DVDs ready to go!

  / by Ton

orangedvd Last tuesday the printer was finished, yesterday the DVDs were delivered to our e-shop department, where Anja and Anne immediately started packaging the orders. That will be ready today and today the shipping company will pick them up as well. We will give international mail 1 day headstart, and post the Dutch orders on friday! :)

As soon as the first person receives the DVD, the Creative Commons license becomes effective too. And although I think it’s still fun to have first the DVDs in for all of our sponsors, I can’t stop people who get the DVDs from putting the content online…
The “official” launch, on our own website, will wait 10 days though, so that’ll be around the 14th of May.

Thanks everyone for the patience! Making a DVD set just was far more work than expected, but the result is definitely worth waiting for. :)


(thu 16:00h: Added note: the courier picked everything up, also the dutch stuff was shipped… eeek, will get there tomorrow maybe!)

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187 Responses to “DVDs ready to go!”

  1. niro said on 4 May, 2006:

    Первый нах :)

  2. Vassilios Boucer said on 4 May, 2006:

    Looks Great!Thanks for the Infos!
    Waiting for DVD!
    Call for Entrys!What about “Elephants Dream”?

  3. Big Fan said on 4 May, 2006:

    Wow!It’s neary here then!!Yippee!!
    Great work Ton and all…
    Special thanks to Anja and Annie for licking over a thousand postage stamps :o)
    I really hope Blenderheads will just wait off with their enthusiasm and let the Orange team post their own work on the net come mid May.
    Also I encourage anyone still thinking about it to go ahead and buy your dvds and support Blender artists endeavours. If you think it is a little expensive remember all the enjoyment you already get for free and think of it as a timely donation to help a great cause ;o)

  4. Sympodius said on 4 May, 2006:

    Yeah, I suppose it would be nice to give the pre-release buyers the benefits of the ‘pre-release’.

    I for one will not make a copy till ten days later :)

  5. Lamoot said on 4 May, 2006:

    Excellent! I can’t wait for the DVD to arrive :)

  6. incon said on 4 May, 2006:

    Time to camp out next to the letterbox :)

  7. sciboy said on 4 May, 2006:

    OMG OMG OMG, I hope the delivery is swift. =D

  8. Matt said on 4 May, 2006:

    I should also mention that we’ll make the ‘official’ web release from a nice high quality source, rather than a DVD rip which is already compressed. So if you want to download it, it’s also in your interests to wait for our version :)

  9. DwarvenFury said on 4 May, 2006:

    Great news!

    Will the people who pre-ordered the DVD get a confirmation email from the e-shop when their DVD ships? Or do we wait to see if our DVD arrives within “x” weeks, and if not, we email the e-shop? (Sorry for being a pest, I guess I’m a little paranoid…)

    p.s. It looks like the DVDs don’t have those nearly impossible to remove security stickers on them. :-) ( That’s good news for me…Sometimes it can become the “Passion of the DVD Case” trying to open those. ;-) )

  10. joeri said on 4 May, 2006:

    Matt: There are high-quality versions on the dvd-rom that could be released…

    my pictures are here:
    Dvd Proog (PAL): http://www.nonakassenaar.nl/orange/dvdproog.jpg
    Dvd Emo (NTSC): http://www.nonakassenaar.nl/orange/dvdemo.jpg

  11. ME AGAIN said on 4 May, 2006:


    But one question? Can someone pls post a link coz i need the Creative Commons license in German!!THX

  12. ClumsyBoy said on 4 May, 2006:

    The wait is almost over! Thank you Orange Team!

  13. John L said on 4 May, 2006:

    Thank you for Blender, Elephants Dream and your time.
    Looking foward to getting the DVD.
    Thank you,

  14. Ton said on 4 May, 2006:

    DwarvenFury: No mail, but all paid orders were sent today. As usual that is 2-3 working days for nearby EU countries, 5-7 working days for US and Australia, and max 10 working days for the really far away countries.
    We ship using “express mail”, which doesn’t have tracking numbers. Tracked mail would cost a whole lot of extra.

  15. knowsnuttin said on 4 May, 2006:

    ME: Here’s the Creative Commons page for the German translation of the Attribution 2.5 “Commons Deed”: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/deed.de

    Click the “Lizenzvertrags” link on that page to see the full detailed legal text.

  16. knowsnuttin said on 4 May, 2006:

    (Hmmm… The “Legal Code” (Lizenzvertrags) is apparently available only in English)

  17. Ton said on 4 May, 2006:

    knowsnuttin: one google request, and I found this;


    You’ve choosen that nickname quite well it seems :)

  18. carlinhos said on 4 May, 2006:

    YEAHHH !

  19. deathblood said on 4 May, 2006:


  20. DwarvenFury said on 4 May, 2006:

    Thanks for answering my paranoid question, Ton. :-)

  21. Paul Lunneberg said on 4 May, 2006:

    Can’t wait to get mine! Project Orange has set a pretty high standard. Hopefully the next one will be able to do the same! Great job everyone!

  22. FuzzMaster said on 4 May, 2006:

    So, if I’m in the States I can expect it in ten days?

  23. DwarvenFury said on 4 May, 2006:


    “…all paid orders were sent today. As usual that is 2-3 working days for nearby EU countries, 5-7 working days for US and Australia, and max 10 working days for the really far away countries.
    We ship using “express mail”, which doesn’t have tracking numbers. Tracked mail would cost a whole lot of extra.” – Ton

  24. JoOngle said on 4 May, 2006:

    And the Weekend is coming up too, that will usually give an extra 1-2 days of delay (because people have the weekends off)…

    Anyway…can’t wait to receive mine ;)

  25. dirk said on 4 May, 2006:

    funny detail is that the box on the photo contains one NTSC dvd and one PAL dvd ;) I wonder in what country you’d need those…

  26. Silverframe said on 4 May, 2006:

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! GO ORANGE GO ORANGE, GO GO GO OORAAANNGGE!1 I just so glad now, it tottaly made my evening :D thanks, thanks, thanks orange team!!! yeee.:) :) :D

  27. Nathan Letwory said on 4 May, 2006:

    Groovy – I just bought an all new 32″ HD-ready TV. Aaah, this shall be so cool!

  28. Micah Fitch said on 4 May, 2006:

    If I had money I would be so thrilled right now!

  29. ME AGAIN said on 4 May, 2006:

    Thanx a lot for post the links and a lot more for makin the dvd ready so quick coz everybody know that the Orange team worked hard for one year!!!!!



  30. MrE said on 4 May, 2006:

    I’m going to keep my eyes and ears shut. And i’ll wait with viewing this unique piece of work when the other ‘orange’ project is dominating the televisionscreen.
    Can i still say i watched orange :D

    This is my week of ‘DVD movies delivered by mail’. FF: Advents children (saw it, and the storyline sucks, but the graphics are quite good, and you have to have your collection of animated movies complete, or you don’t)
    and the corpse bride (saw it, and loved every single second of it.) and now this.

    I’m going to cry, that’s how happy i am.

  31. ROUBAL said on 4 May, 2006:


    Thanks a lot to Ton, and all the Orange and BF team!

    When I’ll get the DVD, I will stop shaking my postman every day!

    This means that you’ll have made two happy men!o)


  32. icebaer said on 5 May, 2006:

    YAY! :)
    By the way: How many presales do you have for the DVD, if I may ask?

  33. Bassam said on 5 May, 2006:

    dirk, besides the movie itself, the NTSC and PAL DVD each have different data files on them; so you need both discs if you want the data (production files/ High definition files, Teaser, Blog and probably stuff I forget here)
    NTSC video is used at least in the united states, and PAL in most European countries… other regions I don’t know about.

  34. knowsnuttin said on 5 May, 2006:

    Ton: That’s the “Non-Commercial, Share-Alike, 2.0” legal code, and that’s certainly not the Elephants Dream license. I don’t see an “Attribution 2.5” legal code in German. The “best guess” url following the pattern would be http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/de/legalcode, but that link just returns “File not found.”

  35. torusturtle said on 5 May, 2006:

    Awsome! Can’t wait.

  36. Omar Abo-Namous said on 5 May, 2006:

    can’t wait. i hope i get them until saturday..

  37. Rokie said on 5 May, 2006:

    Hi! I’ll wait until my patience let me do it, LOL! ;)

    But I have a question, when will it be arriving the DVD to the Americas?

    Thank you!

  38. DwarvenFury said on 5 May, 2006:

    “…all paid orders were sent today. As usual that is 2-3 working days for nearby EU countries, 5-7 working days for US and Australia, and max 10 working days for the really far away countries.
    We ship using “express mail”, which doesn’t have tracking numbers. Tracked mail would cost a whole lot of extra.” – Ton

  39. Auteuro said on 5 May, 2006:

    Hooray, I got my DVD today!

    Just kidding. I just wanted to be the first to post that :p

    You guys on the Orange Team are amazing…that’s all I have to say.

    Thank you so much for all your hard, hard work, and for sharing your creations with us so freely.


  40. Rokie said on 5 May, 2006:

    LOL thanks for answering DwarvenFury, but the problem is that one friend of mine (mataii) once bought a blender guide for videogames and it arrived 2 months later. Mexico is just near to US, but who knows, maybe we will have those DVDs on 10 days and more, even when we are near to US. Thank you anyway, I know this is not part of you guys, I know that you have done more enought, we will be patiently waiting hehe.

    – Rokie.

  41. Richard said on 5 May, 2006:


  42. TorGott said on 5 May, 2006:

    Vassilios Boucer said on 4 May, 2006:

    “Looks Great!Thanks for the Infos!
    Waiting for DVD!
    Call for Entrys!What about “Elephants Dream”?

    @Vassilios Boucer

    According to the Creative Commons Licence, you are allowed to summit Elephants Dream to that fastival yourself.

  43. baratare said on 5 May, 2006:

    What an opportunity!
    We could collect great information about the delivery services worldwide if each person responded to say when they received their ‘Elephants Dream’ DVD.
    Could a simple form be provided to record the date received and the location? The despatch dates are known.

  44. 20to30 said on 5 May, 2006:

    Where can I dld the movie? =)

  45. Caddaric said on 5 May, 2006:

    Hi everybody !

    Thanxxx a lot for the orange team and this one year of labour.
    But I just want to know (if it’s not confidential) how many DVDs were shipped in the actual day ?
    I am curious to know if the sales goals exceeded your hopes !!

  46. Serialsiner said on 5 May, 2006:

    Thank you so much Ton and all the Orange team members, I’ve been waiting my dvd copy for so long and now those few days left will seem an eternity.

    Stéphan Rodriguez

  47. Skinkie said on 5 May, 2006:

    GOT IT!

  48. Zaffo said on 5 May, 2006:

    It’s fun to live in the Netherlands, you get your dvd at first. It’s great. But I think I need a faster processor to watch the HD version. Bye, I’m going to watch it all day…

  49. ME AGAIN said on 5 May, 2006:

    @ knowsnuttin

    think the cclicense from http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/de/legalcode is the right one about 4 pages long so thx dude if u findin someone newer!!!

  50. ME AGAIN said on 5 May, 2006:


    looks like u also dont know that the link u post dosn´t work!!!!!!

  51. buergi said on 5 May, 2006:

    Wow great, i think i’ll get it tomorrow :D how long did i wait on this moment and now i’m almost holding the DVD in my hands :D thank you so much Orange Team, Ton, Blender developers … thx thx thx
    But anyhow i’d prefer to watch the movie in the cinema first. Will this movie be presented in a German cinema? It would be best if it will be presented in a cinema in Munich. Anyone knows which cinemas got a copy of the movie?

  52. Eelko Gielis said on 5 May, 2006:

    I’ve got the DVD just now and watched it.
    There is however a drawback for me when playing in a Sony SACD/DVD player:
    The sound of the Extra bit, Making of, is not 100%. I’m missing parts of the audio stream.

    Other than that, graphics look great and audio of the PAL movie is super.

    Great milestone to all you guy’s.

    The Netherlands

  53. Henk said on 5 May, 2006:

    Heh, just by reading this blog made me realize there could be something in my mailbox… Whaddoyaknow!

    Congrats, now it’s really finished!!!

  54. knowsnuttin said on 5 May, 2006:

    ME AGAIN: Read the rest of my post with the broken link again. I knew that link didn’t work, and I said so. The working link to the German legal code provided so far in this thread is the *wrong license*. Not just the wrong version, but the wrong *kind* of license. That “Non-commercial, share-alike” license forbids use for commercial purposes, and has the GPL-style restriction that all derivative works must also be released under CC. That’s not even close to the far more liberal “Attribution” license used by Elephants Dream.

    If you want something close, try http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/de/legalcode. That’s at least the right *style* of license, just an older version. But please *don’t use the link Ton provided*. It’s completely wrong.

  55. jackuss said on 5 May, 2006:


  56. Olav Balm said on 5 May, 2006:

    Congratulations to the entire team with this great peace of work.

    A true milestone for BLENDER……


  57. ME AGAIN said on 5 May, 2006:

    @ knowsnuttin

    ok thx I got it.Printed both of them and read and read……!!

    Ey peeps stop posting u got the dvd´s already gettin (jealous) dont know how to write that maybe its right!!!!
    `LL VE MY DVD TOO NOW!!!!!!!!

  58. TiZeta said on 5 May, 2006:

    I hope it will arrive here in Italy soon :) i can’t wait to see it!!

  59. Joeri said on 5 May, 2006:

    Eelko Gielis:
    How is your dvd audio mix down set ? Or do you have 5.1 ?

  60. Joeri said on 5 May, 2006:

    On the internet

    You can google on how the world is devided into PAL and NTSC.
    Important to us was that everbody got their best possible conversion. Most PAL players will play NTSC discs and some vice versa. Knowing there would be alot of data it was soon decided to deliver 2 dvd’s in each box. This also prevents getting the wrong version ( I resently got an NTSC short drawers dvd :( ).
    All the extra data is on NTSC(EMO) disc and the blender files are spread over the two, with all the LIB files on the PAL(proog) disc. To rerender scenes you best copy both production folders to your harddisk. You’ll need a 5.25 Gb to do so.

  61. FaBe said on 5 May, 2006:

    I have just watched the DVD and i’m a little disapointed. Not in the the work that the orange team created, but in what i can achieve in Blender. Boy… what a great movie. (a weird story though). Manny thanks to all of you who made it possible for me to be able to enjoy it.

  62. Big Fan said on 5 May, 2006:

    Hey and anybody who wants to talk about details please label ‘spoiler’ at the start of your post so those still waiting on the postman get the full pleasure of seeing ED for the first time just it was the premiere :o)

  63. Morris said on 6 May, 2006:

    FaBe: “disapointed…in what i can achieve in Blender”
    Do you mean you personally or do you mean what is possible to achive in Blender?

    Please check your email soon, I sent an email yesterday but it was returned so I sent it again just now.

  64. _Centauri_ said on 6 May, 2006:

    wow, now all i need is some denarii for that shiny DVD, though i’ll probably download it first. then I’ll order the DVD. Its really exciting to see blender being used for something like this. Oh if the sales go well, will the orange project make more movies?!

  65. Marcel said on 6 May, 2006:

    I got the DVD also today and just saw the movie.
    An excellent job on both graphics and sound !

    Thanks for this wonderful DVD.

  66. Chris said on 6 May, 2006:

    So who’s going to be the first to torrent this :P

  67. Big Fan said on 6 May, 2006:

    I will be really annoyed if someone does that now Chris.
    Everyone just waits and respects Orange team please and those who buy the dvd. Only 10 days you can manage that.

  68. Chris Gilbert said on 6 May, 2006:

    I agree, and if you did manage to get a torrent it would be a DVD rip with lower quality. Just wait a few days for the website release.

  69. Roger Wickes said on 6 May, 2006:

    FaBe: I’m with you. My issue is productivity factors. You can think of it as a formula: the number of man-hours that went into each little scene, times the artist’s productivity with Blender = Units of Excellence. So, let’s say that Bassam’s productivity index = 42. So, he slaved like 10 hours on just the set of one scene, so that’s 420 UoE. My productivity rating is like .003, so if I worked for 140,000 hours, I would have the same UoE that he did. I guess that should be our goal for 2006, to increase our productivity so that we can achieve something reasonable in a reasonable amount of time.

  70. Jeffrey Martin said on 6 May, 2006:

    I’m trying to find a quote unquote blogging server. That will allow me to move small and possibly slightly large digital movie and animation films to. Any ideas? I’ll never find my way back here because someone has eaten all of the cookie crumbs.

  71. Silverframe said on 6 May, 2006:

    argh.. please don’t say that you are dissapointeed!!! pleeaasse!

  72. basse said on 6 May, 2006:

    fabe, rogers wickes:

    just remember, that we were not only doing a movie,
    we were also developing the software, and testing out
    all the new features that kept on coming sometimes
    daily. so lot of time went also into that.
    one example: when linked groups were added to blender,
    I was one of the guys working heavily with those.
    and there was not only 1 or 2 days, that when I came
    into studio next day, opened my scene I had worked on,
    and noticed that all my grouped objects had gone missing.
    and I had to go and add them again.. same with linked
    animations, those kept on dying.

    so, being betatester at the same time, I think, ate quite a
    lot extra time, and was something very frustrating sometimes.

    but, ofcourse, on the plus side… I got a chance to just ask
    something and it was added to program next day, to help out my
    work :)


  73. buergi said on 6 May, 2006:

    I’d never ever rip this DVD, this masterwork, this milestone in the open-source 3d modelling history! I hope the postman will bring the dvd in a few minutes, pls pls pls! And I really cannot understand those persons who download this DVD via torrent etc. OK the DVD is not cheap, but there is much work behind this short movie. And the price is totaly justified!
    What about my cinema question would be really nice if anyone could answer it. ’cause if the movie will be shown in a cinema near by my home than i won’t watch the dvd right now.

  74. Vassilios Boucer said on 6 May, 2006:

    I am also waiting for Postman!…maybe in a few Minutes!!!pls…pls!
    Germany (München) Bavaria
    If not we have to wait ….Monday!Oh No!


  75. Silverframe said on 6 May, 2006:

    ooh nooooooooo! The postman came, WITH NO DVD!!!! aarrghh *cry* *cry* hm.. boble boble… I must wait till monday, And I come from denmark, so PLEASE tell me if anyone nearby get the dvd! Like Vassilios Boucer!

  76. jan said on 6 May, 2006:

    Grüß Gott Buergi + Vassilios :)

    As far as I know (and I think I would know), there are currently no plans for theatre screenings in Germany, at least none initiated by Orangers. Of course, once everyone has their DVDs, it’d be cool to have some Blenderheads poking their local arthouse theaters ;)

  77. ME AGAIN said on 6 May, 2006:

    Somebody might save the Postman!!
    Where the fu… is my DVD???Somebody from Germany got it allready??

    Dont want to wait fo Monday!!

  78. Vassilios Boucer said on 6 May, 2006:

    Yeah! ..i agree with Jan!!
    Postman comes without DVD!?!
    Normally i Love Sundays but i think this is the first Time i hate a Sunday!
    Germany Sunny Weather! No Clouds!!!
    Waiting for DVD…Continious!


  79. Silverframe said on 6 May, 2006:

    monday, monday..

  80. ME AGAIN said on 6 May, 2006:


  81. Vis said on 6 May, 2006:

    So today, when I was at work (I work on saterdays as a postman) I saw the package… I’ve never finished my route this fast and I apologize for everyone who got wrong delivered mail…

    The project is of unmatched beauty, design- ánd storywise. This is a Masterpiece and a enormous booster to seriously work with Blender (something slipped somewhat in the last few months).

    Everyone who contributed to Elephant’s Dream: I bow in awe!

  82. Sean said on 6 May, 2006:

    Any report on what format(s) elephants dream is going to be released on the site? Also, what distribution method (bit torrent, stream, direct download, etc.) is going to be used? And are there going to be varying qualities/sizes released?

    I’d suggest Bit Torrent and label it “official release,” so that everyone can focus on that specific torrent. I’d also recommend multiple formats, so people on all platforms can watch the movie with ease. The folks at mariposaHD.tv release their free episodes through Bit Torrent, with varying formats, including wmvHD (1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720) and ipod (mp4 320 x 176). Maybe use a similar release style.

  83. applegrew said on 6 May, 2006:

    Will the .blend files too will be released on the net
    for the “non-sposorors” like us? I am unable to convince
    my parents into buying this.

  84. FaBe said on 6 May, 2006:

    Morris: Surely I’m not disapointed in the things Blender can do. But after seeing what the team did with the program, i can only say that i’v yet a lot to learn. Maybe i have to spend less time with my family and more with Blender, but then again i think my wife would kill me, or at last hurt me badly ;)

  85. Goofster said on 6 May, 2006:

    I got it too! cool dvd, nice menu’s! thanks for the work joeri, and of course thanks to the orange team. The hidden shot is cool, but maybe a bit too obvious :)

  86. Eelko Gielis said on 7 May, 2006:

    Joeri: I have a DTS 5.1 system to run from, so a proper surround sound system.

    It is strange that the movie is A-ok and the extra ‘Making of’ bit is bad. I’m just missing some pieces of the audio stream. Every time when I run the DVD on the same spot.

    At this moment I’m on Regroup 15 and the DVD is at home, I’ll have a look tonight again.

  87. ME AGAIN said on 8 May, 2006:

    Can´t sleep want my DVD!!!!!

  88. Vassilios Boucer said on 8 May, 2006:

    ..i wait all the Morning but postman came without DVD!!!
    so waiting for tomorrow….!MAybe!I hope!

  89. ME AGAIN said on 8 May, 2006:

    looks like they are to slow to feed a blenderhead!!!

  90. Genscher said on 8 May, 2006:

    no dvd here in middle germany :/

  91. Matt said on 8 May, 2006:

    Pfft, you Germans think you have it bad, I’m stuck waiting down here in Australia and haven’t even seen the full DVD with the final making-of and commentary! I wonder what sort of compromising footage of me they’ve raked up after I left the country… :)

  92. joeri said on 8 May, 2006:


  93. Silverframe said on 8 May, 2006:

    wha!?? NO DVD?!?!?!?!?!? F****** s***.. And in good lovely danish: øv.. det var da UTROLIG surt.. øv øvøv

  94. Silverframe said on 8 May, 2006:

    okay, sorry for the other post;) hm, Just got a little question;
    Have you sent the movie to denmark yet?


  95. Sympodius said on 8 May, 2006:

    For those attempting to estimate the world tracking of the DVD posts, mine did NOT arrive today in Scotland ;)

    Oh well. I have an exam tomorrow so won’t be able to wait for it. But maybe it’ll be a nice surprise when I get back.

  96. ME AGAIN said on 8 May, 2006:

    Hope all that waiting ve an end tomorrow.(a happy end of course)

    and no mail from the e-shop that the DVD is out!!!!

    Service!? there could be more information coz all i know about the shipping date and stuff i read here.Only e-mail was that they ship they DVD after they had recieve payment so guys u got your money!!!!
    And where the f… is my DVD? thats not cool dudes that s….!!!!

    Maybee the DVD got a stealth mode and the post couldnt find it?!!!(STRANGE)

    I am hella pissed of!!!

  97. jan said on 8 May, 2006:

    Me again: Relax, it looks like nobody outside NL got his DVD yet.

  98. MrSandman666 said on 8 May, 2006:

    Hey, Me Again, calm down!

    Yes, a notification email would have been nice but since almost everybody who purchased the DVD was stalking this blog anyways it was a pretty save way to get the news out. And even if you didn’t read it here you could’ve read it on blenderartists (a.k.a. elysiun), blender.org and blendernation.com.
    Anyone who seriously uses blender knew about the release and I doubt that anybody not working seriously with blender would put 40€ into an 8 minute movie without even having a review.
    I mean, come on, you know when it was shipped. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be posting here!

    They posted a very specific date and time when the DVDs were shipped (last thursday, 16:00) and an estimate how long it would take (two to three work days to close-by european countries). Today is the third work day. Alright, they were one day of. So what? What is one more day after we’ve been waiting for months and months? I wouldn’t have a problem with it if it were two more days or even a week. Think of the poor guys in the USA and Australia. They have to wait even longer.

    My point is: don’t blame the orange team! They did everything humanely possible to deliver the goods as fast as possible. They did a great job and they deserve praise and not blame.

    Yea, three days for a small package from a neighbouring country is a bit ridiculous but you know how it is. Postal service has never been fast or reliable around here (I live in Germany as well). I’ll probably have to wait at least a day longer because nobody will be home when the postman comes (we’re all at work) and so I’ll have to pick it up from the post-office the next day (if I have time during business hours, that is).

    Sorry, I just had to vent this. It pisses me off when someone starts blaming the wrong guys.

  99. ME AGAIN said on 8 May, 2006:

    Ur wrong guys @MrSandman told me for month I get my DVD……now I see its just 8min. long? I heard its 15min. long??
    >>Alright, they were one day of. So what?
    Tzz must I show u a Mail where they tell me it arrives last month?
    I paid a lot of money…..FOR ME….was it expensive!(8min)

    >>Think of the poor guys in the USA and Australia. They have to wait even longer.
    It´s not my prob^^……..I get the feeling that u guys receive the money, make a big chick party and whatßs with the people who support this? They dont write a mail…….there r probs we need more time…..lalalalala……whats this?? NOW 5 days befor everyone can load the shit I´m sitting here and nothing happens……..
    I dont know if I see this as a Joke or this Freaks talking bullshit……….

    >>they deserve praise and not blame.
    Yeah someone who worked for the movie not one who talks bullshit about shipping and release dates.

    >>It pisses me off when someone starts blaming the wrong guys.
    And I´m pissed off if somebody talks bullshit about the movie and when it arrivs here.Sry cuz ur email lalalalal because when it arrives here fucks me up.I paid for two month and only thing i receive is that they received my money…..lol….nice …and now? I like the Orangeguys cuz not how they handle their customers.

  100. pipi said on 8 May, 2006:

    Hello Admin,

    could you please remove all these BAD posts from ME AGAIN!

    Orange team: Congratulations! Hope Orange2 will start soon :)

  101. ME AGAIN said on 8 May, 2006:

    @ all!! second time that u all understand it!!!!

    I am shure the Orange team did a great work!!!!!But the e-shop! did nothing!!!!!
    !!!!!!!And yes erase all the post´s if ya all cant handle that shit!!!Can´t tell me u all not sick of waiting and silence!!

  102. Ton said on 8 May, 2006:

    Our e-shop is configured to send out an email when payment has been accepted. Usually that also means the product will be shipped.

    Everyone who ordered the DVD knew that this was a pre-order, and that the DVDs would be ready 2nd half of april. That information was also in the confirmation email you got.

    And to be totally clear; the Orange project was financed thanks to the support of people buying this DVD. If you feel you were mislead or informed wrongly, mail me and I’ll be happy to return your money.


  103. carlinhos said on 8 May, 2006:


    Everything with the e-shop was okay. I am looking forward for a great piece of animation, but I also can wait longer. And what matters if the movie ist 8, 11 or 15 minutes? I think, a mentally healthy person should never have a problem about that.
    Thanks to Orange Team for all the great work and thanks to the Blender foundation team for organizing it. And last not least thanks to Ton and all the other Blender coders for making Blender better and better every day!

  104. Silverframe said on 8 May, 2006:

    hm.. just for changing subject: Can somone please answer my silly question? Nah, whatever, i’ll guess the Dvd will come tomorrow. hopefully. @ME AGAIN: I understand that yuo are dissapointed that the dvd, did’t come today (so am I), but please don’t get angry on The orange team. They done a GREAT work;) If you want to blame someone, blame the postoffice. okay eh?

  105. Silverframe said on 8 May, 2006:


  106. Me´n_U said on 8 May, 2006:

    Since 23 of April i went 4times a day to the boxpost and WHAT?………………………empty…………I destroy a the old car in the garage……….i kicked a tree till my leg was bloody……..and y??? I´M GOING CRAZZZZZZY!

  107. carlinhos said on 8 May, 2006:

    @ Me´n_U aka ME AGAIN

    please stop that shit!! This thread here is for communication (you know the meaning of this word?) between Blender users, it is not a toilet nor the couch of your psychoanalyst, ok!?

  108. ME AGAIN said on 8 May, 2006:

    What is for u the definition of communication?
    This Thread is for Blender User?…so am I!
    If someone post in a board with 5 accounts, it´s normal?
    If someone dont understand fun:

    ” Me´n_U said on 8 May, 2006:
    Since 23 of April i went 4times a day to the boxpost and WHAT?………………………empty…………I destroy…………..
    …….was a joke!DUDE!

    so thats all U guys!!!!!

  109. carlinhos said on 8 May, 2006:

    @ ME AGAIN

    Strange kind of jokes, but if you like it, I will respect it.

    “If someone post in a board with 5 accounts, it´s normal?”
    I thought, you are posting only with 2 accounts.
    For me personally, one is enough.

  110. pipi said on 8 May, 2006:

    For all cannot waiting for DVD, here is the torrent (thanks to WTF):


    ME AGAIN, if starting now, you can have it already by the morning, my upload is 10Mb/s :)

    Go, go, go … don’t thank me, thank Orange team for such a great release!

  111. MrSandman666 said on 8 May, 2006:

    Now that it has been established that Me Again is a stubborn 4-year-old who managed to get on daddys internet connection I think it is save to ignore him. Nobody in their right mind would post such bullshit and be serious about it.

  112. Kernon said on 8 May, 2006:

    Well, I’m certainly glad that this portion of the blog isn’t on the DVD. That was almost painful to have to wade through.

    Anyway…I’m in the USA and the DVD, of course, hasn’t arrived yet. I’m waiting patiently like I have some common sense and understanding…unlike some of us.

  113. Kernon said on 8 May, 2006:

    BE AWARE: The supposed link to the Elephants Dream torrent that has been posted, links to a MOV file named “rugby_netwerk6.mov” that is only 4.2MB. Certainly not the movie you might expect. I didn’t download it because I don’t care what it actually is.

    It might be wise to remove that post (and this one along with it since it would no longer be relevant).

  114. pipi said on 8 May, 2006:

    Kernon: of course it is not hte right torrent, this one is ment for ME AGAIN only!

    Sorry if you bought it!

    BTW: I definetely won;t be the one putting torrent in the air…not me!

  115. ME AGAIN said on 8 May, 2006:

    Do u see the facts?
    Let me administrate ur e-shop!

  116. pipi said on 8 May, 2006:

    ME AGAIN: Please, go to sleep, or you will wait for the postman outside? Go, go , go :)

  117. Kernon said on 8 May, 2006:

    pipi: LOL. I had no plans of viewing it, I was just curious about the filesize. We all have waited many months, it would be kind of silly to not be a little more patient.

  118. pipi said on 8 May, 2006:

    Kernon: I totally agree with you!

  119. theblenderboy said on 8 May, 2006:

    this is great!

    i was wondering, does it have a rating? not that i was thinking there would be any obsceneties in a short film, but you can never be too careful.



  120. Matt said on 9 May, 2006:

    theblenderboy: It’s not rated, no (would be kinda impossible since every country’s systems are different). But in any case there’s no swearing or really anything explicit to be worried about. It’s very easily within the guidelines of what would get shown on TV here in Australia, and Basse and Toni both had no problems showing it to their young kids.

  121. Bassam said on 9 May, 2006:

    It might be a bit scary for the very young ones though!

  122. Roger Wickes said on 9 May, 2006:

    Bassam: In our development days, we froze the tool base and only upgraded under pain of death, to avoid doing what you had to do. We never would have made any deadline if we had to beta test and rework all the time. But, as you say, I think with having the Master developer right there helped Blender quite a bit. I think Blender is the real benefactor out of the Orange exercise, and thus in turn the whole world who uses Blender also benefits.

    Matt brings up an interesting point in light of our impetus toward globalization: agreement and worldwide concensus on what material is appropriate for arbitrary slices of each country’s demographics is sorely lacking. I wonder if someday we on this planet can ever agree what is suitable for a 12-year-old to see on the screen. Hmmmm….maybe one day…after we can all control ourselves not to use swear words in public forums…

  123. Martin said on 9 May, 2006:

    to: ‘Me Again’ and others with a similar viewpoint… I know that we are all very eager to see the movie, but most people appreciate that although you are indeed purchasing a ‘product’ in the form of a dvd, for the most part, the payment was a sponsorship for the development of an ambitious project, which will ultimately benefit the whole blender community, and entertain us ! Its an amazing achievement to get ANY film off the ground, but when there’s also a considerable amount of parallel software R & D going on as well, things are going to take time.There is a very generous spirit that underpins the whole blender thing. Please be supportive of that spirit.

  124. Joeri said on 9 May, 2006:

    (would be kinda impossible since every country’s systems are different).

    It would take time. Other movies do it. But big companies have offices all around the world.
    It creates strange situations where 2 different advices can get printed on the same disc. We have it all the time here in the Netherlands. Suitable for 12 year old dutch people and 16 year old germans.

  125. ME_THE LAST TIME said on 9 May, 2006:

    Thnx Joeri FOR THE INFORMATION!!!!

    Sorry i spammed your forum!!

  126. ME_THE LAST TIME said on 9 May, 2006:

    ^î just ve a internetconnection for 9 days so sorry that i´m not know what is goin on!

  127. joeri said on 9 May, 2006:

    ME_ funny guy.
    9 days on the internet and you orderd the dvd months ago? How did you do that?
    Maybe best to go sit outside in the sun. Drink a little lemonade, and check you mailbox next monday.

  128. ME_THE LAST TIME said on 9 May, 2006:

    i ordered the DVD when i was out meet a friend and that guy has internet.I ve not much money and i really want to support the Guys so i did what i did and buyed that DVD and i´m shure it is not wrong.

    Yeah of course i sit outside in the sun it´s fantastic weather out there!No time to waste!!GO OUT!!!ALL OF U!!! :)

    I´m not a Monkey in a Cage and sit in my room all the day!

    Ps: next Monday?!

  129. Gobs said on 9 May, 2006:

    Just watched ED on the DVD. You guys did a great job. Fantastic visuals and an amazing soundtrack. You should all be very proud.

  130. Silverframe said on 9 May, 2006:

    yayyayayayayaya JUHUU I got the dvd!! ooh mann! I think i soon will send some pictures from the movie in, so all the poore guys, who havent recivet the dvd yet, can kep the blood (in) the head!! :D BIG THANK YOU to Ton, and the rest of the orange team!! thanks thanks thanks!!

  131. JuanJavier said on 9 May, 2006:

    I did also got the DVD. I’m on my way home just to first-screen it…

    Thank you all, team and people…


    Juan Javier.

  132. GuiFF said on 9 May, 2006:

    Hi it’s Guifré, the catalan translator. I’ve already wrote an e-mail to Joeri, I don’t know if I must send one to Orange or something. The problem is that I’ve received the DVD with 2 errors.

    First of all, instead of CATALÀ, in the subtitles list, there’s POLACO, which is an insult. I’ll explain; spanish people says this to make us angry ‘cos we don’t have a “legal country”. I’ve wrote so many times català and catalan; I can’t understand why there’s such a big error here.

    The other one is less important but my name is not Guifrè; it’s Guifré!

    I hope you rewrite this soon.

  133. Joeri said on 9 May, 2006:

    That is very misfortune.
    As I understand Polaco is the spanish word for Polish, which was not the intention, the intention was to get the word for the language in it’s own language. I’m not so sure it’s this big insult you suggest it is. But I also don’t know why it went wrong. It was also hard to check for all languages. I have no idea if the japanese is correct, there was no time to check it all.

    I can offer you my apologies and the promise that I’ll do my best to get it fixed in the next release.

  134. Toni said on 9 May, 2006:

    i did not have time to read all of this now, but do have to say that you guys made me happy .. being now all burnened in the current production here at home (a deadline tonight, renderers singing .. but with video material this time, and just a basic commercial job, and no Blender usage tho (i might try keying and motion tracking in there after this first preview deadline, tho ;)

    but to the actual matter: official Torrent release has been in the plans all along (it was/is developed in Python, after all :p), and we have made some preparations for it and all should be ok. and yah nothing is stopping anyone else from doing it too, but then again, i can also understand the POV of ppl who want to see it first in a cinema (there is a HD version on the dvd, so/but later on the net (web/Torrent) too.) .. :)


  135. Toni said on 9 May, 2006:

    just read more of some of the posts – i have not actually shown ED to my son here yet, but he did see the teaser back in late 2005, and that was certainly ok. am not sure if seeing he final thing should wait a bit, or not. probably not.


  136. Carsten said on 9 May, 2006:

    Seems that the south Germans get their DVD after the download is released… damn snails! ;)

  137. icebaer said on 10 May, 2006:

    still not there in Heidelberg, Germany. :/

    Just wanted to point out, that there’s still the “preorder”-link on the top-left of the mainpage. Shouldn’t that be changed now? ;)

  138. Steve said on 10 May, 2006:

    Oooh, another blenderhead from Heidelberg… (I live in Heidelberg, too, didn’t receive the DVD either)

  139. Juan Javier Martínez said on 10 May, 2006:

    I was really stunned by the visuals and the music.

    I certainly enjoyed the film.

    But I read somewhere in this web (don’t remember) from someone after the premiere at Ketelhuis that the storyline is not very clear, and I felt that too…

    Maybe a second screening would put things in place…

    Anyway the product is wonderful, and the work immaculate.


    Juan javier Martínez.

  140. kakapo said on 10 May, 2006:

    great! i got my dvd (to austria)! i am looking forward to watch it this evening! :)

  141. RouvenM said on 10 May, 2006:

    Hi you guys from Heidelberg,

    im from Weinheim, thats quite not far away from yours.

    But here nothing reached me aswell.


  142. msaeluk said on 10 May, 2006:

    Got mine in the UK this morning. Great stuff :)

  143. Ben said on 10 May, 2006:

    My DVD arrived this morning, and I’m based in Scotland. Didn’t know they’d been sent out, so it was a nice suprise :)

  144. MrSandman666 said on 10 May, 2006:

    Well, since everybody else in nearby european countries are getting their stuff today I’d guess we get ours tomorrow. German postal service is notorious for being slow and unreliable.

  145. jefjan said on 10 May, 2006:

    Arrived today “The Blender DVD’s” Belgium

  146. kakapo said on 10 May, 2006:

    i wasn’t able to wait until the evening even if i didn’t really have any time to watch it now. :)

    wow, i was stunned too! it’s beautiful! the only thing is that i wouldn’t have minded if it were a bit longer. at the end i was surprised that it already was over. i have to watch it again a few times though…

    i think with this project it will be possible to leave a great impression at siggraph this year!

    …it must have been a rough shipping. in the case the pal dvd was loose and so it got quite scratched but it worked flawlessly.

  147. DwarvenFury said on 10 May, 2006:

    “I dont know why it takes so long to arrive here in Germany coz all that other dudes got ther DVD allready.”

    Well, not all of us blender dudes have received our DVD, yet. ;-) I haven’t heard about anyone from the USA or Australia getting their DVD. ( We’re waiting patiently and trying to distract ourselves, so we aren’t sitting around like little kids before Christmas, nearly dying from the anticipation. ;-) :-P )

  148. efbie said on 10 May, 2006:

    Belgium has been delivered today, I just recieved my dvd ! I wish i never promized to wait for my friends to see it :p

  149. carlinhos said on 10 May, 2006:

    “I dont know why it takes so long to arrive here in Germany coz all that other dudes got ther DVD allready.”

    The DVD didn’t arrive in Austria too!

    But it doesn’t matter, life is too short to complain about snail mail. And now I go out and enjoy the sunny day.

  150. Vassilios Boucer said on 10 May, 2006:

    Today the DVD is here in Munich Germany!

    I must Say …..GREAT 3D Animated Short!
    The Graphics…Music…Action…AMAZING!ALL IS GREAT!!!!!
    Thanks and Congratulations again and again Orange Team for this Amazing 3D Expirience!!We can learn many things from this Project!
    Now …with a Bigger Team Go for a Full-lenght 3D Film!
    That would be Great to see a Fullenght Film in Cinemas all around the World made with Blender 3D!



  151. Torben said on 10 May, 2006:

    Hello, till now I just saw some minutes of the movie – but what I did see.. wow, great work!!
    But I have to inform you, that some script files of the “Orange” folder are damaged (cannot be copied from the PAL DVD to harddisc).
    The NTSC files are ok.


  152. Leodp said on 10 May, 2006:

    anooother Heidelberger here!
    Maybe we should meet.
    Saturday I give a grillparty! From Dossenheim follow
    Heidelberger Str.into the gardens:

  153. Ben Stabler said on 10 May, 2006:

    WooHoo! It’s arrived here in the UK.
    Nice work Orange team! I look forward to supporting more projects in the future ;)
    (btw I love the typewriter scene ;) )

  154. Sympodius said on 10 May, 2006:

    Got mine in Bothwell, Scotland.

    Have seen it 12 times now. Not loaded the files onto the PC yet, but can’t wait :)

    Thanks guys, you’ve done a great job. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  155. ChrisRX said on 11 May, 2006:

    Hmmmm well people have said that the storyline is a little hard to follow, but I honestly have no idea what was going on at all. I mean……. they were running away from something. I haven’t got a clue. And also the voices seemed a bit distant, I don’t know they didn’t seem to suit the characters.
    But apart from that not only was I amazed by the graphics that blender can pump out, I was amazed at the scenery. The designers have obviously got quite an imagination to be able to design something so fluid. I was seriously amazed at the the way everything moved and came together so well I just really can’t find any words to describe it. Everyone should watch this now.

    I’m going to go watch it again partially to try and figure out the story, partially to be amazed by the scenery (and most probably notice little things I didn’t notice the first time round. I love it when that happens)

  156. Auteuro said on 11 May, 2006:

    Thanks, Sean! It’s not easy sitting here (USA) waiting for the DVD to show up in my mailbox, so the YouTube posting has quenched my thirst for now. Ahhhh… Can’t wait to see the HD version! About the story, well…I would throw in my 2 bits, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone :D

  157. Matt said on 11 May, 2006:

    I wrote this about the youtube version on blenderartists.org, I’ll re-post it here:

    I think it’s a shame that people have found it there, not because it’s copied, that was going to happen anyway (and encouraged!), but because the quality and experience there is so lousy. We’re releasing properly high quality encoded versions on our website in a matter of days, it’s disappointing that some people’s first experience of it will be a poorly compressed Flash movie when the official release is so soon. I’d really encourage you all to wait just a bit longer and see it much closer to as it was intended :)

  158. MrSandman666 said on 11 May, 2006:

    Just a little headsup for my fellow German blenderheads: I just got my DVD in the mail, here in Hamburg (Northern Germany). Won’t have time to watch it though till this afternoon.

    Gotta say the box and the discs look stunning though! Now I have to get through the day knowing I have the DVD but can’t watch it! Gaaaaah!!!

  159. icebaer said on 11 May, 2006:

    Cool to know there are so many blenderheads around here. I guess I won’t have time at saturday, but thanks for the invitation anyways. :)

  160. tonig said on 11 May, 2006:

    I hope today DVD will also arrive in Slovenia, anyhow after watching it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsGEWHNJ3s8&search=orange several times I realized about the story, it is BRILLIANT, it’s so deep, I really see part of myself in it, you actually realized we all live the same way at some point in our life. The movie gives you a choice to think about many similar situations in the real life, that makes it brilliant at least for me. Great work!

    You definitely have my money for the next open project as well.

  161. torusturtle said on 11 May, 2006:

    Still no DVD here. (Switzerland)
    Hopefully I’ll get it tomorrow. If not I’ll have to wait until Monday. :-(

  162. Genscher said on 11 May, 2006:

    finally arrived also in middle germany!

  163. RouvenM said on 11 May, 2006:

    Also arrived in southern Germany

  164. ROUBAL said on 11 May, 2006:


    The DVD was this morning in my letter box, here in France !

    Thanks a lot again, and congratulations to everyone having worked on this movie and also to everyone having made it possible in any way.

    It is a really good movie, and I like it a lot.

    I have already watched the movie 6 times, and even if my english is not very good, I hope that I have understood most of the comments included in the making of.

    I have to say that I have special reasons to like it, because I’m a lucid dreamer. After studying dreams for at least 20 years on my free time and night after night, I have written a book about lucid dreams.

    I’d like to give here my interpretation of the movie, based on this experience, but many blenderheads will probably enjoy to discover the movie by themself first, so I’ll wait some more days before writing more here.

    But like Terminator said, I’ll be back!

    Just few more things : Have I said that the animation was great ? That the textures were very good? That I liked the music ? That the whole movie was Great ?


  165. Aldo Reset said on 11 May, 2006:

    Well dvd is here today (France).
    we ll prepare to play this short animation in a local theater on may 24th.

    Press and personalities will be invite to this show.

    thanks for your greate job. And we prepare french audio translation under C.C.

    bst regards.

  166. icebaer said on 11 May, 2006:

    Heidelberg, Germany, arrived. YAY! :)

  167. TiZeta said on 11 May, 2006:

    Arrived in Italy :) it’s wonderful!!!

  168. Stephan said on 11 May, 2006:

    Arrived today (Germany, Saarbrücken).

    Great. Good story (have to see it again), top sound and voices, awesome visuals. Thanks alot!

  169. David said on 12 May, 2006:

    Got it! (Southern Germany) – Thanks a lot you all! I especially like the colors, the atmosphere, the textures.

  170. olivia said on 12 May, 2006:

    today! in Roma Italy:-) it’s simply wonderful!
    so beautiful and full of poetry…
    thanks to all orange project, great job!
    I’ll drag and drop all the people I know in the blender application folder:-)

  171. ClumsyBoy said on 12 May, 2006:

    So far no DVD here in the USA. Anyone else in the USA that has reveived theirs yet?

  172. Vassilios Boucer said on 12 May, 2006:

    The 3D Animated Short “Elephants Dream”is Amazing!
    …i have to say again and again!!
    So…. People outthere buy a DVD from E-Shop!Its a must to have this Amazing Product in your Hands!Dont miss that!!

    The only problem fo me is: i must buy a New Faster PC to work with some Blend files Production (Elephants Dream)!
    As Example I load all Textures for only Proog Character and a Texture for a Backround then i Packed this in Blender and save the Blend file…its over 230 Mbytes Big filesize!!Then when i open the blend file i cannot work… my Computer…Blender…hangs and is SLOW!
    Subsurf dissabled for all Meshes and Particles Static Vect for Hair… Disp:0% (When i make Disp:100% and Press alt+A to see the Animation in 3D Window not Possible)and some Render Times very Long (Compositor)!!!
    MY PC:
    Windows XP Pro
    1.7ghz Pentium 4
    Nvidia G-force 2MX 400
    80 Gbyte Hard…
    So its Time for a Better Computer!!!maybe one like Orange Team Uses for this Production!!

    So can someone give some Infos about which PC_Computer is Good for this (i mean for working with Blend files)??

  173. Leodp said on 12 May, 2006:

    Yesterday, Heidelberg, Germany.

    AAAAAAAArghhhhhhhhh, I have to wait ’till tonight to watch it, promised it to my girlfriend that has been following with me the Orange project.

  174. Kernon said on 12 May, 2006:

    You might try scaling down the textures files. You don’t have to use them at their Elephant Dreams resolution unless you plan on making a DVD.

  175. Kernon said on 12 May, 2006:

    IMO, if you are planning on making a DVD quality animation or still, just copy the original textures and scale them down. Use the low-res textures for production and then replace them with the hi-res textures for final shot that can be rendered on a render farm. MUCH cheaper than buying a new computer.

  176. Vassilios Boucer said on 12 May, 2006:

    Kernon:thats sounds Great!…i also think about do something like this…i mean Scale Down the Resolution of Textures to use!
    But anyway my Computer is also Slow when i load in Blender some Complex Scenes files from Production Elephants Dream…i have to Dissable Subsurf for 3D View for all Meshes then its Ok!
    But i think to Buy also a New better- PC not only for use the Blend files from Orange Project but General!!

  177. Steve said on 12 May, 2006:

    @leodp: I don’t have time, either.

    I study in Heidelberg, my parents live near Freiburg. Yesterday we phoned and they said there was a package for me. I remembered that a year ago (well, almost) I ordered the DVD to my parents house…
    Now I have to wait another week to see the DVD :-(

    The Heidelberg story got me an idea:
    I started a community-map:


    If you want: Add yourself !!
    please add the date of Dvd-arrival to the shoutout-message.
    (maybe we can import the data in Blender and make a little

    2000 Dvds have been sold – so I want to see 2000 entries in the map ;-) Tell everyone!

    (I already posted this on the 2000-sales blog-entry, but maybe this place is more suitable)

  178. carlinhos said on 12 May, 2006:

    Still no DVD received in Austria. OK, yet another weekend to wait. I hope they haven’t forget to send one to me. I was one of the first ordering the DVD.

  179. torusturtle said on 13 May, 2006:

    @carlinhos: I was one of the first as well. Maybe it’s like the proverb: “The last will be the first” ergo The first will be the last”. :-(

  180. Kernon said on 13 May, 2006:

    ED arrives in Virginia, USA!!

    Haven’t watched it yet. Thought I would let you know though.

  181. Kernon said on 13 May, 2006:

    Just watched it and a couple of the Extra features! Wow…it was awesome! In the very beginning, the animation is just a little awkward and the voices take a minute to get used to. I guess it’s because we’ve seen images of the characters and developed an idea of what they might sound like. However, every second of the movie just gets better and better…the animation, the voices, the SOUND. Everytime I watch it, it gets better!

    Congratulations to all involved! It was more than worth the wait! Can’t wait to do it again with Orange 2.

    Now, it’s time to get lost in the mountain of information provided in the files! There are countless things to see how they were accomplished. Thanks again for the awesome concept of Open Movies!

  182. Kernon said on 13 May, 2006:

    BTW, superb job on the DVD. Thanks Joeri!

  183. torusturtle said on 14 May, 2006:

    ED has arrived yesterday. The postman came a bit later then usual.
    Amazing what can be done with free software.
    Great job ED Team!

  184. Richard said on 15 May, 2006:

    Just got mine a few hours ago but I can’t watch it yet since other people are currently using my DVD player. For some reason my NTSC disc was quite badly scratched (PAL disc was fine), but hopefully this didn’t damage anything.

  185. Pat said on 17 May, 2006:

    My DVD case broke (a small piece snapped off) when I opened it.

    The PAL disc was not secured, and fell out.

    I just realised I spent AU$60[1] on a DVD and I don’t have a DVD player.

    I can’t wait to see the movie!


    [1] Yes, that’s right, the DVD has arrived in Australia.

  186. ROUBAL said on 18 May, 2006:

    I can’t wait to speak about the story of this amazing movie, but as many people still seem to have not received their own DVD, I have sticked two layers of adhesive tape on my mouth…

    I hope we’ll can speak about the movie in few days!o)