Publicity stunts

  / by Matt


We’ve been in the media a little bit lately, and as the press we’re getting keeps growing and growing, the pressure keeps piling on!

Right now in the well renowned 3D World magazine issue 74 onwards, we’re featuring in the regular ‘production diary’ section. We will have an article each issue for the next six months tracking our progress as we forge ahead towards completion. The current issue also has an interesting article on open source software in the film/media industry.

There’s been a two page article about us and open source movie production in general in the German technology magazine c’t, that we forgot to report about when it was fresh, but it’s still in the current issue that’s in our local bookshop here in Amsterdam.

And last but not least, the second issue of the online Blenderart magazine is out, featuring amongst the other articles and tutorials, a set of interviews with five of the six of us here in the studio. Unfortunately and embarrassingly I’m the missing one, away from work sick for most of the week when the other guys did their responses, and never remembered to reply when I came back! So my apologies, Gaurav, Sandra and co! If you want, perhaps I could post my responses here :)

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23 Responses to “Publicity stunts”

  1. Rui Campos said on 18 Jan, 2006:

    Please do Matt, it is good to have the answers of all team members.

    It was very cool to see Orange in 3D World, as I said in the previous blog, You guys are famous now, hehe.

    — Rui —

  2. Kent Mein said on 18 Jan, 2006:

    Matt, your a bum!!! Likely excuse (I was sick….) ;)

  3. grafixsuz said on 18 Jan, 2006:

    Well it had to happen sooner or later. To all those on the orange team, as well as to the developers of Blender, and ton, you guys deserve this. And I take my hat off to you all.
    For far too long has 3d graphics been the main stay of the multi-million dollar studios or software companies, who prefer not to share their toys with the other kids on the block.
    Well,once blender starts getting closer to incorperating the needed features that are required by the bigger studios, then I’d say blender or the orange projects won’t just be an article in these commercial magazines, it just maybe one of the main featured softwares that they choose to focus more serious attention toward.

    Ofcourse, people will still prefer their 3ds max or their Maya or the like, but, thanks to the efforts of the community and you guys, blender just maybe the opensource software to break into the main stream commercial world within the next few years.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. Toon Scheur said on 18 Jan, 2006:

    What are the chances of running a campaign so that Elephant Dreams could be nominated for an Oscar? I mean, if EVEN “The Chubs Chubs” could win an Oscar for best animated short, then anything is fair game I guess. The Chubs Chubs was OK, but childish, weak story and not that innovative compared to its contender “The Cathedral”.
    A man can dream… imagine that… the publicity to end all publicities.

  5. Timothy said on 18 Jan, 2006:

    Cool! To bad I do not live in Amsterdam.
    But still you actually got your program on a
    Magazine! Wow that is so COOL!!!!
    Your name is going to be known around the world!
    You’re going to be Rich and FAMOUS! You are going
    To live in 90 foot tall house with a 20 foot long table.
    You’re going to be so cool that every one DIES! The End
    But still it was cool.

  6. Kernon said on 18 Jan, 2006:

    Congratulations guys! A few years ago I remember reading somewhere in a forum that Blender was a “cute” 3d program. Well, she’s all grown up now and filling out nicely! I believe the major commercial 3d apps are secretly beginning to take a serious look at the potential threat that Blender could present over the next few years (let’s be sure to continue tip-toeing through the copyright and patent minefields).

    I’ve tried many different 3d apps and keep coming back to Blender because the interface, along with the python extendability, is just simply better. And, I believe the development curve and community support is much stronger. Oh…and it’s FREE! Unbelievable!

    Thanks Ton and all who contribute! You deserve the recognition and much more.

  7. Shameless Spam To My Site Where I Point To This Blog said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Please stop it bart.

  8. Matt said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    It’s not really spam, it’s a trackback, which automatically appears when people link to this with their own blog. But I agree they’re not really serving much of a purpose here, and can often be abused for real spam, so I’ll see if I can disable them here.

  9. Edmond said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Blender is a fantastic application, but in my short experience the community leaves a lot to be desired. Is there a Blender forum for professional users? In my experience, Elysiun is not a very pleasant place to hang out and learn Blender – the tone there seems quite negative. I would have a hard time recommending students to visit there. For a lot of commercial applications you can find a tradition of excellent, professional support even among the regular users.

    If there is another, better community out there I’m sure I just missed it (please point one out if you know of one). Best of luck with the project and publicity.

  10. B@rt said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    “Shameless Spam To My Site Where I Point To This Blog said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Please stop it bart.”

    That’s something that the WordPress blogging software does automatically; the Orange determine determines that someone links to them and creates the link. I didn’t post anything here.


  11. rubbleman said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Well you right there Edmond. Most Elysiun posters are about 15-25 so maybe less maturity in words there than pro people accustomed to. They all keen Blenderers though and knowledgeable and helpful – just conversation wanders a bit into youthful thinking at times. In part too this because place is under moderated for more public consumption now Blender arrive on bigger stage.I make small noise about my thoughts for Blender to get more organised like this to important types there before.I am 82 and place does not suit me that well either – but of course I am very small minority of users :o) so I am not pushy about it. Trouble is because Blender advance so fast things that ought to happen are trailing behind some.Also Blender is army of enthusiastic volunteers and not as structured and customer focused as business world. As Blender is more and more successful I think you see more effort put into presenting for pro people to be more at home but maybe always has unique open source flavour when come visiting. Maybe have to meet expectations about halfway somewheres.
    I think if you keen on Blender – and will be great releases coming soon- you just hang in there knowing people working in that direction as time and resource permit. More learning resources are in the making along with more up to date and complete manual. Everyone who uses Blender is enthusiastic to share ideas and experiences with others and make ever better cg works.We can all find way to talk to each other through the common language of Blender.We like you to be welcome. We think Blender is fantastic too.Too good to miss out on in fact :o)

  12. rubbleman said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Ha I do my bit for publicity to.
    Hope I don’t get into trouble with @ndy for that ;o)

  13. Tom Musgrove said on 19 Jan, 2006:


    [QUOTE]In my experience, Elysiun is not a very pleasant place to hang out and learn Blender – the tone there seems quite negative. [/QUOTE]

    the Blender forum at CGTalk is more professional in tone, but there are fewer of us there so getting an answer might take a bit longer.


  14. Carsten said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    “…We will have an article each issue for the next six months tracking our progress as we forge ahead towards completion…”

    Hey guys… one question. Production plan tells that DVD Completion will be in March. The quote above tells somthing different… six months from now would mean June? Is there a mistake somewhere, did i get somthing wrong, or will there be a delay? Just curious…

  15. Tom Musgrove said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Carsten – could be a couple of month delay in publishing each issue..


  16. Bassam said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    yup.. articles continue running after the project is over..
    that way they can cover everything , including reactions to the finished movie, and you have to add the delay for publishing, as Tom says.

  17. Carsten said on 19 Jan, 2006:


    Aaah. I knew it must be something like that. Thanks for the answer….

  18. joeri said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    B@rt said on 19 Jan, 2006:
    “That’s something that the WordPress blogging software does automatically”

    Sorry to be so harsh Bart, when it’s only software…
    Please stop it Matt. :)

  19. joeri said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Edmond asked on 19 Jan, 2006:
    “Is there a Blender forum for professional users?”

    I’m thinking of starting one.
    What would you like to see there?
    How would you discribe the reader?

    Better discuss this in

  20. Matt said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Ok, I’ve turned off the trackbacks, so no new ones will appear. Now to put up those interview responses somewhere (oh and make a movie, too.. minor issue)

  21. efbie said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Oookay, I just discoverd what’s a trackback. Now i know i have to care about the stupid stuff i post to my blog ^^

    Anyway, it’s nice that this projects gain some credit as much for you than for blender’s reputation.

  22. Rui Campos said on 19 Jan, 2006:

    Matt, perhaps you should check again …

  23. Mishel said on 4 Apr, 2006: