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Last Few Preperations

  / by Ton

Early next week we’re going to establish a blog here for all core team members, aimed at providing as much inside information as possible, with forums where everyone can feedback or discuss topics. This work will be done during the week of september 5-10. We’ll also reveil the first concept snippets then, with some of our artistic sketches! :)

Next week wednesday september 7, we’ll also have a meeting with the proposed script author.

BSU XSeed to Render Orange Project

  / by Ton

BSU logoProf. Mark Alan Matties, Department of Computer Science at Bowie State University and Director of the BSU Xseed, has offered the BSU Xseed as a rendering farm for the entire period of the Orange Open Movie project. The BSU Xseed harnesses 224 Apple Xserve G5 – each with dual 2.0 GHz CPUs and 2GB RAM. The cluster has been built recently, and its area of interest is targeting movie production.

Since the minimum target was 10 systems for about 3 months, using only 10% of the capacity of this cluster would already mean we can afford rendering times of over 8 hours per frame! You can imagine everyone in the Orange team is wildly enthusiastic about this exciting opportunity, which will solve a major bottleneck in the creation process.