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  / by Ton

Got no other words really now…. apart from a big THANK YOU! to everyone who has been there on the premiere and party, to everyone who helped out making it happen, and to everyone who’s still working on the last project details. :)

More detailed reports on last friday will be here too – and probably pictures and stories are popping up on other websites already. Last friday it was of course way too late, and we all had to be in Montevideo the morning after to prepare the weekend show (imagine zombies!). Because yesterday was also the last day the team was complete, we did the ‘commentary video’ for the DVD together, and had a very *lekker* dinner in our favorite Indian restaurant around the corner.

Basse will leave today. Matt goes monday morning. Toni leaves wednesday, Lee and Bassam thursday and Andy on friday the 31st. And then it’s back to normal again…. oh, how much I will miss this, and how much I’ll miss you guys. We’ve become a real family the past 7 months!

No time for tears… back to Montevideo now, we still got a DVD to complete and then an interesting backlog of website/admin/documenting/coding/bugfixing job is awaiting for me.



Premiere + after party: SOLD OUT!

  / by Ton

Everyone who has ordered via our e-shop can still get in. If you didn’t pay yet you can do that in the theatre or the restaurant too.
In order to get the whole logistics arranged OK, we also will have to ask (most) people who attend the first screening to leave the theatre before 18:40. At 19:00 the Blender restaurant is open for you!

Note; for the 2nd screening at 18:45 there’s still space.

Frontpage news of Dutch Financial Newspaper

  / by Ton

I did an interview yesterday with a journalist from “Het Financieele Dagblad”, let’s say the Dutch version of the Financial Times, and to our surprise they put it on the frontpage, right under a message of mr Bush! :)

Financial Times article
Usually I never read newspaper reviews of Blender or interviews with myself, so can’t really say what the article is about. But the headline means “Software premiere in Cannes competition”, which was just a side remark of me during a 90 minute interview. We’re not accepted yet, just submitted the movie! :)

Also got the message that our Dutch movie star Tygo Gernandt will be at the premiere. Cas Jansen can’t make it, he’s on a long holiday trip in Asia.

Further we’ve finished the movie! Yes? Eh… no, still waiting for the final sound edit! Eeek!


Important Premiere update

  / by Ton

We’re expecting too many people… so we have to reshuffle the premiere a little bit;

– Only people who bought the Premiere+After-Party ticket (or got invited for it) can get in the cinema for the first screening. Door opens 17:30. At the entrance are people with the guest list, it will also help if you know your order number from the shop. And yes; you can also pay for it in the cinema.

– At 18:45 there’s a 2nd screening, which is open and free for everyone to attend. For them the doors will open at 18:30. However! Since the amount of seats in the theatre is limited, you best claim a reservation via email: info(at)

– There’s still 25 (and really no more!) tickets available for the premiere (first screening) and dinner + after-party. We’ve invited ourselves about 50 people, and with the 75 tickets as available via the Blender site the restaurant and theatre will be completely full.

You can order a ticket here

– Saturday and Sunday after the premiere, the movie will be shown in Montevideo (Keizersgracht 264) every hour between 13h and 18h. Inbetween we’ll do presentations about technical and creative details.

Movie is nearly completed… we’re on schedule, and its great! :)

Cya in Amsterdam,


(If you have any questions? Just mail ton(at) or post to this blog message)