DVDs ready to go!

  / by Ton

orangedvd Last tuesday the printer was finished, yesterday the DVDs were delivered to our e-shop department, where Anja and Anne immediately started packaging the orders. That will be ready today and today the shipping company will pick them up as well. We will give international mail 1 day headstart, and post the Dutch orders on friday! :)

As soon as the first person receives the DVD, the Creative Commons license becomes effective too. And although I think it’s still fun to have first the DVDs in for all of our sponsors, I can’t stop people who get the DVDs from putting the content online…
The “official” launch, on our own website, will wait 10 days though, so that’ll be around the 14th of May.

Thanks everyone for the patience! Making a DVD set just was far more work than expected, but the result is definitely worth waiting for. :)


(thu 16:00h: Added note: the courier picked everything up, also the dutch stuff was shipped… eeek, will get there tomorrow maybe!)

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187 Responses to “DVDs ready to go!”

  1. Torben said on 10 May, 2006:

    Hello, till now I just saw some minutes of the movie – but what I did see.. wow, great work!!
    But I have to inform you, that some script files of the “Orange” folder are damaged (cannot be copied from the PAL DVD to harddisc).
    The NTSC files are ok.


  2. Leodp said on 10 May, 2006:

    anooother Heidelberger here!
    Maybe we should meet.
    Saturday I give a grillparty! From Dossenheim follow
    Heidelberger Str.into the gardens:

  3. Ben Stabler said on 10 May, 2006:

    WooHoo! It’s arrived here in the UK.
    Nice work Orange team! I look forward to supporting more projects in the future ;)
    (btw I love the typewriter scene ;) )

  4. Sympodius said on 10 May, 2006:

    Got mine in Bothwell, Scotland.

    Have seen it 12 times now. Not loaded the files onto the PC yet, but can’t wait :)

    Thanks guys, you’ve done a great job. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  5. ChrisRX said on 11 May, 2006:

    Hmmmm well people have said that the storyline is a little hard to follow, but I honestly have no idea what was going on at all. I mean……. they were running away from something. I haven’t got a clue. And also the voices seemed a bit distant, I don’t know they didn’t seem to suit the characters.
    But apart from that not only was I amazed by the graphics that blender can pump out, I was amazed at the scenery. The designers have obviously got quite an imagination to be able to design something so fluid. I was seriously amazed at the the way everything moved and came together so well I just really can’t find any words to describe it. Everyone should watch this now.

    I’m going to go watch it again partially to try and figure out the story, partially to be amazed by the scenery (and most probably notice little things I didn’t notice the first time round. I love it when that happens)

  6. Auteuro said on 11 May, 2006:

    Thanks, Sean! It’s not easy sitting here (USA) waiting for the DVD to show up in my mailbox, so the YouTube posting has quenched my thirst for now. Ahhhh… Can’t wait to see the HD version! About the story, well…I would throw in my 2 bits, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone :D

  7. Matt said on 11 May, 2006:

    I wrote this about the youtube version on blenderartists.org, I’ll re-post it here:

    I think it’s a shame that people have found it there, not because it’s copied, that was going to happen anyway (and encouraged!), but because the quality and experience there is so lousy. We’re releasing properly high quality encoded versions on our website in a matter of days, it’s disappointing that some people’s first experience of it will be a poorly compressed Flash movie when the official release is so soon. I’d really encourage you all to wait just a bit longer and see it much closer to as it was intended :)

  8. MrSandman666 said on 11 May, 2006:

    Just a little headsup for my fellow German blenderheads: I just got my DVD in the mail, here in Hamburg (Northern Germany). Won’t have time to watch it though till this afternoon.

    Gotta say the box and the discs look stunning though! Now I have to get through the day knowing I have the DVD but can’t watch it! Gaaaaah!!!

  9. icebaer said on 11 May, 2006:

    Cool to know there are so many blenderheads around here. I guess I won’t have time at saturday, but thanks for the invitation anyways. :)

  10. tonig said on 11 May, 2006:

    I hope today DVD will also arrive in Slovenia, anyhow after watching it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsGEWHNJ3s8&search=orange several times I realized about the story, it is BRILLIANT, it’s so deep, I really see part of myself in it, you actually realized we all live the same way at some point in our life. The movie gives you a choice to think about many similar situations in the real life, that makes it brilliant at least for me. Great work!

    You definitely have my money for the next open project as well.

  11. torusturtle said on 11 May, 2006:

    Still no DVD here. (Switzerland)
    Hopefully I’ll get it tomorrow. If not I’ll have to wait until Monday. :-(

  12. Genscher said on 11 May, 2006:

    finally arrived also in middle germany!

  13. RouvenM said on 11 May, 2006:

    Also arrived in southern Germany

  14. ROUBAL said on 11 May, 2006:


    The DVD was this morning in my letter box, here in France !

    Thanks a lot again, and congratulations to everyone having worked on this movie and also to everyone having made it possible in any way.

    It is a really good movie, and I like it a lot.

    I have already watched the movie 6 times, and even if my english is not very good, I hope that I have understood most of the comments included in the making of.

    I have to say that I have special reasons to like it, because I’m a lucid dreamer. After studying dreams for at least 20 years on my free time and night after night, I have written a book about lucid dreams.

    I’d like to give here my interpretation of the movie, based on this experience, but many blenderheads will probably enjoy to discover the movie by themself first, so I’ll wait some more days before writing more here.

    But like Terminator said, I’ll be back!

    Just few more things : Have I said that the animation was great ? That the textures were very good? That I liked the music ? That the whole movie was Great ?


  15. Aldo Reset said on 11 May, 2006:

    Well dvd is here today (France).
    we ll prepare to play this short animation in a local theater on may 24th.

    Press and personalities will be invite to this show.

    thanks for your greate job. And we prepare french audio translation under C.C.

    bst regards.

  16. icebaer said on 11 May, 2006:

    Heidelberg, Germany, arrived. YAY! :)

  17. TiZeta said on 11 May, 2006:

    Arrived in Italy :) it’s wonderful!!!

  18. Stephan said on 11 May, 2006:

    Arrived today (Germany, Saarbr├╝cken).

    Great. Good story (have to see it again), top sound and voices, awesome visuals. Thanks alot!

  19. David said on 12 May, 2006:

    Got it! (Southern Germany) – Thanks a lot you all! I especially like the colors, the atmosphere, the textures.

  20. olivia said on 12 May, 2006:

    today! in Roma Italy:-) it’s simply wonderful!
    so beautiful and full of poetry…
    thanks to all orange project, great job!
    I’ll drag and drop all the people I know in the blender application folder:-)

  21. ClumsyBoy said on 12 May, 2006:

    So far no DVD here in the USA. Anyone else in the USA that has reveived theirs yet?

  22. Vassilios Boucer said on 12 May, 2006:

    The 3D Animated Short “Elephants Dream”is Amazing!
    …i have to say again and again!!
    So…. People outthere buy a DVD from E-Shop!Its a must to have this Amazing Product in your Hands!Dont miss that!!

    The only problem fo me is: i must buy a New Faster PC to work with some Blend files Production (Elephants Dream)!
    As Example I load all Textures for only Proog Character and a Texture for a Backround then i Packed this in Blender and save the Blend file…its over 230 Mbytes Big filesize!!Then when i open the blend file i cannot work… my Computer…Blender…hangs and is SLOW!
    Subsurf dissabled for all Meshes and Particles Static Vect for Hair… Disp:0% (When i make Disp:100% and Press alt+A to see the Animation in 3D Window not Possible)and some Render Times very Long (Compositor)!!!
    MY PC:
    Windows XP Pro
    1.7ghz Pentium 4
    Nvidia G-force 2MX 400
    80 Gbyte Hard…
    So its Time for a Better Computer!!!maybe one like Orange Team Uses for this Production!!

    So can someone give some Infos about which PC_Computer is Good for this (i mean for working with Blend files)??

  23. Leodp said on 12 May, 2006:

    Yesterday, Heidelberg, Germany.

    AAAAAAAArghhhhhhhhh, I have to wait ’till tonight to watch it, promised it to my girlfriend that has been following with me the Orange project.

  24. Kernon said on 12 May, 2006:

    You might try scaling down the textures files. You don’t have to use them at their Elephant Dreams resolution unless you plan on making a DVD.

  25. Kernon said on 12 May, 2006:

    IMO, if you are planning on making a DVD quality animation or still, just copy the original textures and scale them down. Use the low-res textures for production and then replace them with the hi-res textures for final shot that can be rendered on a render farm. MUCH cheaper than buying a new computer.

  26. Vassilios Boucer said on 12 May, 2006:

    Kernon:thats sounds Great!…i also think about do something like this…i mean Scale Down the Resolution of Textures to use!
    But anyway my Computer is also Slow when i load in Blender some Complex Scenes files from Production Elephants Dream…i have to Dissable Subsurf for 3D View for all Meshes then its Ok!
    But i think to Buy also a New better- PC not only for use the Blend files from Orange Project but General!!

  27. Steve said on 12 May, 2006:

    @leodp: I don’t have time, either.

    I study in Heidelberg, my parents live near Freiburg. Yesterday we phoned and they said there was a package for me. I remembered that a year ago (well, almost) I ordered the DVD to my parents house…
    Now I have to wait another week to see the DVD :-(

    The Heidelberg story got me an idea:
    I started a community-map:


    If you want: Add yourself !!
    please add the date of Dvd-arrival to the shoutout-message.
    (maybe we can import the data in Blender and make a little

    2000 Dvds have been sold – so I want to see 2000 entries in the map ;-) Tell everyone!

    (I already posted this on the 2000-sales blog-entry, but maybe this place is more suitable)

  28. carlinhos said on 12 May, 2006:

    Still no DVD received in Austria. OK, yet another weekend to wait. I hope they haven’t forget to send one to me. I was one of the first ordering the DVD.

  29. torusturtle said on 13 May, 2006:

    @carlinhos: I was one of the first as well. Maybe it’s like the proverb: “The last will be the first” ergo The first will be the last”. :-(

  30. Kernon said on 13 May, 2006:

    ED arrives in Virginia, USA!!

    Haven’t watched it yet. Thought I would let you know though.

  31. Kernon said on 13 May, 2006:

    Just watched it and a couple of the Extra features! Wow…it was awesome! In the very beginning, the animation is just a little awkward and the voices take a minute to get used to. I guess it’s because we’ve seen images of the characters and developed an idea of what they might sound like. However, every second of the movie just gets better and better…the animation, the voices, the SOUND. Everytime I watch it, it gets better!

    Congratulations to all involved! It was more than worth the wait! Can’t wait to do it again with Orange 2.

    Now, it’s time to get lost in the mountain of information provided in the files! There are countless things to see how they were accomplished. Thanks again for the awesome concept of Open Movies!

  32. Kernon said on 13 May, 2006:

    BTW, superb job on the DVD. Thanks Joeri!

  33. torusturtle said on 14 May, 2006:

    ED has arrived yesterday. The postman came a bit later then usual.
    Amazing what can be done with free software.
    Great job ED Team!

  34. Richard said on 15 May, 2006:

    Just got mine a few hours ago but I can’t watch it yet since other people are currently using my DVD player. For some reason my NTSC disc was quite badly scratched (PAL disc was fine), but hopefully this didn’t damage anything.

  35. Pat said on 17 May, 2006:

    My DVD case broke (a small piece snapped off) when I opened it.

    The PAL disc was not secured, and fell out.

    I just realised I spent AU$60[1] on a DVD and I don’t have a DVD player.

    I can’t wait to see the movie!


    [1] Yes, that’s right, the DVD has arrived in Australia.

  36. ROUBAL said on 18 May, 2006:

    I can’t wait to speak about the story of this amazing movie, but as many people still seem to have not received their own DVD, I have sticked two layers of adhesive tape on my mouth…

    I hope we’ll can speak about the movie in few days!o)