Scene 3 objects, these objects are in the first part of scene 3, where Proog and Emo run on the path surrounded by wires.


( Old ) A couple of models for use as connectors between the wires and within the telegraph poles, stored in different scenes.


Library file for the path segments.

The pieces are on their own layers, and grouped per piece. Curved were used a lot to model the pieces and tubes. They are then linked into the scene files using group duplicators. ‘Path6Flip’ also contains an armature and actions, used to give the wires a flopping effect, for when the path flips. These actions can be applied in the NLA to the group duplicator empty.

path2.blend, path3.blend

Old, work in progress alternate path piece designs.


Work in progress path piece models, close to the final versions. The objects have colourful materials assigned to the various components in preperation for proper texturing later on in the production.


Light proxy versions of the path piece groups for use when working in the scene and animating. The full versions of the path pieces are very high-poly and when they’re duplicated throughout a shot, can slow down things considerably.


Library file for the initial platform that Emo and Proog walk through to at the start of the path. This group is also used in the background in many of the shots that are facing back towards the characters as they run towards the camera.


Telegraph poles library file, with two pole variations and plenty of connectors grouped spread across the various scenes.


File used in the construction of the clouds/wires matte painting used in the background of some of the shots.


Similar to telegraph.blend, used during texturing.

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