‘Making Elephants Dream’ at the Blender Conference

  / by Matt

It’s been a long time since this site was updated, part of the natural way of things as we move further and further away and on to other new and interesting things. Recently, the team from the studio (unfortunately minus Basse, who’s flight was cancelled due to a airline strike :( ) got back together in Amsterdam again for the Blender conference. We gave a presentation ‘Making Elephants Dream’, which is available here on Google Video or via BitTorrent. In it we mention a few things, including our version of what the story is about, and also some of the easter eggs and tributes that we hid inside, so if you’re interested, go and check it out!

Of course the rest of the conference was great too, and the tech team have done a great job in recording, editing and presenting these videos in excellent quality. A list of videos of the other sessions, some including us again, is available for Google Video and for BitTorrent, with more videos still on their way.

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