Next to the community campaign, which will start in july, the Blender Foundation still seeks sponsors in several areas. Most of it related to realizing parts of the project with active support or materials.

In all cases you can get further inquiries by emailing to Ton Roosendaal.

Community Campaign

One of the largest financial contributions to realize this project will be the pre-sale of the “Extended DVD Version”, which will not only include the full movie, but also a documentary and all production files as used during the project. We will start a community wide online campaign in July. Target will be to sell a 1000 copies within 2 months, before the movie project starts.

Financial support

The Blender Foundation and the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts, jointly accepted financial responsibility for the project. Included in the plans is to approach subsidy funds as well, especially for additional quality issues such as PR, distribution, script development, music composing, or film transfer.

Funds or Companies acting as a sponsor can expect substantial co-marketing exposure. Please contact us for discussing opportunities.


For the six months production period, we’re seeking a sponsor to loan us six quality (Linux, OSX, Unix) 3D workstations.

Render Farm

We now have sufficient offers in for render farm support. Thanks!

Other Open Source projects

Especially in the area of video/audio editing and postproduction/compositing we aim for a close collaboration with other open source projects. This is a great chance to see your project involved in a real productivity environment!