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Blender Conference roundup

  / by Matt

The venue of the conference, The WaagThe 2005 Blender Conference has come and gone, and while it was immensely tiring, it was a heck of a lot of fun. The presentations were very interesting, but like last year, the best part was the wonderful sense of community, meeting the other blenderheads from all around the globe and making contacts and friendships that are far more than what you can ever have online. Joeri Kassenaar is currently in the process of digitising videos of all the presentations, and I’ve uploaded some of the photos I took to the Media Gallery, but you can read on for a quick list of my personal highlights.

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Shape slider driver update

  / by Bassam

Hello again! you may remember this post about drivers and shapes. Well one of the blender developers, Johnny Matthews ( AKA GuitarGeek ), decided to make a script to create the driver/sliders automatically: He sent me this movie file to show his progress: slider creation movie (Divx AVI).

Looks great, doesn’t it? :D

update: looks like Johnny has committed the changes to the python API neccessary for his script to work: So get a current CVS and head to widgetmaker for some widget-y goodness!

The Ever Shrinking Orange Wishlist

  / by Bassam

Well, It has been one week since the blender conference, and we’ve past the post-conference glaze- it is time to be hectic! currently, we are working on producing the “level one” animatic by this Friday… This animatic should be pretty close to shot by shot equivelance to the final movie, and is in fact, generated from the same blendfiles that will later evolve to render final shots. We’ve had some nice progress, partly due to the rapid work by Ton and crew hacking on the blender code.

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Elephants Dream teaser

  / by Matt

Well it’s been a crazy week leading up to it, but last night at the Blender Conference animation festival, we showed our teaser for the first time. Without further ado, here it is for your enjoyment!

Elephants Dream teaser
30MB MPEG4 (BitTorrent)

30MB MPEG4 (

Update Oct 17: Here are some other mirrors and compressed versions made by the community!

24MB MPEG (BitTorrent)

9MB Xvid/Vorbis OGM

Blender Conference streaming video

  / by Matt

After a very long week of very long late nights, we’re here at the 2005 Blender Conference. We’ve finally finished putting our teaser together over the last week, which will be shown tonight at the Art Festival. Hopefully we can get a nice compressed version online as soon as possible after that!

For now, you can watch a live video stream from the presentation room at De Waag, and check out the Conference schedule.

Feel the music!

  / by Lee

Team listening to theme medlyOur first listen to the music as it came in this evening, unfortunately Basse could still only hear the voices in his head.

Last week the team were lucky enough to have Jan Morgenstern here in the studio to talk over music and sound for the movie. We were of course very excited to hear what would be conjured up in the coming week…. (and then) Today we were shocked to see a whole medly theme in our mails! Heh, and we thought it was going to be a normal work day. Expect to see Jan’s spectacular skills heard in the teaser being released next week!

The amazing incredible monkey brush

  / by Matt

monkey brush!Move over Z Brush, take a hike topology brush, because Blender now has a new high-end tool that’s sure to impress. Presenting: The monkey brush! With just a few strokes of the mouse, your meshes can now be transformed into primate-y goodness! (MPEG4 video)

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Licence to drive! (now with blend)

  / by Bassam

We’re finally in the driver seat! Yesterday, Ton and I went over a list of to do items for the animation features needed for project orange. Today, he committed IPO drivers in blender (the top of the list).

Currently this is limited to using object transformation or bone poses to drive any IPO curve you want.

Here’s a rather boring little video showing this feature in action: face-slider test. As you can see it’s incredibly useful to have a 2D slider controling 4 different facial shapes at once.

Continuing the test, I added more controls to the face, and now the setup looks like this:
gizmos galore!
The pose you see in this screenshot is entirely made with the custom controllers.

Further, you can replace the custom controller with a bone; use bone rotations to drive shapes for automatic muscle bulges, flesh compression or even cloth wrinkles. Andy made a nice little test anim to show cloth wrinkling and twisting as the character moves his arm.

cloth shapes

[edit] ok, as promised, here’s the .blend file for the scene… again, you need the most current cvs to run this – and there are a couple of wrinkles with actions and drivers yet- they’ll probably be fixed very soon, but they might mean you have to choose between normal armature animation and drivers for now: driver controller test file

[edit] Ton fixed the updating problem for bone drivers.. the jaw/look and eyelid controllers should work fine now, including live updating in the viewport.