Elephants Dream in stereoscopic 3d

  / by Ton

At the October 2010 Blender Conference, Wolfgang Draxinger presented his re-render of ED in stereo 3d. Since then you can find this stereo version film youtube or vimeo, but I kept forgetting to put the links to the full HD downloads here too:

Here are the two versions, side-by-side or vertically aligned.


Thanks Wolfgang!


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4 Responses to “Elephants Dream in stereoscopic 3d”

  1. Jack said on 27 Mar, 2011:

    I was going to download them until WHOA! they’re about 700mb! Is there a chance of lower resolutions being offered? I would be very interested.

  2. cutecankil said on 31 Mar, 2011:

    found it very helpful, nice, and interesting thanks for sharing, keep it up!!

  3. Jack said on 2 Apr, 2011:

    Oh yay! I got it! Only how do you view this? Could someone help?

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