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Elephants Dream Premiere: March 24

  / by Ton

Emo and Proog bathed in green light
Friday March 24th, the premiere of Elephants Dream will be in Cinema Ketelhuis, Amsterdam. This cinema is well known in Amsterdam as the place for documentaries and art-house movies. It is part of the re-developed industrial area Westergasfabriek, a new culteral centre in the heart of Amsterdam.

Recently the cinema got upgraded with HD digital projection, 10 bits per color channel. Just today we also found a sponsor who will help us with the proper conversion for our files this digital cinema format.

The cinema opens at 17:30 for us, and at 18:00 we’ll show the world what we’ve been doing the past 7 months. :) Part of the screening will also be a preview of the Making Of documentary. At 18:45 another run of the show will happen.

To celebrate the premiere, starting at 20:00, I have hired one the hippest lounge/restaurant/bars of the city for an exciting after-party; and it’s even called Blender!

Yes, the name is a total coincedence, I knew this very cool place was there for over 5 years, never got a chance to do something with it. But now is the right time! Expect here special Elephants Dream cocktails, excellent dinner from a renown cook, and a DJ to keep us moving for as long we’ve got the energy. Address is Van Der Palmkade 16, which is just a 500 meters from the cinema.

Entrance in the Ketelhuis cinema is free of charge, but for the Blender after-party, you’ll have to purchase a ticket in advance. This ticket will guarantee you a seat during the premiere, and it includes access to lounge-restaurant Blender, all food and most of the drinks in the evening while chatting with the Orange crew. We’d love to see you there.

Saturday 25 and sunday 26 March, we will be available all day in Montevideo (Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam) for presentations. Again the movie and documentary can be viewed – unfortunately not in exciting HD quality – but now you can personally meet with the makers and get real-life demonstrations of how it all was done. A more detailed schedule of these two days will be published later.

I would like to invite everyone to join us for this once-in-a-lifetime first release of an Open Movie! It will be almost like a Blender Conference, and certainly as much fun… and if that’s not enough for you, on friday evening I’ll also celebrate my birthday!

You can use the online e-shop registration system for the VIP Blender party ticket. There’s only 75 tickets for sale, and first come is first served.

See you soon!


BTW; during the week after the premiere we’ll prepare the DVD, early April it will be shipped to all our sponsors. Only after that – I guess around early May – we’ll open up the movie and files for free download for everyone… I think our sponsors also deserve a personal premiere! :)

BTW2: It is still not too late to purchase a DVD! We can really still use your support!

BTW3: Note that we’ve added final movie shots to the frontpage and gallery… promising stuff eh!

tiny production report

  / by Bassam

Hello all, sorry for the long silence- it’s been a busy few weeks.
We’re in deadline crunch mode now ( sometimes it feels like we’ve been that way the whole project) but the difference now is we have *hard* deadlines that we have to meet.
A little update:
All shots have character animations- including lipsync, though some will need tweaking ( 1 or 2 days of work ).
We have 2 scenes rendered! and 2 scenes scored. The intersection of these two sets is 1, though we are very close to making the numbers 3 and 3, with an intersection of 3.
The rendering / lighting / texturing team have been burning the midnight oil to get some really beautiful stuff out in record time. ( This means Matt and Andy ). They rule!
For the rest, we have some environment animation, and all the cloth/intersection ( aka damage control) to do for the animation side. Most modelling is complete, with a few tasks left. Basse has been filling in the missing environment animations in the last scenes, and they are cool beyond words. He rules!
We’ve got two hard deadlines we work for now:
1- siggraph submissions in the beginning of march- we will submit an excert consisting of the afforementioned 3 scenes.
2- the premier date. Ton is still working on this, we expect a location and time fix soon. It’ll be in the middle/latter half of March, most likely.
3- then theres getting things ready for the DVD distribution folks ( credits, menus, titles, and subtitles ( thanks translators! ) etc.

Your help in getting us reams of textures has been simply fantastic :)

I’d post some renders up, but I’m a tease, and well, I don’t want to steal the steam from a forthcoming post……

Stupid memory problems!

  / by Ton

The original title for this post was actually “Stupid Macs!”, but luckily this story has a happy ending, also for OSX. :)

As you all might have noticed by the lack of blog postings, since early february we’re making very long days to get the final scenes rendered. This was the first real stress test for the Blender Render recode project, and needless to say that our poor fellows suffered quite some crashing… luckily most bugs could be squeezed quickly. After all, this project is also to get Blender better, eh!

With scenes growing in complexity and memory usage – huge textures, lots of render layers, motion blur speed vectors, compositing – it also became frustrating complex to track down the last bugs… our render/composit department (Andy & Matt, both using Macs) was suffering weird crashes about every hour. It either was in OpenGL, or it were ‘memory return null’ errors.

At first I blamed the OpenGL drivers… since the recode, all buffers in Blender are floating point, and OpenGL draws float buffer updates while rendering in the output window. They are using ATIs… which are known to be picky for drawing in frontbuffer too.

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A Call for Textures!

  / by Matt

Well, the translators have had their turn (and there will be more news on that later), but we’d also like to give the opportunity for more people to contribute. Part of us are now within the final materials/textures/rendering phase and are working on textures now ourselves. We had a nasty and unfortunate theft in the studio last week, and three of our cameras were stolen, so especially now, we could use some help with textures from outsiders – from gathering source material to final, lighting-corrected, tileable textures.

textures and stuff
The copyright issues surrounding this are a bit tricky, so we need to be very specific on this. Of course we’d love as many people to contribute as possible, but if you don’t comply with the right licensing requirements, we can’t use the textures. The movie itself and all the production files will be released under the most liberal Creative Commons license: Attribution 2.5, so in the interests of simplicity, we need people to licence any contributions under the same in order to use them. This means that you must give us, and anyone else permission to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, to make derivative works based on it, and to make commercial use of the work. So if you don’t like the idea of (for example) people making TV commercials for big companies using your textures, you’d better not agree :)

The one restriction that the license has is that “You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor.” We plan to credit the authors in both the credits of the movie, and in the filename of the texture. You must specify that this is how you would like to be credited, otherwise it will be too complex for us to work out, and we won’t use the textures either. Of course sending in contributions doesn’t guarantee that we can use them, but you must comply with this in order to have a chance.

So, if you’d like to help out, please post links to places on the web where we can download your textures or photos, at least 1000px wide. They must be your own work, you must post either your real name or ‘anonymous’ for crediting and you must explicitly agree to the legal stuff written above. To make it easier, you can just copy and paste this into your post:

I confirm that these contributed textures are my own work, and I provide them for use under the Creative Commons Attribute 2.5 License. I specify that I would like to be attributed in the credits of the movie Elephants Dream, and also in the filenames of the textures.

Sorry about all this legal stuff, but I hope you can understand we have to be very careful on this! Anyway, for a list of textures that would be useful to us, click ‘read the rest of this entry’ below. Thanks very much! :)

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