Forum opened for feedback / discussions

  / by Ton

Hi all,

There’s now a new forum on, for discussions or feedback on Elephants Dream and other Open Projects, as organized by the Blender Foundation.



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3 Responses to “Forum opened for feedback / discussions”

  1. Studio Stockwell said on 3 Nov, 2007:

    2008 will be another brilliant year for the Blender community.

    Peach is looking sweet!

    Thanks Ton, for everything!


  2. Daniele Carli said on 15 Nov, 2007:


    I think that Elephants Dream is a great project not only for the quality of the opera, but also because it is a means to share with others own creativeness and own passion for this multimedial arts.

    This movie is full of inventiveness and particular subjects on which express the own’s immagination: several scenographies, phone cables, gears, rotating platforms, robots… all factor that render the film so interesting.

    Daniele Carli