittohead…I too would like to know if you intend to keep this international or “native”.

  6. Matt said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    It’s going to be in English :)

  7. AniCator said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    Finnaly a new update!
    And it’s good news too!
    I hope you will publisch an animatic with sound soon!

  8. Will said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    How about the accents? Do they only do dutch, or if not will they be british or american accents? (or both)

  9. Andy said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    dutch accents are soooo coool! =P

  10. Levi said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    That really is excellent news !! as both those guys really are good and it will attract an awful lot of media attention to the project. To anybody who has not heard of them belive me you don’t need to worry as both are excellent actors especially Tygo.

  11. Bassam said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    they, most certainly are!

  12. JD-Multi said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    Hehe it’s awesome. I never thought about 2 famous actors to be used for such a blender movie. I don’t know how you get those guys in there but that makes it even more special. Blender from holland and now the voice of the movie are as well. :P hehe funny fact for the future. ;)

    Anyways I’m sooo curious how this all turns out. I can’t wait to see the finished results. :D

  13. Zupermonkey said on 12 Dec, 2005:

    omg, get me one of those DVD’s! NOW!!

    This is great news.

    Oh and Andy; not all of us Dutchies speak with that horrible Dutch accent ;)

  14. rubbleman said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    This is good news. I hope Wu doesn’t use that picture for rude things though :o)
    Question please Bassam:I am wondering how long this movie will be now if that is not a production secret? maybe if this turns out as well as we anticipate it can be sold to television for a nice sum and finance another one sometime? also this would be good publicity for Blender :o)

  15. Bassam said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    well, current production plans peg it at 6:30 minutes.. I hope wu doesn’t goof on them either! and if he does, I hope no-one sues him :D
    I don’t know about the chances for television sales considering the open movie nature of the project… there’s nothing stoping a tv station from picking up the movie and broadcasting it if they want, if I understand the license we’ll be using correctly.
    Oh and zupermonkey, andy’s not kidding; we both love dutch accents :)

  16. Brian said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    Bonifide stars!

    Check em out:
    Cas Jansen


    Tygo Gernandt

    Looks like they have a good background.

  17. Renato Perini said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    I don’t understand a thing…
    Are these actors volunteering their work or they have been paid with the presale campaign money?
    I don’t understand this detail. :-)

    Anyway, they look good. ;)
    Good job guys.

  18. Hos said on 13 Dec, 2005:



  19. joeri said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    I guess there is no (recording) time to do a dutch version?
    Great step-up for Cas and Tygo… Maybe they’ll do a disney next?

  20. thoro said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    Good to see that real actors will lend their voices – and Bassam, I think it will be hard for Wu not to goof on them… the photo has lots of potential ;-)

  21. Goofster said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    WOAH! people outside of Holland might not know these guys, but they are really top notch actors…..they also bring some good advertising I bet!


  22. Matt said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    Hi Dienben, we haven’t actually got to the stage of animating lip synch and creating phonemes/visemes yet, but your tool sounds very interesting. I’ll make a note to go and check it out after we have the voices. Cheers!

  23. Ton said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    The Casting agent worked on this for free, the actors get paid a humble fee, the music studio sponsors us by only charging one-third of the normal fee. So, all in all a very good deal. :)

    The fees we pay to people I prefer to keep private… but actors + recording studio is only a very tiny fraction of our budget.
    Then I like to make a note that the BF presale campaign only covers 25% of the total budget, with the rest coming from our production partner and subsidies.

    (Total budget for movie is about 100k – 120k euro. And no, that money doesn’t go to Foundation expenses nor to me, and yes, I should once post the overview of it!)

  24. Squirrel Havoc said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    Whoa, get that Medina chick from the play in the movie :D

  25. Job said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    let’s hope they have a decent english accent..

  26. Job said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    oh w8 a minute, i saw Tygo Gernandt on Jensen a few days ago, he talked about the horrible dutch accents, and than talked with a great english accent! :D

  27. Bassam said on 13 Dec, 2005:

    damn I’m dissapointed.. I’ll ask him to do a thick dutch accent.. I’m sure he can fake one :)

  28. JoOngle said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    I don´t think Dutch is horrible.

    But it IS a lot of fun. Hilarious twisted accents

    I remember FilmNet on my very first satellite dish, way bac
    when we had only ONE channel in Norway – and I remember how
    we laughed at FilmNet´s Dutch presenter saying something
    like this (I´m just typing it how it sounded to me)

    Filmnet isdth der elkhe darthe beste film ondt tdei-veii (said with a heavy lisp) And we all broke out in heavy laughter

    “dryink tfo speaken enk-lish Viff Dutsj akksentfthhh”

    It´s like our own language, you guys should hear Norwegians
    try to talk English…you´d probably die laughing.


  29. hakatakid said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    Well I certainly understand these guys may have accents, but the most important factor, is not the amusemnet one gets out not understanding the english that another fellow from the Netherlands uses, but whether or not it benefits the film on the whole.

    From what Ton stated above, they are spending alot of euro making this project, and it would be a waste of everyones time, especially those who are involved with this project, if on the final release no-one can understand what the guys are saying. I live in Japan, and I know that alot of my friends cannot understand even British english because of the accents sometimes. So to be fare on everyone, whose mother tongue is not english, these guys, since they are getting money for it, should lose any accents if possible, so the final release can be a worldwide success.

    Just a thought.

  30. Tom Musgrove said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    Ton thanks for the budget information,

    I was curious how that compared to a feature length animation such as the incredibles


    Production Budget: $92 million. MPAA Rating: PG, Est. Marketing Costs: $60 million Length: 110 Mins (Note does not include distribution budget which is likely a part of Tons budget above)

    Cost per minute including production and marketing but not distribution

    152 million dollars/110 = 1,381,818.18 dollars per minute

    Cost per minute including production but not marketing and distribution

    92 million dollars/110 = 836,363.64 dollars per minute

    Elephants Dream

    Production Budget: 120 thousand Euro. (142 692 U.S. dollars) MPAA Rating: ?, Est. Marketing Costs: 0 Length: 6.5 Mins note cost includes some distribution costs

    142 692 dollars/6.5 min = 21 952.62 dollars per minute

    so you have roughly a 1/38th of the per minute production costs that Pixar had for The Incredibles.


  31. SexyCinemaMan said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    What??? Elephant’s dream is ONLY 6 and a half minutes long? Tell me it isn’t so!!!!

  32. Howitzer said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    Thats good news! Quality voices for quality work.

  33. Bill said on 14 Dec, 2005:


    How about quality over quantity eh? I reckon it’s encouraging it’s relatively short. Should make it all the better.

  34. RC said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    I’m a native English speaker with what is probably considered a neutral accent for an American. I can’t recall Dutch accents being objectionable at all. Occasionally, if the accent is heavy enough it might need subtitles, but sometimes so do heavy Irish or Scottish accents. It’s just the ability to pick up interesting ways people are pronouncing the words. Honestly, there are a lot of native English speakers that would need subtitles, so I wouldn’t worry at all!

  35. Andy said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    oooh yeah. we have to make sure that they speak in a very thick dutch accent! it would definately help the accent to serve a couple of biertjes before the recording… thanks for reminding!

    but at least dutchies are far better at hiding their linguistic influences than us germans. oh well… spieking ze eenglish language is nott soh eazie…

  36. Lee said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    Cas Jansen and Tygo Gernandt are very proffessional actors and I’m sure that they will be a wonderful contribution to the film and the Voice Acting needed (and help a great dea lfor our own reference when animating the chatacters).

    I wouldn’t worry too much about inability for hearing the accent. Though I’m very sure the performance will be quite understandable in English, don’t forget we have the plans for subtitles in every language that the community and those from the team can contribute aswell.

  37. Carsten said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    Hey, just remember to film those guys while recording their lines and put it on the DVD as bonusstuff.. it´s always funny to see actors speak when they know that only the voice performance counts…

    About the accent: Doesn´t really matter.. most blenderheads out there won´t be able to listen to the film the first 10 times of watching.. they will be stuck in analysing what you´ve done right and wrong ;o)

    Ontopic: I don´t know those guys, but i trust on Tons choice!

  38. JoOngle said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    yeah…or trying to figure Andy´s elaborate bone-rigs with 10 control bones for each bone …hidr…

    (Only kidding – you can take it)

  39. Andy said on 14 Dec, 2005:

    they’re not my rigs though. bassam is doing the main character rigging; and so far these were excellent! very powerful, yet easy to use and extremely fast to animate, at least for me. just wonderful to work with :)

  40. JoOngle said on 15 Dec, 2005:

    Ah, ok – my bad ;)

    I have no doubt they´re wonderful to work with. I think my message was kind of “subtle” and has something to do with “wanted documentation”. I remember an example file for face-rigging with “3d-sliders”…where posted here earlier.
    Tried to “decipher” how it was done – ended up having no clue, so something has passed our heads out there.

    Of course – I understand the priority is “the movie” but being 6 minutes long – this would probably be a wonderful opportunity to share the tricks with the community. Even though I´ve been using Blender for over 4 years and 3dstudio max even longer certain things seem to me like “tricks” rather than actual features – and if that´s not the case – well documented examples would be greatly appreciated by the community.

    If these things where easy to understand or well documented
    I bet you´d see tons of animation rigs on Elysiun today, but the fact remains – only the “oldies” keep posting that stuff
    all the “youngins” still have no clue…no matter how many
    years that have passed. I suspect that is because certain
    things are not logical even though you might all be a bunch
    of selected geniuses that could do it in notepad if you had


  41. mina said on 22 Dec, 2005:

    Hi, my name is Mina,
    I want to ask a favour to you. I realy want to meet Tygo because I like his thinking of life and look like a nice person. I live in Holland in Amsterdam. I saw him few years ago on tv when he made the movie “Dominee” I liked him but did not do anything with it and forgot it. Until a year ago it started again i saw a artikel an intervieuw of him and was quite suprised because our thinking was the same. Like about Budha and the way of living and about people in our past. But even then I didn’t do anything then shockly a saw after few days him on tv again because I said to myself if it is realy ment for me I wil get in touch with him or something about him wil come infront of me. And it happend twice that I was watching tv and I saw him on the programe Barend en van Dorp and Jensen. Before that I also saw about him on tv on Rtl boulevard. I will tell you I am not a person who is crazy and a fan of some actor. I am realy interested in this person but I cant explain what it is. I hope you could help me only if I could mail him wil also be enough to talk to him even if I don’t see or meet him. Thanx for reading my mail and even if you can’t help me thanx for your effords.
    With best wishes for christmast and wish you a very good year 2006!!!

  42. sokol said on 4 Apr, 2006:

    Hilsen fra Klovnen “Tulliball”