DVD sales hit 2000 mark

  / by Ton

Just today the 2000th DVD was ordered, the lucky customer already has been congratulated and will get a free t-shirt shipped!
Of course this can only mean one thing… we gotta prepare for the next Open Movie project. :)

However, let’s first see how far the sales boost goes… why not try to get this number doubled? Needless to say, this is all sponsor money that will be used for Blender projects… so, big thanks everyone for purchasing it!


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79 Responses to “DVD sales hit 2000 mark”

  1. Big Fan said on 13 May, 2006:

    If it is technically possible how about a password that gets emailed out on an official worldwide release day coinciding with a lower resolution download? Make a big deal of it- like midnight on Oct 13 2007…

  2. Juan Javier Martínez said on 13 May, 2006:


    Excellent poetry.


    Juan javier Martínez.

  3. Mike Stramba said on 13 May, 2006:

    Instead of whining and pontificating, it would be more useful to sign up for free at “that site” and promote the movie !


  4. Big Fan said on 13 May, 2006:

    yeah right…
    No the idea is to let Orange artists publish their own work as they wish it to be viewed in their own time as they planned.
    The idea is to have Blender artists ‘profit’ from their labours through continuing dvd sales.
    The idea is that those people who supported this project get polite recognition for that by an advanced availability by a mere 10 days.
    It is unnecessary to go anywhere to puff about a hack – the movie will be available in various formats – including some suitable for dial up I am sure – by Orange themselves very soon.
    If you want to promote ED go to cgtalk or somewhere and tell them about the official download coming.
    I am sorry the finer points of etiquette are lost on you.
    I don’t think this ‘no problem’ leak is a favour to anyone actually despite how you try to frame it.

  5. Morris said on 13 May, 2006:

    Do you tell little kids what’s in their Christmas present packages 3 days before Christmas? I’m sure you do. You think you are doing them a favor. After all, they wanted to know and were excitedly guessing what was in the box. But you have now robbed whoever bought the presents of the seeing the thrill and suprise on the kids faces on Christmas morning. Sure, they were gifts, and so “why would the buyer be upset?”, but it was supposed to be a special time and you cheapened it.

  6. Mike Stramba said on 13 May, 2006:


    >”Christmas presents ….”

    Give me a break.

    Has anyone forced you over to that site and made you watch it ? … shades of Clockwork Orange ? ;)


  7. rich said on 13 May, 2006:

    On the YouTube link:

    If this is really such a big deal to the orange team perhaps a better method of distribution could be used next time. I think a global release would have been really cool at the time of the premiere… everyone seeding the torrent lines with a nice, team approved, hi-res web version. Of course that would require a few people to start the engine but I really don’t think a few trustworthy volunteers would be that hard to find!

    Of course we are not paying this much $$$ for the 10 min short, so I do not think it would cut into the DVD sales at all. Does anyone who ordered the DVD really have issues with anyone else seeing the short before they do?

    My vote for next time is for a true global release. Give everyone a chance to see it at the same time whether they can get to the “Main Event” or not… I bet pulling something like that off would really create quite a buzzzzz…………..

  8. rogper said on 13 May, 2006:

    So the t-shirt was on the 2000 Dvd Ha!!! That´s why I’m waiting for the 3000 Dvd, perhaps that one comes with a brand New Workstation ^_^
    Well when the Oranje 2 project rises up this time I sure will give it a try to reserve a seat for me hehe!
    And if this time instead of Oranje, another fruit… pineapple…strawberry… apple……
    NAAA!!! Oranje is the one ^_~

    Oh!!! And yes I´ve allready reservate 5 hours to download the movie… with luke o_o

  9. Morris said on 13 May, 2006:

    I actually ordered the DVD toward the beginning of the project. To tell you the truth, I really don’t care that it was up for dowload. Especially since anyone who wanted to could have gone to the Premier. It’s not like it was really a secret. In fact, I know for a fact the the video was already available for download since awhile ago (I downloaded it myself). We actually talked about it a month ago, and Orange said that would certainly be permissible. The only problem was that it was impolite to post a link to it on the blog. That was the problem. The blog is the official place where they build up the excitement for release in the next couple days. Next thing you know, someone will post a detailed analysis of the movie/story. Well, nothing illegal about that. In fact, if you do it on your own site– oh well, good for you. But to post that review right in the middle of this blog would be terribly inconsiderate. If you cannot see that, you’re a wicked terrorist. (ok maybe just a baffoon)

  10. rogper said on 13 May, 2006:

    Just in case I’ve been misunderstood, Whem I said:
    “I´ve allready reservate 5 hours to download the movie”
    I was refering to The oficial release, that I´ve read that sould be tomorrow.

  11. Big Fan said on 14 May, 2006:

    Rich> Yes I have an issue with you seeing it before me.
    I sponsored a group of artists worktime with my purchase.
    It was not a subsidy for opportunist leeches.
    I don’t buy the dvd for you. You are lucky that because of open and Blenderheads generosity -not selfishness Sean- and pride you can also see the movie after a short time of waiting.
    It would be nice to think that even those who want everything for nothing and think no one else matters might just wait until it is given to them free instead of snatch and run…

  12. rich said on 14 May, 2006:


    I probably orderd the DVD before you ;p


  13. Big Fan said on 14 May, 2006:

    Rich I really don’t care when you ordered – I hope you actually paid up rather than just made an order…you don’t respect Blender and I have no time for you.later pal

  14. Matt said on 14 May, 2006:

    Hey guys, let’s not fight within ourselves. It’s all good. Don’t worry, be happy :)

  15. Sean said on 14 May, 2006:

    I agree with Matt. Let’s not fight amongst ourselves. *takes off boxing gloves and throws them at Big Fan* :)

  16. Chris Gilbert said on 14 May, 2006:

    Would anyone on the Project Orange team be interested in helping me to learn Blender better. I am currently in the process of learning Blender, and have purchased the Blender 2.3 Guide. Any help in concepts that I may (and probably will) find frustrating in the guide, or in editing ED would be much appreciated. I would like to be able to take full advantage of the files that are on the DVD, but currently don’t have the skills necessary to do so.

    Thanks Alot
    Chris Gilbert

  17. rich said on 14 May, 2006:

    BigFan: Sorry if anything I posted came off negatively. I respect blender and all those involved with pushing the program forward whether it is through financial contribution, coding, documentation, or by any other means.

    My point was that the 10 min short is not why I paid for the DVD and I suspect “most” others who shelled out the cash feel the same. In addition, I don’t feel elite because I donated so I don’t feel the need to have the movie withheld from others. I think everyone should get to see it at the same time whether they are rich, broke, paralayzed, or have wings.

  18. DwarvenFury said on 14 May, 2006:

    [quote]or have wings[quote]

    I’m glad you included me in there. ;-)

  19. Big Fan said on 14 May, 2006:

    I don’t agree with you guys and I am going to be forthright in saying so.It needs to be sorted esp if there is to be another project.
    It was Ton’s wish that the sponsors get an advance and I agree with that.Indeed 10 days will probably not be enough for postage to some parts of the world.
    It was also the artists wish that they are able to present their finished work to the community and cg world and that it quite proper.
    The matter in hand is consideration of others.It has nothing to do with elite withholding anything.
    In essense you reach infront of the presenter and take the dvd off the podium even before they can hold it up and speak about it.
    It is not right.It may be open but that is not a reason to have a free for all lolly scramble for the unwashed the moment it is finished.
    I am very disappointed that some people only think of satisfying themselves immediately in this way.
    Particularly this is offensive because they will give it away anyway.
    Please show some awareness of others in future and respect the small wait..

  20. Mike Stramba said on 14 May, 2006:


    Learning Blender, (or any other of the 3d packages) can be a daunting task.

    There are basically 3 main areas for most 3d programs – modelling, animation and final scene production, the last being subdivided into rendering,lighting and effects. To be proficient in all those areas will take …. awhile :)

    If that isn’t enough it can be very helpful to learn 2d drawing skills, at least to a basic level.

    Along with the Blender specific links below, you can search the internet or read general 3d books, or even 3d books for other packages, as many things are common among 3d programs, e.g. for animation all programs will have some kind of graph/curve editor, timeline, etc.

    Here are some links for you :







    If you get stuck, asking questions on the forums (after searching the site :) ), can keep you going.


  21. Chris Gilbert said on 15 May, 2006:

    This will definetly keep me occupied for awhile.

    Thanks Alot

  22. Reda said on 15 May, 2006:

    DVD arrived today (Algeria), nicely packaged.
    Thanks Ton et cie :).

  23. joeri said on 15 May, 2006:

    Argghh, :)

    ” If it is technically possible how about a password that gets emailed out on an official worldwide release day coinciding with a lower resolution download? ”

    Very good idea.
    How about Orange2 gets the movie done on time ( no pointing finger intended) and the dvd’s get send 2-5 days prior to premiere?

    Yes this needs “better” planning, but not much more. The movie conversion was not what was holding the release back, it was the dvd-menu etc. Next time Orange (or Green or Blue) just needs to let somebody create the menu a month before premiere. The subtitles went pretty well (I’m pretty aware from most of the mistakes) with an OpenGL rendered version. And it would be better if the artists could create PR material in the last week, instead of rendering the last scene. :/

    But what I would like is that sponsors get access to “secret” areas during production. The whole secrecy during creation was something I experienced as the least nice part of this production. This might mean a communication “layer” inbetween the artists and the internet. Something like a PR-PR person, I volunteer :)

  24. Mark Hannessen said on 15 May, 2006:

    has anyone else notes that the sites still says “preorder DVD”?
    or is it preorder until the movies are hosted on the site? :p

  25. Big Fan said on 15 May, 2006:

    ok joeri gets the PR bridge job but there is to be no arguements with the blog visitors – only answer questions, keep us informed, remove spam and most important control Wu’s bad humour :o)
    I am glad joeri reads and likes my ideas… ;o)

  26. Captain_FX said on 17 May, 2006:

    Absolutey outstanding work with all open source software. I am a University lecturer in the UK in the area of 3D animation and post production special effects. We try and encourage our students to use open source software as well as the purchased software packages in their work.
    Now I have a truly excellent piece of work with which to inspire the students and truly convince them that open source software is a real alternative for commercial work.
    Also having the source files is a great way of seeing the construction and devlopment of the animation from within side Blender. people should buy the DVD just for that.
    Once again, well done.

  27. profoX said on 29 May, 2006:

    You’re welcome ;)

  28. lewis said on 30 Jun, 2006:

    WOW I LOVE BLENDER AND Elephants Dream

    2000!!!!!!!! WOW